Bloom of Life Haibun

At the suggestion of my friend Jules Paige, I am dipping a toe in the still waters of the haibun, an art form embodied by prose followed by a haiku. The prompt is by Ligo Haibun, and with a choice of two pictures, I chose call2read‘s, and here goes:


Bloom of Life

And so my life unfolded, petal by petal, each memory as silky as a dewy rose petal brushed against my cheek. Shivers of dreams, slivers of thorns, sparkle of moon and stars. As a child, just a bud protected by my thick green casing, I did not always understand adult things. I dreamt of traveling the world, finding friends, eating new foods, learning every day new things. Slowly, my green shield loosened and opened. The days seemed infinite, opening petal by petal. I traveled, I made friends, and I learned every day. Now the rose of my life is fully open to the sun, and summer’s heat has made my soul expand in all directions, drinking in light, energy and warmth from friends, places and memories.

Spark of life sustains,
Creativity expands
Peace, love, joy with friends.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

34 thoughts on “Bloom of Life Haibun

      • Do check the new Ligo haibun challenges they are posted either by Ye Pirate and Nightlake (at least – there used to be three hosts, one left and maybe there is a new one) around every Friday sometime and the prompt is open for about a week. Though the prompt closes for submissions you can go to other ligo haibun linkz and read entries anytime.

        So please to remember to post your link there too! (The Linkz thing links all the contributions doesn’t matter from which site you entered it on.)


          • Linkz :link thing they all have different names, the think with the little blue face that tells you how many other people have entered so far. You have to put your url, your name, and your email (which doesn’t get shown) – then asks you if you also want to post it on Facebook – but since I don’t belong to that I always just skip that part.

            I a bit or so I’ll check to see if you are there…nope I don’t see you there yet. It is called ‘inlinkz’ and right now it has 13 people in this weeks collection.

            this may get you there… or you can go to the Nightlatke (the UK site) or


            Ye Pirates site the link above and you will see the little blue face right below the photo choices.

            Because this reply has two links it most likely will have to have you approve it, but you don’t even have to post it or your can edit it to make it clearer. As it is morning I may not be to clear at the moment.



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