16 thoughts on “Cone Jewels Haiku

  1. My grandkids love these little ones that fall into the pine needles of close by trees. They treasure filling up their pockets with these, then sprinkling them upon the creek’s water. They will send them off on one side of the bridge, running to the other side to see them merrily floating along! Smiles, Robin


    • Our eastern forests are full of hemlocks, I’ve heard. I have them in my yard, and they provide lovely year-round green. I had never notices cones on them before, they were so tiny!

      Cheers, Brenda


  2. Great Haiku! What interesting cones – I’ve not seen anything like them. Am guessing we don’t have that variety here in Australia!


    • Giorge, Do you have the hemlock tree? It’s an important tree to the white tailed deer here, but it’s under attack by a pest imported from Japan by accident. This tree had been squashed by a much larger tree in a hurricane, and then a year later, puts off these tiny cones. It seemed to me part of the mystery of life, how somethings really shine in adversity. Hugs, Brenda


        • I have to visit one day. I can’t imagine a land without pines. My horizons need to be broader. If I ever sell books, perhaps I will be able to come and write some fairy tales set in Australia. 🙂 Hugs, Brenda


  3. I love cones! I used to make sheep out of them when I was little 🙂 They make nice sheep 🙂 They also make nice cannonballs for the squirrels, they sometimes used them to throw at me to tease me and get attention. Naughty squirrels! Love your little Haiku Brenda! 🙂


    • I have had acorns dropped on me, but never cones! 🙂 They would make cute little sheep. LOL Thanks for your input, it always makes me smile. Warmly, Brenda


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