Haībun Contents

Furled Ferns

Table of Contents for Haībun in Friendly Fairy Tales 

by Brenda Davis Harsham

With reviews by people like you!

45. Open Door

Love the Bell quote! Especially as I was reading up about him recently and posted about his invention of the telephone!! If you feel you are a writer, then you are! There are many people writing who never get published. If we don’t call them writers when they ARE writing, what do we call them? — Forestwoodfolkart

Enjoyed your Haibun and loved the quotes… You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Always remember, you have the strength, the patience to reach for the stars. — Connie Gildersleeve

44. Fairy Dust

I am not one to contradict a lady, Brenda, but your magic makes the summer last forever! — AnElephantCant

What a busy and magical garden!! I love your haibun, Brenda! My first taste of haibun on your blog made me fall in love with this form. Have a great weekend. Nature still brings us sunny warm days here:) — Oliana

“But even magic/ cannot make summer last”…. But your verses might do it! … 😉 Beautiful poems, dear Brenda. Happy fall to you! Love and best wishes. Aquileana 😀 — Aquileana

43. Speak for Compassion

Speak softly and without haste is definitely something I needed to hear Brenda! …. See, you never know when you write something what effect it has on another the other side of the world – thank you for that. 😀 — SuzyHazelwood

Well said, Brenda. You not only speak with compassion, you communicate with compassion. — Gallivanta

42. Snowtoro

Wonderful post! Your snow Totoro reminded me happy times. Everything starts with “Once upon a time”, isn’t it?? 🙂 Hughs, Luana. — benvenutocellini

So sweet and lovely!… I love Snowtoro and your beautiful haiku Bren!~ I am checking out the trailer for the movie too!.
Thanks for sharing!~  All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀 — Aquileana

41. Snow Queen

Ooh that last line of your haiku! When your breath stills is loaded with meaning. Beautiful Brenda! — 3of7

I really like how this led into a distant memory, like a walk back in time. I remember deep snow and making paths through this, sometimes with my brothers helping me. It felt like another ‘world’ and your description and photos are beautiful, Brenda! — reocochran

Wonderful words & images. — Eva Xanthopoulos

What an extraordinary and spellbinding piece of prose, Brenda. The words are incredibly evocative of a perfect winter and are wholly capable of bringing on a chill. Beautifully done. — peakperspective

40. Garden Bright

You capture beautifully the way the season changes so gently, drawing us in. — Gallivanta

39. Iris Blooms

That’s a very encouraging thought, I could do with some blooming in my life! 🙂 And how lovely of those Iris plants to bloom for you this summer – the Iris flower is so pretty, like those frilly skirts can-can girls wear! — SuzyHazelwood

These were captivating words and lovely iris flowers! Loved it from beginning until it ended. Hugs, Robin — reocochran

This is a great post and I really like your reminder to persevere – very timely for me. I remember your first haibun about these irises. How wonderful that they have flowered for you this [year]. (Your garden tips make me think I must move mine too). That pink iris is sensational. I have never seen a pink one before. It must be a very old variety. — Suzanne

38. Plum Island

That was really wonderful Brenda, transported me there perfectly, and made me feel that sand between my toes!! 😀 I’m looking forward to the really warm weather so I can get to the beach myself, it’s not too cheerful in spring, that sea air is very sharp, and the ocean is part of the north sea – very cold, but perfect place to be on a hot day! — SuzyHazelwood

So cool to recognize the importance of all the foot prints. — toniandrukaitis

AnElephant loves beaches and loves this atmospheric depiction. — AnElephantCant

38. Fairy Fiddlehead

Your words of spring make me want to go barefoot into that glorious spring… — Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

Oh, I loved this! Great imagery and childlike magic! Blessings, Natalie 🙂 — nataliescarberry

Merrily Magical Fairy poetry!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 — Line

37. Candy Dish

What lovely memories and you were so lucky to have such a fascinating grandmother. Interesting way to teach will-power and the value of being trustworthy. Fascinating haibun! — Bastet

Wonderful piece. I LOVE the way the haiku works with it, the slant. — Belinda Broughton

Wow Brenda! What a powerful story – what a fantastic Grandmother! I lived so far away from my Grandparents (in another country) that I never had time alone with them. I think my maternal Grandmother would have been much like yours if she had ever had the chance. Such a shame for us, such luck for you. Marie — syllabubsea

Wow what a beautiful lesson and some thinking on your part! I love the unspoken message and also her glance of approval said volumes to you! My Gma always had fancy chairs with tiny little glass pieces! I knew to never touch them but to look only. I loved sitting in those special seats and appreciating beauty. I had forgotten that till I read this! What a wonderful story and post! 💗 — MichelleMarie

36. Butterfly Moment

There’s always an expectation Brenda every week that you will produce an outstanding piece for this challenge and as always you have not disappointed. I am pleased you able to use very productively the short space of time you have to write i know what it is like with children and a household to run. I enjoyed this haibun and haiku very much Brenda. — summerstommy2

What a lovely view of love and sparkling moments that we have. Thank you for sharing! — Easter Ellen

Brenda, another wonderful poem and beautiful snowdrops, so innocent and pure. I used to work so many hours in an interesting but stressful career, where there was little time for me and family and home came first always. So I had the ‘butterfly’ moments, writing on wet paper in the bath, or on the tiles with crayons! Scribbling when out with the dogs, or waiting for an appointment. Life is still busy but there’s always time to write. As you say it keeps one sane! 🙂 xx — lavendermoongirlblog

There were two thoughts here I absolutely loved – first the idea of butterfly moments and second the idea that the daily grind is “grist for a deeper calling”. Such a great way to see pieces of the ordinary in a somewhat less routine way. — Louise

That photo is beautiful! I just love the way you write. I know what you mean about “butterfly” moments and squeezing in some writing…I am sorry I did not keep any of my journals when the children were very young but I do know it kept me sane to write…and children’s stories, just creating…you do it so beautifully, Brenda. I love your writing, your photos and especially your poetry. — Tracesofthesoul

35. A Walk to the Lake

This is so lyrical…so beautifully written! — Patti Hall

Beautiful haibun — absolutely beautiful. 🙂 — Blog It Or Lose It

Wow Bren, I really liked your composition here! I liked it how you merged different nature forms with a monoku and wrote this beautiful post. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for your participation! Regards — Amreen Bashir Shaikh

Your haibun really felt like a breeze over the walk. Quite magical… The recovery and need to see and feel nature and flowers has a lovely, whimsical, magical feel to it. It almost goes without saying that each reader takes the walk with you again everytime it is read. I hope whimsical is the right word. There is a softness to this that is meditative, and a real lightness, because there is no dogmatist philosophy behind it, while at the same opening eyes. Your words are like the wind. It is interesting how your recovery added so much to the piece, giving it an underlying, personal theme. Very nicely done. — Gunn’s Cabin Fever

34. Let Your Voice Ring Out

I loved what you did with this. The way you used your class and James Tomson. Excellent. — Al

What a lovely post…(haibun) it is so uplifting like a rebirth feeling we get at spring. — Tracesofthesoul

Brilliant as always…..when I got back into writing just a year ago, I said the same thing about I loved writing in school and so on. It is really freeing and has helped me with so many things to write once more. — Anja

33. Birthday Parties

Brilliant! Brenda, you give out your soul for writing! You shared so much of imagery with this. I indeed loved your party thought and it gave out so much of happiness with your words and I felt so nice after reading this. I must say, this was an overall excellent write and a great naani poem in between! — Amreen Bashir Shaikh

A very nice, warm and touching haibun, positive and fun, and with the smooth reading one gets here always, like a great coffee at a coffee bar! — Hamish Gunn Fly Indie

Sweet:) — hitandrun1964

32. Be Free

Lovely Brenda! I wish that for the world, and all of Mother Earth’s children too!! 🙂 — Line

I like your definition of freedom 🙂 — Carol Balawyder

Excellent! This really takes in many of the ideas and ideals we attach to the word freedom. Well thought out and a great write and read! Let’s hope many will work for the freedom of clean air and safe homes…the freedom to live in a “garden of sunshine”! Ciao, Georgia. — Bastet

31. Movie Colors

Wow, I just love this! I often feel this way after watching a movie. A fantasy movie. With a good ending. And all the good guys always win. It’s true life sometimes has boring days. But each of them is a part of us. And makes us who we are. Wouldn’t trade any of ‘em! I’m guessing your writing at age 30 couldn’t possibly be as profound as it is now even if the mirror seemed kinder. — naturerestoresme

I absolutely love this! — Anja

I like the reflective quality of this haibun. The haiku add another texture to the writing. Personally I think our more difficult times propel us forward – they make us question life, grow in understanding of ourselves and others and can lead us to explore the deeper philosophical and spiritual aspects of life. Besides – life would get incredibly boring if it was always sunny, pleasant and easy. 🙂 — Suzanne

30. Centered

Lovely image of the centering prayer hands. — Gallivanta

It is a beautiful expression of your path of wellness. — lkwatts67

what lovely words and a lovely approach to life – slow and full of gratitude and reflection ) — ksbeth

Beautiful! And thanks for the definition, I never understand what a haibun was exactly. i felt more centered and calm just reading this! have some deadlines coming up and this reminded me to just breath! — naturerestoresme

29. Origins of Thought

Great reminder today – think positive, be grateful and find joy – it seems so obvious, and yet, it isn’t. — Trapper Gale

Beautiful piece. I am one who needs constant reminding that things are as we make them. That rut you were in before you made the herculian effort to get better? I sooo know the feeling. — casey

lovely writing, brings smiles. — Belinda Broughton

How can I thank you? Sometimes I need to be reminded not to look back. I try not to dwell on my childhood and appreciate the life I have made for myself but sometimes..sometimes.. I shall hang on to your words of wisdom and enjoy my day. Instead of grumping at last night’s snow fall, methinks a snowman is in my near future. Pat — high five and raspberries

28. Fragments of the Past

Awww Brenda, this brought tears to my eyes. Being a mother is something we really work hard towards and we just want them to know they are loved. Beautiful!!! — Anja

So beautiful. You speak for many of us. The loss of our mothers…the place that’s left, that can’t be filled. — hitandrun1964

من يملك الاخلاق والادب يسكن في القلوب الي الابد  [Translation: Who has the morals and literature dwells in the hearts forever] — alm383

You also leave them, and all of us, your beautiful prose and poetry. — toniandrukaitis

27. Vacation Dreaming

Hihi, how funny the world is! Here am I in the middle of all that, sun, blue sky, palm trees, and I can’t stop dreaming of snow, and northern lights, and crisp midnight blue mornings, and white twinkling stars, and snow-clad trees, and hot chocolate and blazing fire places :-)We are funny! But I guess, too much of something makes you wish for the opposite…or maybe it’s just me, being a Norwegian…….in India — Line

I absolutely love that you like a stubborn child kept your dream of your vacation – in spite of the snow and the puking. That’s so great at it shows what a strong person you are. I can realte to this so much – except from the part with the palms and the champagne ( I’m still waiting for that 🙂  Well done Brenda, nothing can beat over you 🙂  I hope you have a marvellous trip. — panikikubik

yes! you are like a vacation superhero — ksbeth

I think you imagined it right into happening. You ARE tenacious and ought to be given a shiny award for it, besides! Happy sun and warmth! — travelosopher

I love the way you have written this. The dreamy haiku and lilting language of your holiday hopes contrasting with the puking, the computer hassles and the driving snow. What a fantastically energetic piece of writing. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

26. Music in the Soul

What a wonderful story. I was hooked from the very first sentence. I’m in awe of your son and the respectful way you have parented him. I have read that reincarnating souls chose their parents – the way you honoured your son’s desire to play music and nurtured the music in his soul bears out that idea. Both you and he are truly blessed. — Suzanne

What a lovely story, Brenda. Already, I love the sounds in your house. — Imelda

This story brings music to my soul, Brenda. What a talented family you have. — seeker

I love the way you describe your son as “hearing with his whole being”. What a beautiful story! It sounds like your whole family is now blessed with sounds of music everywhere! What a wonderful gift that you are able to all play together. Truly a wonderful blessing. — naturerestoresme

25. Goodbye Hope: a Monody

I love your poem, you are very talented. I also love your wonderful magical blog which brings a sparkle into our daily life. xxx-:) — lavendermoongirlblog

This was a fantastic combination of a serious post with the wondrous ‘redemption’ in your tree seeking the sun! I like the way it started with a simple rejection letter in the mail and circled back to the ‘real you, true artist and poet,’ who doesn’t let things get her down! Smiles, Robin — reocochran

“The leaves read the shining sun”………..perhaps the most beautiful and true poetic sentence ever written! Stunning!!! 🙂 — serendipityherbals

I love the fine sensitivity of the final haiku. Very beautifully written.  — Suzanne

Brilliant Brenda! Your post was indeed touching & heart-felt. It is more painful to take a rejection. I liked how you incorporated a Haibun with a Monody and it came out very well. Must say, a clean write with so much of imagery. The picture added so much to the read. It is very refreshing and gives out a positive thought. — painttheworldwithwords

24. Visitor in the Temple

What a beautiful true story… all the love and tenderness contained in the iris , so gorgeously expressed in your words and your haiku. — Gallivanta

You are a true nature mystic. What lovely writing and I have learned there is such a thing as pink irises. I didn’t know that. — Suzanne

I love the Iris and I really enjoyed this journey through nature’s own temple and the connection with persons past. Beautifully written as always. — paulscribbles

Lovely, Brenda. I was smiling as I enjoyed reading this post, weaving in parts of you, your past owner had planted this garden and is no longer…you brought her to life for us briefly and I found that so moving; you put a bit of you in your haiku and your children….I truly loved this and your painting as your final touch floored me…it was my bouquet at my wedding many years ago too. Thank you so much for sharing this. Oliana xx — Tracesofthesoul

23. The Heart of a Garden

I really like that, Brenda. The descriptiveness of the seasons and what you do in them is excellent. — Al

Very well written Brenda both Haibun and haiku are very pleasing to read. Excellent piece Brenda. — summerstommy2

Oh, I love your descriptions here! Sounds lovely! — giorge thomas

22. Snowball Battles

What a beautiful opening line – this is really your genre. And doesn’t this just flow, with your haiku like little piles of words, of snowballs, about to be thrown across the page in your prose. This haibun is just so relevant to us all. I defy any reader to say it did not emotionally affect them. It just put some many thoughts, memories and ideas in my head. I can feel the sincerity in your writing, and learn the lessons you draw with you. Your haibun run deep but are always light and easy to read. A delightful mix. Thanks again! Managua — VILLAGE BOOKS (@yerVILLAGEBOOKS)

Oooo I love this! Aren’t they so much fun! Yay for snowballs fights! No rocks!  — MichelleMarie

Wise words, yet again, lovely – and I love your Dad’s record player! :) — biahelvetti

Thank you Brenda for this honest and beautiful post. You are such a strong and kind person. — panikikubik

21. Storms Gather

This is a … I want to say fantastic, but I use that word a lot, and this is better than that. It is awesome Very well written and in a way that you can see it when you read it. — Al

Excellent haibun Brenda and you introduced me to a new word, roiled, I had to look it up. Your winter is giving you good people so much to write about. Thanks for sharing this one, wonderful. — summerstommy2

Magnificent!  You do great honour to Scotland’s favourite son.  Thank you. — AnElephantCant

This is so powerful and chilling and beautiful, brenda. And I was happy to read about the reclaiming of personal power towards the end. — ksbeth

I can empathize with the bit about anger. And too about not wanting and willing strongly against reaching that breaking point. I think some lessons just take a tad longer to learn. I wish I had learned mine sooner. But I did have my retreat – paper and pen. Well spoken for yourself and I believe many. — julespaige

20. Winter Sun

A quiet wintery reflection on the passage of time and the way a mother’s life changes as her children grow. The imagery is so vivid your experience and emotions come across loud and clear. Beautiful writing. — Suzanne

I wish the wind would stop blowing so I could get some warmth from the sun. :) Beautiful…as always my friend. — Anja

Nice. Finding solace in the winter and renewing yourself. Feeding ones soul is so important. I have woodpeckers in my yard too. I really like the last haiku. — julespaige

Stunning.  AnElephant is speechless in admiration. — AnElephantCant

I don’t like to differentiate between the two pieces, but it does show the mastery in your writing. Your haibun I just read about friendship was so open, welcoming, warm and revealing, and of course in your trademark, flowing style, but this haibun is for the aficionado, deep, thoughtful, quiet, absorbing the reader, very much like snow absorbs sound, sun rays and thoughts. Here there is food for thought. Your haiku….well…you must know how lovely they are, even though you wrote them. Jen said she feels the haibun seems to lift haiku. I think there is magic here, the haiku sit very, very well among the prose. — Hamish ‘Managua’ Gunn

19. Finding Friends

Awww Brenda so happy to see you here. :) I always love your haibun and this was is super special. Friendship is something very important to me and I was just emailing about how I feel its important to be loyal to those you care about. Beautiful haibun from a wonderful lady. — Anja

Brenda! A perfect haibun filled with good common sense mixed with hope. The last haiku is my favorite. I am so happy to see you here! — high five and raspberries

What a beautiful post Brenda!!!!! Just lovely! — Jessica Hagan

This is wonderful and I love your poem. It is so visual and I could feel the warmth of your cheek. How lovely! You are an inspiration. — toniandrukaitis

18. Ends of the Earth

How I love how you write! I could see what you saw, lovely reveries. — Tracesofthesoul

I think it is miraculous! I can feel the salt on my cheeks and the seaweed between my toes! You are a rockin writer~ — cindy knoke

I’d travel to the ends of the Earth to read your work… — The Hook

Brenda, When I read your words, I seem to quiet down mentally, I relax inside, and sometimes I feel refreshed. Thank you. Bill — FlaHam

17. Choices for the Soul

Brenda, you are a joy to my heart…. Your insights and magical wonder at life help make me believe and recognise within myself that life does go on and it is what we make it to be. Mine is full of angels and stars and galaxies of unknowing. Yours stirs so close to mine I feel you near. Ethereal and reality co-exist and fill us with all physical and spiritual possibilities. You are a treasure…. Every hug and kiss that I can send you in your journey flies your way tonight. Brenda, you are a star in the firmament of hope. Chosen. Absolutely. Do not doubt it. Love and a galaxy of kisses your way. The world is a better place because of you. — scottishmomus

A great haibun. We learn something or the other from every experience and shortcoming in life. Beautifully penned haiku. — anmol(alias HA)

Sweetheart, I feel so honoured and blessed that you share your wisdom, truth and joy with us all so freely on here – thankyou. Your beautiful words have touched my heart once again, tough times come in life but you are right, we must rise up and through like the phoenix and be reborn to better things, and it’s wonderful that you can reflect and see the positive that comes from these hard experiences – and then share that and inspire others to do the same. I still can’t get through a day without the huge dose of sunshine your words bring to my life. Bless you enormously angel, once again, thank you :) — biahelvetti

You really have touched my heart,with this post. You are so honest and I really don’t have enough words to express what a Joy it is to know you. (on wordpress at least)  — Adam Hughes

Another amazing piece of writing, straight from the heart. My fellow Scot up above says all the right words. You are an angel and a star. Hugs — AnElephantCant

16. Back to the Beginning

Poignant piece. I too remember the between time with fondness. — paulscribbles

This is beautiful, Brenda. So poignantly written and capturing that time for all of us. You always help me recapture my inner child. x — scottishmomus

A wonderful..no a magickal post to once again make me think as I find that between time and listen to the echoes
Beautiful piece Brenda…Hope you Christmas and New Years was full of joyful wishes to be experienced in the days ahead… Take Care…You Matter…. )0( maryrose — LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts Into Words

Unbelievably good. AnElephant swallows carefully and reads slowly, in case the magic escapes. — AnElephantCant

15. Northern Lights

Speechless. What an utterly beautiful post, Brenda, and the drawings carry your thoughts perfectly. Happy New Year and thank you for all the connections you make possible! — fairydisenchantment

I am so excited to see your pastels art/paintings! You are an awesome artist! I love the way you put beauty into all you write, too! I hope that you will publish a pairings of your art with haikus and prose. I prefer this over photographs, although you are very artistic in that area, too!  — reocochran

Beautiful words brenda and your drawings are equally beautiful. you are such a multi-faceted artist, i never fail to be amazed anew by you. happiest of new years to you and yours, and i feel lucky to have crossed paths with you as you’ve made my world so much more colorful ) beth — ksbeth

14. ‘Tis the Season

Wonderful. Every “present” will become a memory in the end. Beautiful message of accepting the disappointment and staying merry all the way through, enjoying the smallest of things. — anmol(alias HA)

I am glad our paths have crossed and intertwined. Your posts are really beautiful with thoughtful haikus, fairy tales and positive thoughts. This is a like an oasis of joy for when I get time to read your posts! — reocochran

Great post dear Brenda, love your hilarious down-to-earthness. — heila2013

What a wonderful attitude and wonderful post, brenda ) — ksbeth

13. Am I in Danger?

So many of your poems move me, Brenda. You show much strength. Blessings. — Audrey Dawn – Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister

Your magic, your joy, and your peace are all so evident in your beautiful work ) — ksbeth

Write me your wonderful magic any day Brenda. I actually tire of the pain and the heartache we’re so often bombarded with. — KidazzleInk.com

Your Magick thoughts spin and weave incredible art painted with words full of color and one can feel
them as well as see them….let your fingers paint…we enjoy you as you are….for you are being you in full Spirit…..Take Care…You Matter….)0( BlessedBe maryrose — LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts Into Words

12. Reflections

So lovely, Brenda. And true. I have to say, a beautiful reflection……on the nature of all……part of the oneness.x — scottishmomus

Oh so wonderful and what a magnificent way to express this moment. we all need to remember to be just who we are rather than a reflection of someone else’s concept of us ) — ksbeth

Beautiful. Your haibun combines the mystical reflections on nature of classic haibun with an insightful commentary on contemporary life. I read your haibun just as I was thinking the current obsession with haiku and haibun on the internet has nothing to do with the modern world and is just escapism. Your haibun made me think again. I see now that the form is still relevant. — Suzanne

Amazing writing. I love how you bring out the “loudness” of nature, constantly talking!! :) I want to buy your book, with all your writings and pictures! — serendipityherbals

11. Letters from Japan

Oh dear oh dear – this takes my breath away, and I do usually not like the overblown comments, especially the ones that start with “oh”! Brenda, what a special, special unique haibun. I get that sudden feeling again, that sort of -’this is what makes it all worthwhile’ feeling. I do like haibun very much as a genre, but in posts like this I see it taken to heights I could never foresee. Just beautiful, stylistically, for the emotions it engenders and for the quality of the production. Thank you. — Ye Pirate

Brenda, this is absolutely a delight – love the letter writing format and each haiku, perfect blending. i vote this as a DP freshly press :) really well done. ♥ — Sun

Sweet letters..your Haiku’s are so charged with your feelings too, reminds me of the times when we used to pick up a pen and paper for mailing, it was so much personal back then. — andy1076

thanks for sharing. i miss my dad — monicasicoe

It may sound cliche, but this felt so *profoundly* beautiful… really digging into the emotions. — Creative Metaphor

10. Happy Thanksgivukkah

What a lovely post! I love how your Haikus break off to another paragraph, beautifully done and love what you wrote. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Thanksgivukkah! I had not realized Hannukkah was this early this year. Blessings, Oliana — Tracesofthesoul

i love the clash of traditions that will be happening this holiday thursday – nice haibun and i love the turkey cookie too ) beth — ksbeth

Lovely. Happy Everything, Brenda! ;) — twoscamps

9. Seasons of the Sun

This is GORGEOUS!!! Amazing writing, feeling, wisdom of cycles, everything! I could feel each season deeply through your writing. You are an amazing writer Brenda! :) — serendipityherbals

AnElephantCant find any words here, strangely, as he is usually a garrulous soul. This is just wonderful. Exquisitely written, beautifully crafted, sublime haiku, a work of art. Hey, he does find a few words! — AnElephantCant

What a delight it has been,to read this with a coffee,this afternoon. — Adam Hughes

A year of wonderful thoughts, and beautiful visions.. all within a few moments. Magic..!! :) — Rivera

This is a beautiful work. The haiku in between is a great touch. :) It brightened my morning. Thank you. — Johnny Ojanpera

A very soft journey around in a circle – interspersed with haiku which really work well in pieces about nature, rhythm and the seasons like this. Each season’s theme is different, which helps the flow.Really quite a wonderful, calming read. — Ye Pirate

8. Pear Tree

Beautiful imagery to go with beautiful images – I knew I was going to find that here – but it is still delights. — postaldeliveries

I loved this. I love they way you look at life. I also enjoyed how you infused the short poems into your story. Well done and beautiful! — lisajsmi

So beautiful…. thanks for sharing.. — Kathy

I can just imagine those fairies drinking their pear juice! ;) Such a good idea to plant trees for your children. It’s the kind of teaching that boring nature lessons in school can never match. Reality in your own garden is so much richer! Well, I hope you get really big pears on that tree one day soon! :D — suzywordmuser

I love your writing style! You seem to mix poetry and blogging so seamlessly! Amazing :D — Audiophile Paradise

7. Namibia

One of the most soul-moving things I’ve ever read. How I wish sometimes we could move forwards round the wheel with our wisdom gained in this life and back to the life before. You’ve captured my heart with this and helped me articulate a deep yearning that never knew its voice till now. All blessings to you angel. — biahelvetti

I loved each of your haiku! Very touching :) — Anja

This reads like a sweeping epic – but with the essence, the nectar here. I just am amazed at the amount of research that went into this, yet it reads just so,so naturally that I had to check afterwards that you don’t actually live there, and then I read it again, just appreciating, almost singing inside. This piece is just so rich, and the wonderful cultural details just flow. I remember being impressed with the technical details in your grass haibun before but this is just a whole different level. I don’t want to go on and on, but am truly humbled. I will write a few more words about your lovely piece on Friday on my blog. Thank you, sincerely. — Ye Pirate

6. Spellbook

Mammoth wow! This is the best thing AnElephant has read anywhere this week, maybe this month. Haibun with interwoven haiku. Magic about magic within magic. No more superlatives. Just wow! — anelephantcant

Wonderful! — Jessica Hagan

Oh, I love this! It has such a resonance – that your ancestral history is always with you, will always seek you out – brilliant. I love the imagery of the attic too, it reminds me of my Great Aunt Ida’s house…Blessings on your week — Bia :) — biahelvetti

I love this! I’ve always loved witch stories :) — Winding road

5. Bottomless Treasure

Hi Brenda, what a wonderful time! Treasures indeed, the very best kind! The perfect haibun and haiku for the prompt! :) — Penny L Howe

I loved this, especially the line “Photographs are the jewels, the pieces of eight, the doubloons” such a lovely link with treasure :) — helenmidgley

Endearing and beautiful memories shared – thank you for taking me along. I would dare to say I could almost feel you smiling as the haibun was being written, Brenda – so uplifting and positively charged. :) — Ese’ s Voice

4. Be Crabgrass

I love this! Thank you, Brenda! — Glittermoon

Your blog makes me happy. — Middlemay Farm

A wonderful haibun message – be like the persistent crabgrass. I like it! Thanks ☺ — Sun


3. Autumnal Fascination

It is my favorite time of year too, and this piece is one of my favs that i’ve ever read from you – wonderful ) — ksbeth

A lovely write indeed.  — HA (howanxious)

Brenda, this is pure magic, thank you for your beautiful words. — Jessica Hagan


2. Puddle-Wonderful

Alligator Pond…I love that. Excellent haibun! :) — Cubby

Moments of sponteneous magic; the golden memories we delight in all our lives. — diffusethemuse

Brenda, I love the way you think! You are artistic and amazingly creative. I love the picture too! — Vashti Quiroz-Vega

1. Bloom of Life

Yeah!! This is so cool, life compared to the blooming rose! Thank you! — julespaige

That is so precious and positive. Delicious way to start my shift today…thank you:) I start my day with such positive energy…no more gloom today, with the scented bloom of this lovely rose…indeed, this is contagious and so very delicious to read… — Tracesofthesoul

Beautiful. As always.  XxxMwaaaahhxxx  — klove

Note: Haībun is a Japanese form of writing consisting of prose with poetry between sections and at the end, usually a haiku. 

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