Blogging Bling – Tips for Great Stats

Charles River in Fall

How do you make your stats zing?

After five years of blogging, I have over 8,000 followers. My blog gets at least 400 hits a week, and often over 1,000. I’ve had over 175,000 page views by 159 countries.

People ask about my success. It’s not any one thing. Content? I hope so. Consistent posting? Yes. But I do certain things over and above that.

Here are my top ten blogging rules. Are these time consuming? Yes.

  1. Be in it to make friends not to market. Connections make me happy, not money.
  2. Reply to every comment if only to say “thanks” or “my pleasure” because manners matter.
  3. Keep posts short. Bloggers have way too much to read.
  4. Try not to do/say anything in anger. Ever. Really hard, this one.
  5. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s exhausting.
  6. Read, reread and edit. Occasional errors are forgivable but if people regularly have to take extra time to figure out your meaning, they’ll stop reading.
  7. Visit others writing on similar subjects. Leave comments that show you’ve read and care about their words. That’s how you make and keep friends.
  8. Don’t expect others to be perfect or there for you every day. Life happens.
  9. If someone new visits and likes, comments or follows your blog, ALWAYS visit their site, look for common ground and follow back. They are your people. This is your community. And it’s social media etiquette. (Blogs empty of content may be spammers, and I don’t follow them.)
  10. Host and participate in blog hops aka link-ups aka blog parties. I participate in Poetry Friday. When I visit everyone and comment, I learn and grow as a writer. It’s expected for people to visit you back, although not everyone has time every week.

22 thoughts on “Blogging Bling – Tips for Great Stats

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  2. Your reminder that not everyone has time every week is good. I do think reciprocity is key and having blogged almost 8 years, I know there are spaces of my failure to do
    so. As you said, life happens.

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  3. I love this succinct post with easy-to-follow steps! So many of these ‘how to blog’ posts go on a bit, and make it sound like a chore or a full-time job. I want to blog for pleasure, but also want to enjoy the community (an unexpected pleasure) so your advice suits me down to the ground.

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