Canada, You Rock!

It took the Canadians to remind us that America is Great, no matter what happens at tonight’s debate and over the next few weeks.


I have Canadians cousins, and I think Canada is great, too! Let’s try to set aside baseless accusations, lies and fear and get our jobs done. Because in the end, that is what makes America great!

Notes: Kids of all ages have strong emotions about the divisive politics being splashed across every screen in the country and beyond. Let’s not forget who we are. Survivors. We Americans are a race of survivors — survivors of epidemics, plagues, persecution, oppression, world wars, threats, discrimination, violence, hatred and fear. We’ll survive this election, too.

Delicious Demon



Eat the delicious demon.
Gobble him up.
Before his chocolate
nose runs
or his raspberry filling
bedevils your brain.
Breathe in that
cinnamon scent:
sweet, spicy, sinister.
He has the molten texture
of dark lava cake.
Sink into the zippy
comfort of way-too-much
sugar-joy, skating like
vengeful Olympians
in your veins.
The worst demons
are the delicious ones.
Resistance is futile.
He’s hiding his fangs?
Wouldn’t you,
if you were delicious, too?

Notes: Artwork is rights reserved to the original artist. This poem was inspired three years ago by comments on a post. Since then, it has lurked in my draft file, biding its time, sighing, despairing, imprisoned. Finally, I set it free. Dig in and enjoy. Have a magical day! Two weeks to Halloween!

If I Remembered My Dreams, poem by Brenda Davis Harsham (IF I Poetry and Prose Series)

Another of my poems was published by Silver Birch Press for their “If I” series. Yay! Thanks, Melanie!

Silver Birch Press

harsham2If I Remembered My Dreams
by Brenda Davis Harsham

If I remembered my
I’d have great stories
with ambushes and
car chases through
city streets. I’d easily
evade cross-dressing
grandma clowns
and black-feathered
I’d be chased
by giant grasshoppers.
I’d get away
in the nick of time.
I’d soar over over treetops
in a hot air balloon.
I’d solve impossible
I’d invent a spaceship
or stow away in one.
I’d speak Spanish,
know the names of
all the stars,
and birds would take
seeds right from my hands.
Instead, I sleep as deep
as the Mariana Trench,
and if I swim with lantern fish,
dine on sea cucumber
or comb my hair with jellyfish,
I will never remember
or wake to tell the tale.

PHOTO: The author at the Boston Museum of Science with a giant grasshopper.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’m fascinated by the Mariana Trench

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Sister Blue Won First Place!

First Place Winner at NY Literary Magazine


One of my poems, Sister Blue, won First Place at NY Literary MagazineSister Blue will be published in the NY Literary Magazine anthology, Awake, in December 2016. Awake will be available in print or as a free kindle download. Continue reading