Sister Blue Won First Place!

First Place Winner at NY Literary Magazine


One of my poems, Sister Blue, won First Place at NY Literary MagazineSister Blue will be published in the NY Literary Magazine anthology, Awake, in December 2016. Awake will be available in print or as a free kindle download. Continue reading

Lune for the Moon


gray and white,
clouds unroll like mummy wrappings
for the moon

Notes: Happy October! I’m gearing up for Halloween.

Writing tip — word choices used to describe a place can convey a mood, a season or a context that is wildly surprising. Even the beach can look super creepy if you use the right words! Can you write a lune or haiku that transforms the same scene from Halloweeny to another mood?

I was inspired to write a lune by Kathryn Apel in yesterday’s poetry Friday party. A lune, a poetry form with 3 lines of three, five and three words per line. It should end with a shocker — a surprise.

Dinosaur Dawn

Canadian Kestrel

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

Baby Oriole

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

Hummingbird with pink cheek

Used by Permission of Cindy Knoke

When dinosaurs greeted the dawn,
perhaps they tweeted and twittered,
while they preened and flirted,
just as their modern descendants
greet the dawn with a chorus that
rattles shutters and billows curtains. Continue reading