ABCs of Fairy Tales


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ABCs of Fairy Tales

A – Alchemy, Albatross, Ancestors, After, Alone, Air, Aloft, Awkward, Ashamed, Angel, Aged, Aspire, Afar, Arbor, Aladdin;

B – Beauty, Beast, Boast, Bested, Bird, Ballad, Bilious, Bold, Beggar, Book, Before, Backward, Beanstalk, Boots;

C – Castle, Cinderella, Cowboy, Catkin, Cape, Charming, Children, Crown, Curse, Chase, Cat, Caper, Canter, Command, Charcoal-burner, Cendrillon;

D – Dragon, Dungeon, Dwarves, Doorway, Disguise, Dream, Different, Dance, Delight, Donkey, Dell;

E – Elf, Equestrian, Enemies, Equal, Escape, Everyman, Elemental, Ephemeral, Estuary, Elongate, Elegant, East;

F – Fairy, Farmer, Fisherfolk, Flying, Forest, Fortune, Frozen, Feast, Family, Fire, Frog, Flowers, Flax, Famine, Find;

G – Ghosts, Genius, Gnomes, Gingerbread, Glass Slipper, Gold, Genie, Goose, Gander, Grace, Giant, Goldilocks, Gift, Godmother, Goblin, Gelfling, Grime, Ghasts, Glen, Ghillie, Gaffer, Gem;

H – Happily Ever After, Heroes, Honey, Hood, Handsome, Hidden, Hunt, Horse, Haven;

I – Igloo, Igniting, Invisible, Island, Ignominy, Ignorance, Improvise, Ivy, Iron;

J – Jester, Jump, Joke, Jokers, Journey, Jack, Jewel;

K – King, Kids, Key, Knight;

L – Liar, Loved, Lantern, Light, Leprechaun, Luminous, Lost, Luck, Left, Longing, Lair, Labyrinth;

M – Monster, Moon Princess, Maid, Minister, Music, Magic, Mystery, Mountain, Mist, Minstrel, Mulberry;

N – Nightingale, Nymph, Nightmare, North;

O – Once Upon a Time, Old Woman, Old Man, Ogre, Ocean, Orphan, Offal;

P – Princess, Pauper, Pretty, Prince, Promise, Pigs, Palace, Pirate, Puss, Postern, Pattern, Peace, Prophecy;

Q – Queen, Quit, Question, Quilt, Quaff, Quibble;

R – Robber, Ruler, Righter of Wrongs, Red, Rescue, Road, Ruin, Ring, River, Riddle, Rumpelstiltskin, Roses, Requite;

S – Spider, Sorcerer, Sylph, Spirit, Shoes, Samurai, Swans, Sleep, Sea, Secret, Strength, Spell, Stepmother, Stolen, Storm, Sword, Sunshine, Snow White, Star, Smith, Sidhe, Sanctuary, Stone, Silver, South, Sprite;

T – Traitor, Tyrant, Thief, Tree, Treasure, Transformation, Time, Toad, Tower, Toll, Troll, Train, Trip, Tale, Talk, Temper, Test, Truth, Traveler;

U – Unicorn, Ugly, Urge, Utmost, Until;

V – Volcano, Voice in the Darkness, Valor, Vow, Valentine, Village, Visier, Vacancy, Viceroy, Vamp, Vulture, Villain, Vapor, Vampire;

W – Wizard, Widow, Wind, Wisps, Wonder, Wishes, Woods, Weary, Wildflowers, Water, Witch, Wolf, Word, Wax, Wane, Wastrel, Wrought, Winged, West, Woodcutter;

X – eXcellence, eXcelsior, eXasperation, eXhale, X marks the spot;

Y – Youth, Yarn, Yellow Sunshine, Yeh-Shen, Yawns before Sleep, Yoga; and

Z – Zest for Zaniness, Zax for roofing, Zephyr, Zorro, Zero, Zaftig, Zapped, Zonked.

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—- Brenda at Friendly Fairy Tales

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

41 thoughts on “ABCs of Fairy Tales

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  2. Brenda, GREAT response to the ABC’s. Reading and re-reading your post…many layers and stories here! Perhaps a poem or two inspired…. We’ve been in and out of internet…. Cheers. Maureen


  3. I was in awe of your acceptance blog! You went all out putting that list together that includes so much of what fairy tales use for words to tell the stories! ABC’s of Fairy Tales sounds like a book you may need to publish! Great job, congratulations!


  4. Congrats! Also, I really like this list. I like to incorporate fairy tail themes into my writing sometimes, so it is nice to have a collection of words like this to look at when Writer’s Block sets in.


    • Just my thought when I was compiling it… so many stories there. My kids help me — I ask them what they want a story about, and each contributes a couple elements. Then I weave a story with those elements. Now my oldest son is doing that on car rides. And my younger son has written a fairy tale he wants to put on my website. I also like to do research when writer’s block sets in — an area of the world I don’t know or something scientific. Usually a story idea follows.


  5. Dear Brenda,
    You are now the award fairy tale queen! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer blogger. So glad so many enjoy your special magic! I especially like the award that thanks the followers – such a nice thing to do. I didn’t win an award to do so, but I would like to thank you for being a faithful follower of mine.
    Thank you,


    • I enjoy your windows into the past very much. I remember looking at similar pictures and imagining I knew the words as a young child. Perhaps that is what started me on my storytelling path.


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