Adventurous Fairy Tales


Fairy Tales and Recipes for the Adventurous

Adventurous Fairy Tales offer more character-driven adventure stories for middle year children and kids of all ages with recipes for budding chefs or fairy tale food lovers. As much as we can, we create recipes with ingredients from own garden (above) or farm stands.


Table of Contents and Reviews
Fairy Tales and Recipes for the Adventurous

8. Crankypot Halloween

What a lovely story. it gave me goosebumps. I love redemption in all forms. — Winding road

Such a touching story Brenda, and just how neighbours should be! :) If we were all like that with our neighbours, there would be less misunderstanding and no ‘crankypots! ;) — suzywordmuser

Hi there Brenda, I’ve written a Fairy Tale for my next blog post tomorrow. I often read and enjoy your wonderful Fairy Tales so I’ve decided to put in a couple of links to your blog on the bottom of my post tomorrow. Hope this is OK with you. Thanks for all of your wonderful stories. Happy Halloween to you! Do stay away from the Cranky Pots though! —
Michelle at KidazzleInk

7. Sprite Spite

Always a pleasure to read your work, Thank you! — Jessica Hagan

So sweet and playful, makes me wish I could play and dive with them. — ksbeth

I too enjoy your sprite stories – you have a gift! — findingmyinnercourage

6. The Fae Cousins

Recipe: Energy Snack

This will be a GINORMOUS story!! (at least for me) — mandasiefert39

Lovely Brenda. Very famous authors of fairy stories lived in urban environments. Well done! :) — lavendermoongirlblog

Wow. I’ve yet to lose interest in anything you write, I promise it will never happen =) — simon0workmann

5. The Vegetable Fairy

Recipe: Cold Berry Soup

Omg, you are an incredible story teller. I loved the story. I can’t wait to read it to my little Z. Specially loved the names. I think I am going at start using squish squash around the house a lot. Love it love it love it! — beingnenne

I LOVE cold fruit soup and this recipe sounds fabulous. — LaVagabonde

Thank you so much for such a beautiful fall gift. 🙂 i will read it to my class this week, their first week of school. — ksbeth

4. Clan Destined

Recipe: Yogurt with Mashed Bananas

Part I, Flight in the Clouds

Intricately constructed…I could throw myself in…and walk the places you describe..:) Right now I’m sitting among the rocks on the shore…:) Have a great day, Brenda!! — benvenutocellini

Fantastic Brenda! You definitely know your fairy tales. Looking forward to the next installment. Well done. Nothing like a bit of fantasy to wake up to:) Thanks for the photo credits. — Vit Peyr

Well you have an amazing talent and I love fairy tales, so I admire your new adventure. — ksbeth

Good stuff :) — feralc4t

Part II, Gregori Returns

I enjoyed the way he moved around the clouds this way and that, then Sillette saying she never knew shaman were able to do such things. It made it playful, stirring and some signs of anger expressing themselves. It is a hard position for Darvin to be in. Like this part, too, Brenda! — reocochran

I love your stories. You write with such a natural rhythm. Such a pleasure to read your work. Thank you. Know your words are bringing magic into people’s lives, allowing adults to use their imaginations again…it’s so refreshing!  — Jessica Hagan

“You have always been powerful when you have believed in yourself” – An important lesson for all. As always, a vibrant, entertaining tale. — LaVagabonde

Part III, The Clan Meeting

A happy fairy tale ending! I wouldn’t mind every day ending as it did for Darvin. Heavenly. ;) — PeakPerspective

What a nice little story, with a wonderful fairy-tale ending too! :) I really enjoyed the dialogue as well… its the kind of story even fidgety young boys would enjoy! :) I only wish I could have read your stories when I was a child too! :)
— dreamwalkeramrita

Wonderful story…kept me captivated for the last few days. Loved it!  — Jessica Hagan

3. The Fire-Flower Dragon

Recipe: Mango Rice Balls

I read a lot of Manga and have a keen interest in Japanese culture. Throughout your story doesn’t rely on cliched imagery and it’s apparent how much research you had done for it, it was a very enjoyable read. I was intrigued to learn about the marathon monks and now I am going to go read more about them, thank you. — Rejecthelaureate

I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely fairy tale of the fire-flower dragon. I liked the detail about the sweet cherry blossom breath, the fact the dragon is a “she” and that she talks about how the dragons are getting sleepier and there is less energy. But the flute’s song gave her peace and the fireworks shone more than the ones given for the festival. The ride must have been fantastic, too!  — Reocochran

Oh – this was beautiful Brenda!♥ A wonderful Japanese theme, I feel like I’ve travelled a long way, but still in that comfy chair of mine! ;) And thanks for the recipe too – a little bonus at the end!! :D — Suzywordmuser

2. The Ring and the Sword

Recipe: River Trout Poached in Cultured Goat’s Milk with Chives and Sage

I like that the characters in your story have more well developed personalities and relationships. So far, in the fairy tales I have been reading, those things have not been easy to find. Also, I am curious about what happened with the sword and the ring. Are you going to make a sequel? ^.^ — Shannon213

You can write real good fantasy stories. Beautiful! You’ve got an amazing skill! You’re the best! — Donicia

1. The Dornot Jewels

Recipe: Pan-Seared Sausages and Shiitakes with Orange and Scallions

Your characters are a lively bunch. :-) — Imelda

Really enjoy reading your stories, thanks for sharing! — Jessica Hagan

This reminds me of stories I would make up for my daughter at bedtime! — Mimi Broihier

Note: Photographs are all of our garden. You can see our guardian dragon, named Cilantro, our violin playing frog, named Fiddle, cucumber vines growing right up the arbor vitae trees, tomatoes, chard, kale, peppers, and herbs including Thai Basil growing in a dragon pot. The tarragon is taking over the driveway.

  IMG_6351 IMG_6358 IMG_6360 IMG_6372 IMG_6364 IMG_6349 IMG_6343

13 thoughts on “Adventurous Fairy Tales

  1. Sorry to hear that your food is being devoured by bunnies. I think if I ever had a garden, I’d plant it just for them. Reverse psychology. 🙂 I love rabbits, though. There’s even one living in my apartment.


    • This year the bunny family had three babies. I expect the nutrition I supply has something to do with that. I just plant more when they eat what’s there. And I train everything to climb high, they usually only eat things low to the ground. So I share… And I supplement from farmer’s markets. 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment. We went out and picked lettuce today for a sandwich. We are lucky ours didn’t flower in the last hot spell. It’s still sweet and crisp. Our tomatoes are still green, but the kale and chard is yummy. So far the bunnies have gotten the spinach and parsley, but a bit of parsley is coming back.


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