Tips for Great Stats


How do you improve your stats? Do you want more followers? Or hits?

After five years of blogging, I have over 8,000 followers. My blog gets at least 400 hits a week, and often over 1,000. I’ve had over 175,000 page views by 159 countries.

It has stayed fun for me all this time. Here’s why:

Click here for my top ten blogging rules.Β 

Notes: I’ve been revealing my stats to people interested in my new Book by the Brook micro review series. They want to know how I’ve built my blog. Rather than tell each person separately (time consuming), I’m laying it out for everyone. My best advice, though, is: keep it fun. Don’t do something that feels like a burden. Play. Say: Yes I can!

30 thoughts on “Tips for Great Stats

    • I’ve never been in it for the numbers. I’ve always been in it for connections and writing/reading things that interest me. Plenty of bloggers have better numbers than me, so it caught me off guard to be asked “how do you do it?” But I set out my main rules, sort of as a shortcut. I can just respond with a link. πŸ™‚


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