ABCs of Fairy Tales


ABCs of Fairy Tales

A – Alchemy, Albatross, Ancestors, After, Alone, Air, Aloft, Awkward, Ashamed, Angel, Aged, Aspire, Afar, Arbor, Aladdin;

B – Beauty, Beast, Boast, Bested, Bird, Ballad, Bilious, Bold, Beggar, Book, Before, Backward, Beanstalk, Boots, Ballerina, Butterfly, Bee, Barnacle, Belch, Bet;

C – Castle, Cinderella, Cowboy, Catkin, Cape, Charming, Children, Crown, Curse, Chase, Cat, Caper, Canter, Cottage, Clown, Command, Charcoal-burner, Cendrillon;

D – Dragon, Dungeon, Dwarves, Doorway, Disguise, Dream, Different, Dance, Delight, Donkey, Dell;

E – Elf, Equestrian, Enemies, Equal, Escape, Everyman, Elemental, Ephemeral, Estuary, Elongate, Elegant, East;

F – Fairy, Farmer, Fisherfolk, Flying, Forest, Fortune, Frozen, Feast, Family, Fire, Frog, Flowers, Flax, Famine, Find, Fairy Tale, Feather;

G – Ghosts, Genius, Gnomes, Gingerbread, Glass Slipper, Gold, Genie, Goose, Gander, Grace, Giant, Goldilocks, Gift, Godmother, Goblin, Gelfling, Grime, Ghasts, Glen, Ghillie, Gaffer, Gem, Grandmother;

H – Happily Ever After, Heroes, Honey, Hood, Handsome, Hidden, Hunt, Horse, Haven;

I – Igloo, Igniting, Invisible, Island, Ignominy, Ignorance, Improvise, Ivy, Iron;

J – Jest, Jester, Jump, Joke, Jokers, Journey, Jack, Jewel, Jail, Justice;

K – King, Kids, Kite, Key, Knight;

L – Liar, Loved, Lantern, Light, Leprechaun, Luminous, Lost, Luck, Left, Longing, Lair, Labyrinth;

M – Monster, Moon Princess, Maid, Minister, Music, Magic, Mystery, Mountain, Mist, Minstrel, Mulberry, Mermaid, Merman, Merfolk;

N – Nightingale, Nymph, Nightmare, North;

O – Once Upon a Time, Old Woman, Old Man, Ogre, Ocean, Orphan, Offal;

P – Princess, Pauper, Prince, Pretty, Prince, Promise, Pigs, Palace, Pirate, Puss, Postern, Pattern, Peace, Prophecy;

Q – Queen, Quit, Question, Quilt, Quaff, Quibble;

R – Robber, Ruler, Righter of Wrongs, Red, Rescue, Road, Ruin, Ring, River, Riddle, Rumpelstiltskin, Roses, Requite;

S – Spider, Sorcerer, Sylph, Spirit, Shoes, Samurai, Swans, Sleep, Sea, Secret, Strength, Spell, Stepmother, Stolen, Storm, Sword, Sunshine, Snow White, Star, Smith, Sidhe, Sanctuary, Stone, Silver, South, Sprite;

T – Traitor, Tyrant, Thief, Tree, Treasure, Transformation, Time, Toad, Tower, Toll, Troll, Train, Trip, Tale, Talk, Temper, Test, Truth, Traveler;

U – Unicorn, Ugly, Urge, Utmost, Until;

V – Volcano, Voice in the Darkness, Valor, Vow, Valentine, Village, Visier, Vacancy, Viceroy, Vamp, Vulture, Villain, Vapor, Vampire;

W – Wizard, Widow, Wind, Wisps, Wonder, Wishes, Woods, Weary, Wildflowers, Water, Witch, Wolf, Word, Wax, Wane, Wastrel, Wrought, Winged, West, Woodcutter;

X – eXcellence, eXcelsior, eXasperation, eXhale, X marks the spot;

Y – Youth, Yarn, Yellow Sunshine, Yeh-Shen, Yawns before Sleep, Yoga; and

Z – Zest for Zaniness, Zax for roofing, Zephyr, Zorro, Zero, Zaftig, Zapped, Zonked.