Sauce for the Goose


I’m feeling a bit saucy today. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Don’t be a goose, take a gander at this delectable sauce — composed of delicate hints of the Versatile Blogger Award, a dash of the Loyal Reader and a smattering of Team Membership.

Heartfelt thanks to Belsbror and SimonOworkman, who both separately awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Belsbror has great stories, very moving and descriptive. I like his analogy of a blog being like a tree, you should check him out. SimonOworkman has a very engaging and lyrical writing style. I like his caterpillar poem very much.


A double dose of thanks to Jessica Hagan for the piquant Loyal Reader and Wonderful Team Membership Awards. She has inspiring photographs of flowers, butterflies, bees and cats. My appreciation of nature grows every day with the privilege of seeing it through her eyes.


Details about me: I took the last photograph here hanging out of my car window. My three kids and I think up new stories constantly. My middle child has written a fairy tale and wants me to publish it, and I will be proud to do so one day soon. I walk most mornings, and my skin burns to a crisp in the sun, so I usually wear a large-brimmed hat. I have loved fairy tales all my life, and I try to approach every day as if it will be magical, full of beauty and wonder and have compassion when the clouds come. I never expected to enjoy reading the blogs of others as much as I do. Thanks all of you for participating in this exotic, global wonderland.

Now for the swag, here are 14 lovely bloggers who can take home the above three awards in their goodie bag (dig it or ditch it, it’s up to you):

Len, my first reader and most loyal follower. He’s an artist, a dad, a writer, a loving husband, an artist and a student. I can’t imagine more versatility, loyalty and team membership!

Travel Sized, an experienced traveler with lots to share, and a deep appreciation for nature even to the point of camping!

Ed, another loyal reader, who also has a deep connection to nature and has fantastic photos.

Wildersoul, a new friend, who has a cool coloring book for kids — not just more princesses and trains. Love especially her Celtic knotwork and video of her coloring.

Donicia, an old soul in a beautiful young woman, has been a great reader and encourager. I love her photos and quotes. Bless her for being part of my community.

Whyilovewesttexas, another great reader, has a great appreciation of nature.

PacificParatrooper, is a treasure trove of history about World War II in the Pacific and all aspects of life in that time period.

Windup-Razor-Chronicles by Son of Sharecropper is a delightful amalgam of fishing, shaving, poetry and amazing photos.

Basho and Jung, is the Haiku king! Love those pink ears on his gravatar, too. Always a giggle.

Dagny at Serenely Rapt, has inspiring writing, poetry and prose on a beautiful site.

Old News has a brilliant archive of some of my favorite comic strip artists, visit if you need some belly laughs.

Vit Peyr, whose photographs amaze and inspire me, is worth a visit. A look is like entering a fairy tale.

Wish I were here, has amazing stories and pictures from all over the world, and is a great reader.

Jeweledfrogcreations has inspiring designs with an endearing whimsy.

For all readers, these photographs are dedicated to all of you. I’m grateful to all of you, you’ve helped me transform friendlyfairytales from a dream into a rewarding reality. Each one of you has lent me some magic, given me encouragement and welcomed my stories with more affection and attention than I ever expected. Thanks for being part of my world.

IMG_3940    IMG_3933


I hope that wherever your eye is drawn, you find the beauty and magic there. I see beauty and magic in all of you.


Peace, love, joy and magic!


69 thoughts on “Sauce for the Goose

    • Uh oh, I’m becoming an award magnet. Actually lots of people get lots, but not everybody is willing to do the work to put them up. Or they haven’t figured out how maybe. To put them up, you grab the icon, transfer it onto your computer, in my case into iphoto. Then you decide where you want it, and Add Media when you create a post or page, you then browse for the image or click and drag it to add it to your media window. Then you insert it. You publish your post or page, and then the icon has a location on your site, with its own url address that comes up when you click on the icon. You can then copy the url address and add it to an image widget if you want. I got some awards multiple times, but I only put the award into an image widget once.


    • Thanks, I thought so, too. There I was thinking I was done with awards, and boom. I feel a bit run over, run down and sleep-deprived, but I had fun.


  1. Hi, BDH!

    Thanks for the awards! I’m not sure how to collect them (being the old fogey that I am), but I appreciate the thought! I really enjoy your blog, and I’m pleased to find others as well. I’m slow to pick up on some of these things (see: old fogey, supra), so it helps to have these introductions. I’ve begun following Travel Sized’s blog (I already follow Vit Peyr’s), and I’m looking forward to checking out the others.

    All the best,

    Dan (“Son of Sharecroppers”)


    • Dan, How sweet you are. To collect, you copy the award icons as if they were photos and insert them into a post on your blog. Include a thanks to the nominator (yes, that’s me) and name some other bloggers who are loyal followers and/or versatile bloggers with content you like. If it’s too much effort, then just bask in the praise. 🙂 Warmly, Brenda


    • Thanks! Wasn’t using that goose picture for anything else. 🙂 Believe it or not, I had the whole thing written before I even remembered I had a picture of geese.


  2. Oh that’s so very sweet of you! Thank you. This is the first time someone has given me an award! With one warm gesture you’ve also introduced me to so many lovely bloggers. Thank you..! 😀


    • That’s the idea! I know a lot of people don’t want the work involved, but it can bring you new readers and helps you grow your community. Plus it’s fun. I like it! I’m glad you do, too!


  3. It’s an honor to be nominated for 3 awards from an excellent blogger like you! You are an inspiration! I’m very glad to have crossed your blog and looking forward to reading more well-written material. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    • Thanks, I’m happy you like my geese. I’m so happy to get even more awards, and delighted to share the love. A coloring pic would be awesome! You are so talented. I would love to find a way to link to your site from mine. Maybe at some point I will make a link list for coloring pages. 🙂


      • Wonderful. Look forward to seeing what you come up with! Perhaps the Image Widget might work well, with a link attached. Feel free to use a colouring picture as a link. 🙂


            • Come see if you can find it… 🙂 A little hide and seek to give you a giggle. Tell me what you think — and be honest, anything about it could be changed (if I have the skills).


            • Goodness you are quick! I am wading through waterlilies over here at present. I’ll dive out and slosh through to your blog for a quick look! Here I come!


            • Metaphorical and imaginary! I found it! Beautiful! That butterfly is one of my personal favourites. There is a fabric version of its twin at Spoonflower. I didn’t recognize my blog when I clicked through to it! So funny!
              Thank you, I feel honoured!


            • I love your blog, and your artwork. It was tough choosing which picture. If you ever draw a fairy…. 🙂 I hope children will be able to let their imaginations soar through words and art. That’s my goal. Thanks for helping make my goal more beautiful. I want to do coloring pages for my stories, and maybe someday do a fairy tale activity book with coloring pages, stories, mazes, word searches, etc.


            • Wonderful! I love your goal. I’ll tell you a secret… if you press the donate button on my blog there is a thank you note, and if you donate even a minimum amount, then my daughter has some artwork for you as a present. ((((ssshhhhhhhhh…. don’t tell….. IT’S A FAIRY! Shhhhhhhhh!!!!)))))

              (Looking around, this way and that…. shh… here is a link to go straight to the thank you page… keep it under your hat, it is supposed to be top secret! giggle)


            • It is dreadfully easy. is quite new, and the best I have found for selling digital files from my own blog. It links to a account. Hey, sweet Celtic sister…. You are a sweety. Thank you!


            • Sure did! I’m considering another blog with stories by children. Would you be interested in my putting that picture on that website with just first name and last initial of your daughter?


    • Thanks, the goose picture turned fairly well. You can see a bit of the sunset reflected in the water. Three age groups of geese were there — babies, adolescents and parents — all in one big family group. The dad came over and hissed at us, but we didn’t move much so he gave up. I got a video of him hissing at me. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the kind recognition, Brenda. I also enjoy reading your blog and those of others. I prefer to do this rather than watch TV or spend time on “social” media. There are so many talented and truly original writers, poets, photographers, artists, etc on WordPress. They deserve our attention more than the mainstream garbage that’s pushed on the masses. Thanks for sharing your rich imagination with us. 🙂 — Julie


    • Julie, Thanks, I agree, such talented bloggers we share the blogosphere with. I blog rather than TV and other social media, too. Otherwise I wouldn’t have time. I still take time out to watch a movie now and then. I still get together with friends, though, in person. I find my blogging creeps into my conversation. My life has changed. For the better. Take care, Brenda


    • Thanks, I don’t know how many times I’ve walked by that fence, and yesterday it suddenly seemed entirely new to me. Funny how your perception can change in an instant.


    • I like that, award princess. Perhaps I should change my name from bdh63 to Award Princess. You crack me up, Elephant. Thanks for more compliments. I wanted to nominate you, but I didn’t think you’d thank me. You are one of my most loyal readers, though, and I do deeply appreciate it.


      • Please! Don’t think twice about that. I am always flattered to be nominated – and you have nominated me for many awards! I am sort of on hold regarding awards. I don’t want to answer questions and I don’t want to show the award on my blog – I don’t even have a search feature so I am not going to put awards on my page (I really need some blog design help). So, while I do appreciate your nominations and those of others – I am waiting – for my very slow self!

        I do remember your first awards and how excited you were – and here you are with a dozen or so and you are still excited and following up and all (which I entirely admire). So, I know they make you happy and you are a wiz at accepting them – AWARD PRINCESS!
        My Best,


        • I’m still very excited. Partly, I am genuinely entirely pleased that people read my stories and like them, despite their being written for children. My children also lap it up — they ask to see my stats, are ecstatic for awards, and love the stories. I see this all partly through their eyes, and I can’t be blase. Children are wonderful to have around. 🙂 Warmly (and sleepily) Brenda


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