Haiku Contents



Table of Contents for Haiku in Friendly Fairy Tales 

by Brenda Davis Harsham

With reviews by people like you!

82. Rabbit Hole

Haha, I love the idea of falling into cake!! 😀 Or is that softened as in ‘soothed’ by cake? Either way it’s a good solution! — Suzy Hazelwood

Wonderful… I am thinking of Alice in Wonderland! …. Hugs! Aquileana 😀 — Aquileana

81. Raspberry Magic

Bears would come but for sure to listen your haiku first 🙂 — andy1076

So sweeet! 🙂 — Trini Lind

80. Lavender Longing

That is so lovely. That reminds me I should go on a road trip on my vacation this week to a lavender farm — Oliana

Amazing photo and lovely haiku 🙂 — Wordifull Melanie

All the bumblebees in the garden agree with your haiku 🙂 I like it too! Thanks for the mentioning and nice words 🙂 — Dennis

79. Rhodie Abloom

Bees just love rhodies! Lovely haiku and photo 🙂 x — beckarooney

so pretty and welcoming. like debs at a cotillion ball. — ksbeth

78. Butterfly Twilight

Truly a beautiful lady and such a wonderful haiku! A delight to read! — Bastet

Stunning and iconic…thank you Brenda 🙂 — krysiakorsak

Beautiful haiku, Brenda…with subtle scent of lavender 🙂 — lynn__

77. World Building

The purple flower does look like it could have a colony living on their own stems and equidistantly placed modules. Smiles, Robin  — reocochran

your haiku and photo are just…for lack of a better word…WOW!  — Oliana

76. Flowers Unlaced, An Invitation

Brenda, the pure joy of spring. Enjoyed your tanka — Connie

Oh, so brimming with spring, I like that very much!♥ And the thought of kissing an flirting bee – makes me see them entirely differently!! 😀 — Suzy Hazelwood

75. Lion Alone

He’s worn but still there, what we all strive for ) — ksbeth

I like that thought:”care worn” a lovely poem that makes me think precious children once gathered to play around this garden lion. have a blessed week. 🙂 — Sun

74. Diamond Snow Tanka

Lovely through and through, B. Wonderful closing. =) — Holistic Wayfarer

This is a beautiful tanka, Brenda! Love those thousands of blinding diamonds. — Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

I love the “pink morning light of winter” but will be happy when it’s no longer causing ice and snow to glitter like diamonds!  — readingtothecore

73. Winter Symphony

Thistledown makes me smile. You choose such elegant words to describe the world, Brenda.  — reocochran

You poem captures early winter perfectly. I loved it. — macjam47

Beautiful poetry.– Twigs In My Hair

72. Sunsets Burning

Gorgeous capture enhanced by wonderful narrative~ — cindy knoke

What a beautiful shot and as always, your words 🙂 — andy1076

71. On Ice

The hydrangea is such an exquisite contrast to the ice. The words are perfect, Brenda! — reocochran

Your haiku captures the emotion and longing of two distinct seasons is so few words. Lovely! — Bridget Magee

Welcome to Poetry Friday! I’m so glad you found us. I especially love the last line. That’s not usually a place one slumbers. — lsteinglass

So glad you joined the Poetry Friday group, & love that word “slumber”, and the photo is fabulous, too. I have a few dried hydrangeas here in my office, now I’ll think of them as “slumbering memories”! — Linda Baie

So glad you found Poetry Friday! Hydrangea are one of my favorite flowers, so I was captivated by your photo. Your lovely haiku captures the image perfectly. — readingtothecore

70. Luminous Gold

I love everything about this post! — elenacaravela

These branches are so luminous from the sunlight that I had to look twice to verify there wasn’t any ice on them. They certainly glisten, Brenda! Beautiful expression, I love when we think of ourselves as stardust… — reocochran

Excellent words to contemplate with the photo. 🙂 — aFrankAngle

69. November Rose

Really beautiful, and exactly: dreams of spring! — Inese Poga Art Gallery

A beautiful piece. Thank you. — words4jp

68. Giving Thanks

What a vibrant photograph and you haiku is so lovely … great take on the prompt! — Bastet

Interesting to think of the leaf being thankful for its release — nicely done 😀 — J

Beautiful photo and writing as always, Brenda!  — christinajavete

67. Squirrel Superhighway

Love this! Very funny. 🙂 — Gratitudenist

The Autobahn of squirrels lol 😀 — andy1076

66. Party with the Late Blooms

“Party with the late blooms” is awesome. — Aussa Lorens

Oh ya! Perfect party Sweet friend! I love love love these! Splash of happiness! 😀 — MichelleMarie

65. Brownie Crofter

I like that your children point out good hiding places for the wood nymphs, brownies, fairies and gnomes along their way in life. Your sharing this imagination with them, has really inspired me to take my adventures to ‘another level,’ with my grandies, Brenda. Thank you so much for the gift of lovely and sweet words, in poems and haikus, stories and tales. Hugs, Robin — reocochran

Looks like somewhere to fall into Wonderland 🙂 — Trini

I badly needed a grin today, Brenda — love picturing this clever fellow!  😀 — Sunshine

64. Fairy Footprints

Your photo and words are glorious. — words4jp

That’s so exciting:) It makes me want to get all scrunched up with glee:) — hitandrun1964

Wow! This is enchanting! — MichelleMarie

63. Scent of Morning

Beautiful images! Beautiful verse! — Peggy A Thompson

This is so lovely and delicate — brava! I really, really liked this — the scent of a fresh new day! — Blog It Or Lose It

Just the thought of bathing a bathing lily make me shiver with delight. — Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

62. Sunflower Bows

Evocative – and a nice picture, too. — postaldeliveries

I love this haiku and I especially love sunflowers (I used to play the cello). Your haiku and the photo have made me very happy! Thank you!  🙂 — Sweet as a Picture

61. Waterfall on a Dry Day

Very pretty photo love the drops of water on the clematis Brenda and the haiku is lovely … — Bastet

This is lovely! I would have never thought of using this prompt in an urban setting, but you made it work wonderfully. — Bryan Ens

60. Heart Tree

Love it! Only nature could create something as beautiful as this 😀 x — beckarooney

Oh wow I had to stare at this for awhile to take it all in. Amazing how that happened. It is shaped like a heart. Awemazing! New word! This is something different because it is! — MichelleMarie

Brenda, that picture and poem could define many many relationships. Take care, Bill — FlaHam

59. Path to the Clouds

Drizzle and dazzle, beautiful blend of words and picture. — Mike

A truly wonderful beautiful post, lovely photo and verse. Thanks for sharing. — willowdot21

58. Maple Pink

Oh yes, very good, they’re pink like human babies when they’re born!!! 😀 — SuzyHazelwood

Simply beautiful! — macjam47

57. Splashin’ Pink

I enjoyed your haiku it created a great image and the flowers are so pretty … — Bastet

great imagery here, brenda, and fuzzy green heart reminds me of the happy grinch. ) — ksbeth

56. Rock Garden Charm

very beautiful, brenda. and i love rocks and flowers, both. ) — ksbeth

So lovely. The rocks are the perfect background. — hitandrun1964

55. Splashin’ Pink

So very sweet and lovely Brenda!! 🙂 ❤ — Line

great imagery here, brenda, and fuzzy green heart reminds me of the happy grinch. ) — ksbeth

love this — sunsetdragon

54. Rock Garden Charm

So lovely. The rocks are the perfect background. — hitandrun1964

Quiet and Lovely. A Gentle Smile in the morning 🙂  Blessings for a week filled with Inspiration ~ — Morgan

Oh, so beautiful Brenda!! 🙂 Makes me smile and think of summer! 🙂 — Line

53. Celandine Often Seen

I love this little poem Brenda!! And I love that photo!! It is so summery!! 🙂 Makes me smile!! 🙂 I love wildflowers the best! 🙂 … Big hugs to you! 🙂 — Line

Lovely. — hitandrun1964

52. Violet Starburst

Oh, I love your household!!!! Great thoughts, beautiful poem!!! 🙂 — serendipityherbals

That Dr Seuss quote is wonderful and your images are so good. The colour and the shapes are spectacular. — Don

Violet galaxy is a perfect description for these visual delights. — aFrankAngle

51. Wisteria Heavy

Scintillating words!!! — serendipityherbals

I love love love this Brenda!!! The photo and the poem!! It is amazing!! 🙂 There is so much hidden within that poem:-) Makes me think big thoughts 🙂 — Line

well woven words — ksbeth

50. Dandelion Wishes

Dandelions always remind me of childhood, it’s a long time since I blew one of those away into the wind. I shall have to remember next time I see one – and make a wish of course! 😉 — SuzyHazelwood

Perfect in a quiet way. — Mary

I’d totally forgotten about doing that! — stillunwinding

49. Spring Bonnets

GOOD STUFF!!!! — Jonathan Caswell

makes me think of summer beach hats, yay! — ksbeth

Oh, wow! They are so lovely Brenda!!! I have never seen mushrooms like this before, they DO look like spring bonnets! 🙂 🙂 — Line

48. Nature’s Lace

Absolutely beautiful — sunsetdragon

Beautiful and touching. I love it Brenda! — Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Lovely image, painted with words. — hitandrun1964

47. Flower Maelstrom

HL=huge like, Brenda… 🙂 I did watch a real and impressive maelstrom around the wonderful Lofoten islands, Norway… — Mélanie

Lovely! 🙂 — Elaine Jeremiah

Oh, this is so beautiful Brenda!!! I love the gorgeous flower photos! 🙂 They are amazing!!! 🙂 and your Haiku is so sweet!! Big hugs to you! 🙂 — Line

46. Bewitching

Very nice. Beautiful irises. — toniandrukaitis

Lovely picture of irises. The haiku is perfect for it. — Imelda

45. Charming Ladies

Beautiful colours. You take some fantastic photos. — quirkybooks

This actually made me smile. I love your work. You’re awesome 🙂 — ἇRVℎℰℰ

Very royal and courtly. — Gallivanta

44. Ashen Petals

Especially lovely. — elenacaravela

Fading to green! I love that! I think I have never seen ashen blooms before, they are lovely! You are lovely! Like a Fairy Godmother, creating magic with your spells of words and pictures! 🙂 — Line

Wonderful Post, Brenda…you’ve brightened my Day 🙂 — Morgan

43. Stepdaughter’s Lament

Amazing how deeply spiritual insights are conveyed with so few words! I love how this is written on/in nature too, just for reading. I love it, this is fantastic!!!! — serendipityherbals

Oh my a dry and thirsty vision here! I love this! Great work in just a few short words! — MichelleMarie

Wow, powerful imagery there, Brenda. AnElephant frets. — AnElephantCant

Exceptional combination of lyrics and image. Greatly enjoyed. — Mike

42. Dwarf Irises

I love this Brenda! You write so wonderful Haikus! 🙂 They make me smile! 🙂 — Line

love this and these are one of my favorite flowers ) — ksbeth

Gorgeous irises and beautiful words. 🙂 — Carol Balawyder

41. Canada Goose

I especially love this line: ” scattering magic thoughts” 🙂 — Blossom

Recently a 10 year old I was talking to asked what poetry was…. it would be very sad if this ancient form of story telling was lost – Friendly Fairy Tales helps keep it alive and also brings nature to life. — Forget the Viagra…Pass me a Carrot!

40. Spirit Roams

Excellent! “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, / That sends the frozen ground swell under it, / And spills the upper boulders in the sun.” — Son of Sharecroppers

Freedom’ s song is so tantalizing. Oh for the open road… — Suzanne

I love the message your words have, may our spirits always roam free. Powerful haiku 🙂 x — beckarooney

39. Cone Jewels

cute and i love the title ) — ksbeth

I love cones! I used to make sheep out of them when I was little 🙂 They make nice sheep :-)They also make nice cannonballs for the squirrels, they sometimes used them to throw at me to tease me and get attention. Naughty squirrels! Love your little Haiku Brenda! 🙂 — Line

Great Haiku! What interesting cones – I’ve not seen anything like them. Am guessing we don’t have that variety here in Australia! — giorge thomas

38. Winter Blows a Kiss

This is so lovely and so indicative of the yearning for spring after this heavy winter. Be-You-tiful! Blessings! — From the Desk of MarDrag

Great wonderful job, Brenda!!! Beautiful!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! — Amy Pinkrose

Beautiful gorgeous 😉 🙂 — alexraphael

37. Red Fairies Hiding

This is such a beautiful photo…and i love the haiku! A first love song for Spring. — Bastet

Cute. Snug, warm fairies. — Gallivanta

Fairies!!!! Where is all this snow?! X — Angelica Tales

This is one of my favorites 🙂 — psychologistmimi

36. Roses Dreaming

“Dreaming of spring sunshine”… I’ll send you and your wonderful rose vines some. 🙂 — heila2013

Great Haiku! — Miss Lou

Your Haiku poems are always beautiful Brenda! They make me think deep thoughts 🙂 — Line

35. Ending Vacation

Lovely haiku! I’ve never actually seen Spanish moss in real life… — Aussa Lorens

Delightfully sad. — AnElephantCant

34. Knots

A great haiku, Brenda….one that truly describes family dynamics!!🙋 — acuriousgal

Perfectly described 🙂 — readinpleasure

This is such a wonderful image of how family is! I hope lots and lots of people read this! So clever Brenda! 🙂 — Line

33. Rain Dragon

I love this Brenda! I think I am really starting to like haiku poems, they have this mysteriousness over them that I really like 🙂 — Line

My favorite flower and just lovely! Kudos~ — cindy knoke

Lovely Haiku reminds me of summer days in the garden with dad telling me names and stories about the flowers. Plus I have always loved snapdragons. xxx xxx — willowdot21

What a beautiful flower! I love “tasting clouds”…perfect…and I’m reading this on a rainy day 🙂 — Winding road

32. Joy Radiates

I love holidays! You have captured their essence beautifully! Enjoy your vacation! — Andrea Tyrrell

Simple and beautiful Brenda 🙂 — iithinks

you are truly radiating vacation joy! enjoy every minute, brenda ) — ksbeth

31. Traveling

Brenda, It is a beautiful picture, even if it was taken in Newark NJ. Having been delayed there many a da y during my career, I can sa y the Newark airport is not one of my favorites, but your pictures softens that opinion. Take care, Bill — FlaHam

Love the shot. Well done. I wonder if the professor is on the plane? — Professor VJ Duke

great picture and haiku of anxious anticipation. i know you made it, lucky you ) — ksbeth

30. Winter Reverie

beautiful..as is the photo — nightlake

Yes, penetrating all the dark places. You can’t keep the light out. Love this! — naturerestoresme

So simple so filled with joy. Thanks Bill — FlaHam

29. Warm Embrace

Beautiful and sunlight most definitely embracing. — andy1076

i love this because it gives me hope ) — ksbeth

Gorgeous picture. Awesome haiku. 🙂 — brecore

OH so breathtaking 😉 — Morgan

Such vastness in so few words. pure brilliance, Brenda! — Himani B

I shared with and read this one to my son and he really got it. Very cool. — psychologistmimi

28. Big Boots, Little Boots

Aw, this nearly made me cry…owp, no, I am crying! …parenthood is such a big responsibility, our little ones following in our footsteps…I hope I leave deep ones going in the right direction! — biahelvetti

Very adorable. Especially since missing my grown daughter. I loved seeing all the little shoes and boots around the house. My 4 year old niece visited us this week reminding me of all the fun I had with my own kids. — Middlemay Farm

Wonderful Brenda. Amazing how such a profound haiku can come out of mundane things as boots! — readinpleasure

27. Grasses Sing

Having rarely seen snow I find it absolutely magical. I love the photo of the golden reeds against the fluffy white snow – it looks so magical. Your haiku adds to the magic. Reading your description of the weather conditions when you took the photo I realize it is actually cold, wet stuff that can make life difficult. Keep warm. :) — Suzanne

I nearly bent over in the blow of this beautifully expressive Haiku :) — Morgan

I like the word, “sing” instead of the darn whistling I hear through the trees and around the corners of the buildings close to my apartment building! The grasses sing! Yes, that cheers me up immensely, Brenda!  — reocochran

26. Chestnuts for the New Year

Lovely and inspirational as always ) — ksbeth

Wonderful! — elenacaravela

You know, I’ve never had chestnuts. Can only image. Chestnuts over an open fire strikes me as romantic. Love the photos. — WordsFallFromMyEyes

45. Winter’s Jewels

Beautiful. I love what you do, bright, cheery and thank you! — Jesse Voluntaryist Mathewson

Love this haiku! Esp the resin slippers shining! Beautiful. — twoscamps

Love the photo…and resin slippers too! — Winding road

#Festive / Beautifully written Brenda :) Once again, so much said and inspired with so few words. Also, love the picture. — Miss Lou

44. Cabbage-Iris

A lovely ‘consolation.’ Blessings ~ Wendy — greenlightlady

A bit of beauty shines through — ksbeth

I think there are some colorful consolations, the skies seem brighter, there are the holly berries and always, those indoor poinsettias of pink, red and white that seem to cheer me up! This was a special photo and very nice haiku, too! — reocochran

43. New Day

A beautiful reminder to start each day anew :) — Morgan

Beautiful path on the way to visit Jack Frost — ksbeth

Yes, good thoughts, definitely leave the past behind! :) — suzywordmuser

42. Hidden Dwarf

A wonderful wintery haiku — acuriousgal

Elegant and evocative as ever. — AnElephantCant

I can see that! Great pic for the words or vice versa. :) x — scottishmomus

41. December

“Shivering tree toes”.. How ingenious is that??!! — Rivera

Cool! *pun intended* ;) — moore314

This made me smile ear to ear. The words are beautiful and the pictures are perfect! — PookyH

40. Frosty Sparkles

I can almost feel the chill. Brilliant! At one point of a time I was living in Pennsylvania (State College). The chill was so unbearable in winter. Your poem reminded me of that. I used to see leaves just has you have photographed. Thanks Brenda, for rekindling my memories because the stay was so beautiful. — Rexie

Frosty and crisp, like snow! — cindy knoke

I really like that phrase…”frost vipers circle…”!!!!! :) — Jonathan Caswell

“Frost vipers circle…” oh you take my breath away, you really do! :) :) — biahelvetti

39. Rain Storm

Brenda, Thank you for sharing this lovely work. I am continual amazed by your writings. Thank you, Bill — FlaHam

I love rainbows and your lovely tales. But have you read the original Grimms for instance? It is very violent. I do appreciate your friendly tales. I will be back of course. You put a lilt in my heart. Hugs, Barbara — IdealisticRebel

This rainbow gave us a day brightener! I love when nature “beckons” us! — reocochran

38. Beautiful Berries

Wow! well written. :) — Sadaf

Beautiful captures and perfect words :) — andy1076

Delightful offerings for fairies (and this reader). :-) — Blossom

37. Sun Setting on Autumn

Beautiful haiku. Lovely visuals, colour and personification. :) — RamisaR

I always enjoy your Haikus… you write them so beautifully. — PookyH

love, love, love! how beautiful the imagery of nature bowing to nature. xo — Winding road

36. Transformation

Lovely words lovely pictures.  — charlypriest

Three lines of words and one beautiful picture forms instantly in my mind – great one. — gpcox

Fantastic haiku Brenda! I love trees, haiku, and haiku about trees! :) — fergusandthedruid

‘Limbs catch stars like fire flies’ I love that line!♥ And I guess that’s the tree at night? I’ve always adored trees with lights on, nothing more magical at night time, than a tree all lit up! If only they came naturally with lights – can you imagine a whole forest aglow, with tree lights!! :D — suzywordmuser

35. Raindrop

Lovely, as always, Brenda! — acuriousgal

Beautiful capture and Haiku :) It’s perfect :) — andy1076

perfect! i can close my eyes and see exactly what you have described. — words4jp

“opal tears” is a perfect description, a poem in two words! Excellent capture of raindrops in the photo too :) x — beckarooney

34. Icy Leaf

Cool picture and poem! — positivethinking13

Lovely poem and pic. You’re right though. Ice way too early. We’ve had a touch of morning frost but no ice yet. And not looking forward to icy roads and driving. I’ll really have to start looking for photo opportunities! It never dawns on me. ;) x — scottishmomus

“Like” x 3 = 1 for poem.. 1 for image.. 1 for thoughts it provokes. I find your image captivating.. almost hypnotic..
Perfectly depicts the poem.. and the Haiku excellent in it’s portrayal of the image. A beautiful combination.. — Rivera

33. Business Trip

Love it Brenda! Especially the repetition in the last line…haunting. — Jayde-Ashe

It has me humming “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…” There is so much in the short amount of words, unsaid emotions here. — reocochran

Haiku is not only for the frivolous. Can cover the important stuff too. :) — ladysighs

32. Morning

Nice! I love the word “citrine”. It warms me up after the first snow and coldest night yet of the season. — Mike

Beautifully stated. Such a warm delightful picture! — lisajsmi

Beautiful words. I have the utmost respect for those who can master the Haiku! — PookyH

31. Salute to the Veterans

Lovely photos of your parents, Brenda, and, of course, beautiful words of yours. Happy Veteran’s Day ~ Amelia :) — Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Lovely tribute. xx — sweetness6645

It’s an honor to salute genuine heroes. Still, there’s a hero in all of us. :) — belsbror

30. Urban Cobweb

Thoughtful.. Very nice indeed..!! — Mr. CATSOE

The criss-cross of the urban spiders… Nature reflected. — twoscamps

Very unusual shot, the silhouettes really do look like cobwebs across the sky. Your words painted a wonderful picture in my mind, lovely imagery :D x — beckarooney

I woke up this morning a bit anxious about how to handle my day. I had a businesmeeting, a doctor appointement and so on. Then I read about your spider- bus ……And those words talked to the little girl inside of me who really believed that it was a bucket full of gold at the end of the rainbow. That little girl who seeked shelter in her fantasy when she was growning up. Suddenly after all this years, this Trolley spider -bus made me think of her. And that web was like a shelter for me during the rest of my workingday. If I fell, I was safe, the spider -web would catch me before I hit the ground. Thank you for that. — panikikubik

29. Starry Tree

Beautiful words, yours and Don’s, but woo what a tree! :D — willowdot21

Brightened up my night ) beth — ksbeth

Starry nights are so magically very special. Great haiku Brenda -:) — lavendermoongirlblog

28. Sky Giant

Lovely haiku, Brenda! :) — Samantha

Lovely snap. Lovely haiku. — Uzoma

That is a giant sky. I love to see the magic in the clouds. Kinda makes a clear blue sky rather dull. Have a lovely day. — toniandrukaitis

27. November

Just lovely. This creates some delightful imagery Brenda. If I could paint I’d create it in a water colour. — KidazzleInk

I love the frostiness of this post, especially the ice skating fairies! I always think leaves looks so pretty with frost. —  suzywordmuser

Beautiful Haiku and so lovely to match the pictures :~} Valz ♥ — valzart 

26. Boston Strong in Five Haiku

Awesome Haiku, Brenda. — Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate

Beautiful photos and an excellent poem. I love it Brenda (= — ἇRVℎℰℰ

Congratulations to the Red Sox, well done!!! Great poem!!! Your city deserved it !!! — acuriousgal

25. Hello Kitty Halloween

I love your Haiku AND your cute hello kitty pumpkin! ❤ — girlychristina

This was precious and such a non-scary Halloween treat! Just what the kids will love! — reocochran

Brilliant! — Uzoma

24. Two Trees

The ‘siblings of the heart’ makes me want to cry! Like: Yes, they have this rivalry but also this deep-rooted (!) love for eachother too. Very deep – I love it!– biahelvetti

A truly dramatic shot, the sky is just incredible! The words complement the image perfectly, “Siblings of the heart” my favourite line :) x — beckarooney

This is so beautiful! — willowdot21

23. Cobwebbed Skull

Fantastic! I love the ‘Nylon spiders hard at work’ … that’ll stick in head all day :) Many ghoulish blessings and hope you have lots of Very Wicked Fun at your party, Bia — biahelvetti

love the image, and your words make me even more excited for halloween. —  ksbeth

What a scary scene!! :shock: And I love the bit about the nylon spiders hard at work! ;) — suzywordmuser

I. am. deLIGHTed! How could you *not* be with a silly skull laughing? — travelosopher

22. Halloween Scene

Ooh, hauntingly beautiful. really sets the mood — ksbeth

Sets the Halloween scene perfectly! :) — suzywordmuser

I love this – gave me little shivers! — Katie Sullivan

21. Changes Coming

Lovely Haiku! And I can’t wait to read more of your work. Lots of love ♥ — petitemagique

Lovely photo and haiku! — Son of Sharecroppers

Perfect, Brenda!! — acuriousgal

20. Rainbow

Beautiful post, Brenda.  Lovely haiku!! — princessfairyzooboo

Exceptionally beautiful! Thank you, Brenda! — Glorialana

This is why I love visiting here! You have such love of the details! I definitely liked the tiny wings that painted this beautiful collection of natural wonders! — reocochran

19. Grave

I like the phrase Gravestone Dominos — omtatjuan

I like this variety in gravestones you have there! :) — teny

Cute, no i mean gross, no i mean spooky, no i mean awesome! — words4jp

20. Maple Leaf in Fall: 4 Haiku

Great imagery. Love this. — Professor VJ Duke

I became that Maple Tree… That is excellent writing! — omtatjuan

Very nice! Wonderful progression of words and images! — Lee

A change is good – sometimes traumatic, or tedious and difficult, but always leads to greater things!
I love this poem – very thought provoking – an pictures too! :D — suzywordmuser

19. Lonely Birch

Again, true beauty in word and picture! :) — serendipityherbals

Love the picture – that is such a ‘Birch’ place and the few words of the haiku fit so well — David at postaldeliveries

Lovely & this IS a birch!!! — cindy knoke

18. October Sky

Hauntingly Lovely ooooo :) — hansales1088

Beautiful, beautiful. — willowdot21

Love this season! You captured it!!! — serendipityherbals

17. Nature Inspires

I really like the concept of “humbled selfnessness” nice haiku :) — poetaflor

You are exactly right brenda, nature does inspire haiku and you know what it is saying and are always able to tell us so beautifully. — ksbeth

Oh, how pretty! — LFFL

16. October

Perfect combination. Awesome!  — Jessica Hagan

Beautiful butterfly bush! Not to overshadow the wonderful haiku tho! ;-) — Midwestern Plant Girl

Great picture. This is a memorable Haiku. Would you be able to better this any time soon? — Shakti Ghosal

15. Painted Fall

Your haiku beautifully fits your vibrant photo. Lovely :) — lavendermoongirlblog

Late blooms are such a delight. Well done! — Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister

Excellent haiku! Loved it. :) — Cubby

14. Rainy Day

The beauty of a rainy dawn, expressed with delicate elegance. — diffusethemuse

Nice one Brenda! One can feel the sound of raindrops reading that :-) — Rex

That poem matches today’s morning here in the PNW. Beautiful!!! :) — serendipityherbals

13. Late Bloom

Beautiful haiku and flowers, too! — Katie Sullivan

So pretty – I do see the poor little leaf – met his mortality a little sooner than the others…. :) — words4jp

Love the contrast in the haiku. Really beautifully written. :) — Cubby

12. Geometry in Two Haiku

What a neat way to see that! Approved! ;) — Professor VJ Duke

Geometric love……love that, Brenda!! — acuriousgal

You make the hard look easy. — charlypriest

11. Cold Red

Beautiful, Brenda….love the pic as well. — acuriousgal

The photo is amazing. I can see why the fairies chose to dance there. — toniandrukaitis

Delicately lovely! I’m just imagining those autumn fairies dancing on that leaf! :) — suzywordmuser

10. Shadow

This is gorgeous, in every way. :) — Geraldine

Sheer brilliance. — Uzoma

Wonderful in every way. — hitandrun1964

9. Harvest

Lovely Haiku! — willowdot21

Love it. Those cucumber spines can draw blood! — mithriluna

8. Three Fall

Love the line “Summer bends to autumn cold.” — prajaktamore

Lovely, lovely — ksbeth

Oh, very nice! :) — Geraldine

7. Pavement Clouds

Looooove this, Brenda!!! — acuriousgal

Really nice…very soothing — Winding road

Beautiful I can even smell the rain! — willowdot21

6. September Heat Wave

Is that an actual photo? It looks so amazing. Lovely words, my friend. — toniandrukaitis

Lovely word and picture. Somehow very soothing and calm. Seasons woven together, a lovely tapestry of life.x — scottishmomus

What a gargantuan autumnal aura this little haiku has. I love it! :) — Eva PoeteX

5. Sun Bright

How refreshing…great thing to read this morning! — Winding road

Love this haiku. So fitting with your picture as well. Kudos. — carowhack

This poem is so beautiful, and so absolutely, absolutely true!!! Beautiful work!!! :) — serendipityherbals

4. Maple Forest

Love it! Secrets of the enchanted forest. — sknicholls

Wonderful haiku Brenda ….. and nice pictures too — omanalabri2013

Love your haiku. :-) — Imelda

3. Signs of Fall

Beautiful pictures Brenda. I like Haiku poetry where so much is expressed in so few words. Excellent haiku poem. Take care. — saminaiqbal27

Oh my gosh-your trees are turning already?! Great photographs-especially that stunning red leaf in the center of the stones-beautiful, beautiful image! — littledogslaughed

Personally I can’t wait for fall. The heat is becoming unbearable! ;) That is a lovely haiku, and the pictures are pretty! — Zen A.

We barely get any seasons here…it’s still hot hot hot! So I love your photos because I do love fall. That red leaf on stones is just perfect. I want to keep staring at it! — Winding road

2. Jade Bell

Wonderfully written! Love Haiku! — Nora L Pratt

So sweet, Brenda! The haiku is cleverly written. — Uzoma

Nice …. wonderful… — omanalabri2013

:D I love how you do that…. LOL — kelihasablog

That is beautiful Brenda :) — mcsirishart
The best of all worlds for me – I love, fairies, fairy tales and haiku, all. A lovely treat to read. — ksbeth
I like this lots! — Professor VJ Duke


Note: These are only Haiku, other forms that contain Haiku are elsewhere. Haībun is a combination of prose and poetry, often haiku, and those are found in the Haībun Contents Page. Tanka start with a haiku, and those are found on the Haiku Contents Page. American sentence haiku are also found on the Poetry Contents Page.



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