Let’s Party Like Teenagers!

Friendly Fairy Tales is throwing an award party, and YOU are invited. Cupcakes, frozen drinks and crudite for all! Let’s all dance like teenagers! Okay, maybe not like teenagers. Let’s Dance with nature! I made another movie, my second ever, just to share a dance with all of you. (Thanks Number One Oldest Son who played the violin for this movie!)

While you munch a few carrots and sip your fruit smoothie, let me spread some love and scatter some magic.


Thanks to MichelleMarie at Tell me about it, peek a boo to you! You sure do shine on all of us, your art is gorgeous, thanks for sharing your glow! Here’s a virtual cupcake, let’s make yours dark chocolate with layers of amaretto- orange frosting. I know she like Oreos, but perhaps she will take a cupcake this once.


Through My Eyes amazingly awarded me the Shine On award even though we were new friends! You need a very special cupcake: strawberry lavender cream-cake with curls of caramel. With you as inspiration, I plan to invite some new friends as guests of honor.


Thanks to Jesse Robben who accepted a couple awards and lobbed them right back at me, the WordPress Family and Team Membership Awards. For you, I have a double decker cupcake — vanilla bean and belgian chocolate with chocolate mocha-cream frosting.

As for Scottishmomus, she invited me to a sleepover. Sigh of longing. For you, I have an apple-peach torte with blueberry spearmint sorbet on the side. Thanks for these two: the WordPress Family and Best Moment Awards.


And Belsbror gets big thanks for another great award — the Versatile Award! My heart is going pitter pat! Love your stories, and your vibe! For you, a cupcake tour de force — in the shape of a race car, with strawberry racing stripes and oreo wheels.


Mummyflyingsolo, the award Queen, awarded me the Best Moment award, and then made me tear up by telling me that reading my stories are some of the best moments of her day. Oh, I’m getting teary again, this calls for a very special treat — Vermont Sea Salt Caramels for multi-layered sweetness with a savory kick.


Since, I’m partying, I’m also breaking all the rules. I know, I know. Call the cops and tell me to turn down the music.  We’re having way too much fun here at friendlyfairytales for the rules today. Satisfy your cravings and dance with the dragon (Shh, don’t tell anyone who hasn’t watched the video that it has a dancing dragon).

Here are some guests of honor, who can scoop up any awards they wish:

DeirdreMariePhotography, I’m head over heels for her!

A day in the Life, with a bucket list to die for and a month to do it!

CupcakesnSunshine, go girl-power! Love your lists of fabulous girls!

Callingonangels, we all need love! You are so right!

Blossom, where haiku is blooming.

Thetreegrows, whose pictures make my soul expand!

Scottishmomus, because one good turn deserves another. 🙂

Myeverydaystruggles, because she has a sassy side that appeals to me.

Klove, who gets the struggle and feels the love anyway.

DavidIonelRomulus, who has beautiful images and words.

ImpossibleisNothing, whose findings make me laugh.

Please comment and you may find yourself able to throw your own party. 😉

I’m not sharing things about me, a girl has to keep a little mystery. But here are some gifts from my magical world, to thank all my readers, commenters, followers, friends and fellow fairy tale lovers:

IMG_4451 IMG_4453 IMG_4456 IMG_4459 IMG_4467 IMG_4491 IMG_4497

Warmly and with deep appreciation for all of you and WordPress, too, Brenda

40 thoughts on “Let’s Party Like Teenagers!

  1. Oh – lovely video! And excellent violin playing by your son!! 😀 Has he been learning to play for a while, he sounds very good, and a violin is not an easy instrument to play! I love the Disney style sparkled writing in between the shots – very professional! So when is the full movie coming out!!? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was the full movie! I have another short incubating at the moment. 🙂 My son started learning violin at age 3, and now he’s 11. He asked to take violin before he was 2, and he’s never wavered.


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  3. Dear oldest son, you are a wonderful and gifted violinist. I love the way you contributed to your mother’s beautiful film, the music matched the wind that moved the pretty flowers, butterflies (fairies) and the dragon, too. You show the energetic playing that is a true musician. Some people don’t use their emphasis on the notes like you did. Wonderful gift you were given and we were blessed hearing you play.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Number One Oldest Son is touched and moved by your words, and he now has a giant smile. He played tonight in a talent show at his camp, a piece he wrote himself.


  4. Now, I realize what you were saying about your son’s violin playing and why you were mentioning a video! Wonderful and such fun here. Everyone arrived at the party and I apologize for being a “delinquent guest!” I really enjoy parties, so I will go get a handful of my cashews and my half candy bar I split daily with the next day or my youngest daughter. She isn’t here, so I “lucked out” and got a longer time on the laptop! Yeah, now some dancing and partying over here! Woo! Woo! (I am whooping it up and shaking too!)

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. I told you – you are an Award Princess – somehow you should become the awards maven – how I don’t know, but you really have a joy and pleasure in this and I think it is something special. Is it time for you to create your own award?

    Your son is very talented – how nice that he provided a sound track for you! Lucky you (better than any WordPress award)!! Lovely, special and all the award words – nothing better than great kids like yours!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I enjoy sharing the love. I know a lot of people don’t like doing the work award posting take, and I don’t blame them, but I like the buzz. I’ve always been a hard worker. My kids like the buzz, too. I’ve thought of creating my own award. Lots of good possibilities there. As for my kids, I am indeed a lucky, lucky woman. They are teaching me about love every day. 🙂 Hugs to you Elephant! Warmly, Brenda


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