The Sun is Shining on Friendly Fairy Tales!

My second award! Thanks to Julianne Victoria at Through the Peacock’s Eyes. I love her new animal spirits posts and her take on dragonflies. Thanks for awarding Friendly Fairy Tales the Sunshine award — for blogs that are positive, inspire others creatively or just make you smile.


I’m happy to be making people smile with my Friendly Fairy Tales. I’ll be answering some questions, and then passing them along to 10 other bloggers, complete with notifications and links.

10 Questions: What is your:

1. Favorite fairy tale;

2. Favorite exercise;

3. Favorite smell;

4. Favorite dessert;

5. Favorite vacation spot;

6. Favorite sound;

7. Most unexpected visitor;

8. Dream for the world;

9. Closest dance with death; and

10. Favorite lake.

My answers: I like Cinderella the best because many little girls imagine meeting a prince and I was no different. My favorite exercise of the moment is walking, and I take lots of pictures along the way.




My favorite smell is chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven which happens also to be my favorite dessert. Hawaii was the best place I ever visited (so far). My favorite sound is the exhale my children make when they come to me for a hug and lay their heads down on my shoulder. My most unexpected visitor was a total turkey:


My dream for the world would be peace, me and the other beauty queens. 😉 I’ve had so many dances with death, it’s hard to narrow it down, but I’d have to say my first labor that ended in a caesarian left me the weakest I ever remember being. Ending on a happy note, my favorite lake:


Many bloggers out there make me smile and give me a positive charge. The blogosphere is a magical world of its own. Here are 10 very special bloggers you should visit, but many more of you out there deserve this award:

Cindy Knoke;




Fairytale Fallacies;

Sheila T Illustrated;



Fabulous 50’s; and

Imelda’s Wall.

Thanks to all the bloggers out there, sharing your stories and time. Thanks for coming on my journey with me. I’ll leave you with one last doorway, a magical portal to the world of fairy tales…



29 thoughts on “The Sun is Shining on Friendly Fairy Tales!

  1. This is very silly, but, I have no idea how to nominate someone for an award. You definitely deserve every award under the sun! Is there an award like that? Well, you deserve it. It would be a big old sun with a lot of blue ribbons underneath it. Thanks for all the kind words.


    • I have gotten a sunshine award. 🙂 If you look at my sidebar, you’ll see one or two different icons for that. Are you asking for advice how to accept and nominate or do you want to not participate? Either is a common response, and either is fine. Hugs for you!! Brenda


  2. Thank you so much for nominating me. I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I wanted to wait until I had the time to give it the attention it deserves. I love your blog and you definitely deserve this. I have some extra time this week so I will get to this ASAP. Again congrats to you and I loved learning more about you! Love and peace, Janine


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  4. Thank you so much for listing my post on your blog! This is truly an honor! My humble everyday stories started out about being single but now have to do with relationships. It is very nice of you to put me on your short list of 10!!


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