Geometry in Two Haiku


Lichen attaches,
Softening the brick walkway.
Other plants follow.

 Grasses, weeds and moss,
Shaped by humans and nature,
Geometric love.


Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

23 thoughts on “Geometry in Two Haiku

  1. I like that last line “Geometric love”. I´ve been reading other people poems since I can´t write them don´t have the knowledge I like reading them. What´s up with the Haiku? It seems you are all writing this style of poetry. Can somebody explain to me if there is a structure, a theme, cause I figured you just don´t write 6 little sentences as they come out of your head. Or do you?


    • The haiku is 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables again in three lines. Ideally, it is nature related, two separate things in lines 1 and 2, brought together in line 3 in a new way or with a new angle. And a lot needs to be unsaid so the reader can bring new thoughts of their own.

      I’m too wordy, and the discipline of keeping thoughts so short forces a lot of editing, careful word choice and a lot of thinking about what am I really trying to say. All of which is a great process for a writer to go through regularly.

      It’s Japanese, and it’s meant to be a meditation on life, and a sharing of wisdom through the lens of beauty.

      So for me, they are both a way to celebrate nature, and a way to flex my writing muscles, like lifting hand weights. And they are a pure joy.

      You could stick a toe in the waters, and feel free to make your own rules as you go.


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