Behind the Ferns

Gold and Purple Iris

Behind the ferns,
A dragon shakes the rain
From golden scales,
Yawns, stretches and
Rises from her rest.
Human eyes are fooled,
By shadow and light,
A color camouflage:
We see only
An iris at its best.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This dragon is dedicated to gardeners, landscapers, garden center owners and nature lovers everywhere. To people whose lives are dedicated to the transient, yet enduring, beauty of nature. If you’ve ever planted a single bulb or watered a houseplant, this is for you, too. And it’s already time for Poetry Friday again! How did that happen so fast? This week is hosted by Jama at Jama’s Alphabet Soup, a haven of tasty poetry.

Butterfly Moment Haibun

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.
— Franz Kafka


One of the hardest realizations after college was how ordinary my days had become. The same routine, seeing the same places, meeting the same people, day after day. Occasionally, would come a butterfly moment, when ordinary transformed into extraordinary, and my inner spark could shine.

root-bound foliage
spider plant babies waterfall
glow with health

write joyfully
creating thought collage
redolent with youth

Years later, I am locked into a similar repeating pattern, day after day, mostly domestic: cooking, cleaning, overseeing homework, laundry, ad infinitum. Writing keeps me sane, and permits the daily grind to be grist for a deeper calling. Because I must write, I find 15 minutes here and there to create. Continue reading

Changes Coming Haiku

This newest Haiku is dedicated to all of you, my readers, who have supported and encouraged me over the last miraculous seven months! I am redesigning the appearance of friendlyfairytales. I plan to use a more customizable theme, primarily to celebrate nature more. The new appearance will be more simple and clean, I hope. Please do give me feedback.

Also, I have two Halloween stories coming in the second half of October! Thrills and chills await you, should your path cross here again soon!

Without further delay, Changes Coming Haiku:

Grown no longer new
Something new comes from the old
New growth embraced, held.


Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Moonlight’s Revenge

Friendly Fairy Tales is delighted to offer fairy tales by and for kids!!

Here is the first, a terrific tale by K.H., Age 9


Moonlight’s Revenge

“Get out!” shouted King Dusk as he banned shape-shifters from his kingdom. Shapeshifters not only can shift into another form of any size or shape, but they can control the weather as well. King Dusk was frightened of the shapeshifters, and wanted them to be as far away from his new baby daughter as possible.

That day in the Land of the Lights, two children were born on the same second of the same minute of the same hour. The first was named Princess Sunlight, daughter of King Dusk. The other, Prince Moonlight, heir to the throne of the shapeshifters, was orphaned when his mother succumbed to a fever right after he was born.

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Rose Fairy finds a Family


Each fairy breath of summer,
as it blows with loveliness,
inspires the blushing rose.
— Unknown


On the day Rose Fairy was born, a young family picnicked in the sunshine. Their chubby firstborn, Barnabus, wore a solemn smile and chewed on his fist. Then his father slipped on the stony ground, and fell smack, bang, boom on the ground with an “Ooof!” that could be heard for miles.

Barnabus’s mom cried out, “Charles, dear, are you okay? Is anything hurt?”

“My pride!” Barnabus’s dad answered with a hand rubbing his bottom, where he landed on the rocks, and straightening his glasses.

Barnabus removed his fist from his mouth, and drew in a deep breath.

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The Rain Dance


Two children surprised a fairy. Mona, the fairy, was of the Swallowtail Fae. In the twinkle of an eye, she shifted to her butterfly form. She fluttered to a butterfly bush, then to a high hosta bloom. She watched the children.


The little girl pointed at her, “Stephano! I saw a fairy!” Mona wondered if she should flee.

Stefano laughed. “Isabella, that’s a butterfly,” He shook his head. “But we’re here to do a rain dance, remember?” He clapped his hands and stomped rhythmically in the grass. He danced in a circle, widdershins, and Isabella joined him, also clapping.

“We need to ask the Great Spirit for rain,” Stefano said. Mona was surprised the children knew of the Great Spirit.

Together the children chanted: “Great Spirit in the sky, the garden’s way too dry. Begging your pardon, please rescue our garden. Let rain clouds form and bring on the storm!”

Nothing happened. The sky stayed blue, and no clouds came. Stefano was crestfallen, but Isabella giggled about their prayer. “Mommy! We sang to the Great Spirit, and I saw a fairy!”

The air shimmered as Mona shifted back to her fairy form. Blue Iris petals formed her dress. Fairy magic kept them as fresh and soft as the day they unfurled. Mona was as disappointed at Stefano. She had been using her wand to keep flowers alive, but what they really needed was rain and lots of it.

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Sauce for the Goose


I’m feeling a bit saucy today. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Don’t be a goose, take a gander at this delectable sauce — composed of delicate hints of the Versatile Blogger Award, a dash of the Loyal Reader and a smattering of Team Membership.

Heartfelt thanks to Belsbror and SimonOworkman, who both separately awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Belsbror has great stories, very moving and descriptive. I like his analogy of a blog being like a tree, you should check him out. SimonOworkman has a very engaging and lyrical writing style. I like his caterpillar poem very much.


A double dose of thanks to Jessica Hagan for the piquant Loyal Reader and Wonderful Team Membership Awards. She has inspiring photographs of flowers, butterflies, bees and cats. My appreciation of nature grows every day with the privilege of seeing it through her eyes.


Details about me: I took the last photograph here hanging out of my car window. My three kids and I think up new stories constantly. My middle child has written a fairy tale and wants me to publish it, and I will be proud to do so one day soon. I walk most mornings, and my skin burns to a crisp in the sun, so I usually wear a large-brimmed hat. I have loved fairy tales all my life, and I try to approach every day as if it will be magical, full of beauty and wonder and have compassion when the clouds come. I never expected to enjoy reading the blogs of others as much as I do. Thanks all of you for participating in this exotic, global wonderland.

Now for the swag, here are 14 lovely bloggers who can take home the above three awards in their goodie bag (dig it or ditch it, it’s up to you):

Len, my first reader and most loyal follower. He’s an artist, a dad, a writer, a loving husband, an artist and a student. I can’t imagine more versatility, loyalty and team membership!

Travel Sized, an experienced traveler with lots to share, and a deep appreciation for nature even to the point of camping!

Ed, another loyal reader, who also has a deep connection to nature and has fantastic photos.

Wildersoul, a new friend, who has a cool coloring book for kids — not just more princesses and trains. Love especially her Celtic knotwork and video of her coloring.

Donicia, an old soul in a beautiful young woman, has been a great reader and encourager. I love her photos and quotes. Bless her for being part of my community.

Whyilovewesttexas, another great reader, has a great appreciation of nature.

PacificParatrooper, is a treasure trove of history about World War II in the Pacific and all aspects of life in that time period.

Windup-Razor-Chronicles by Son of Sharecropper is a delightful amalgam of fishing, shaving, poetry and amazing photos.

Basho and Jung, is the Haiku king! Love those pink ears on his gravatar, too. Always a giggle.

Dagny at Serenely Rapt, has inspiring writing, poetry and prose on a beautiful site.

Old News has a brilliant archive of some of my favorite comic strip artists, visit if you need some belly laughs.

Vit Peyr, whose photographs amaze and inspire me, is worth a visit. A look is like entering a fairy tale.

Wish I were here, has amazing stories and pictures from all over the world, and is a great reader.

Jeweledfrogcreations has inspiring designs with an endearing whimsy.

For all readers, these photographs are dedicated to all of you. I’m grateful to all of you, you’ve helped me transform friendlyfairytales from a dream into a rewarding reality. Each one of you has lent me some magic, given me encouragement and welcomed my stories with more affection and attention than I ever expected. Thanks for being part of my world.

IMG_3940    IMG_3933


I hope that wherever your eye is drawn, you find the beauty and magic there. I see beauty and magic in all of you.


Peace, love, joy and magic!


Follow Not The Swans


The Night Swans

by Walter de la Mare

Tis silence on the enchanted lake,
And silence in the air serene,
Save for the beating of her heart,
The lovely-eyed Evangeline.

She sings across the waters clear
And dark with trees and stars between,
The notes her fairy godmother
Taught her, the child Evangeline.

As might the unrippled pool reply,
and answer far and sweet,
Three swans as white as mountain snow
Swim mantling to her feet.

And still upon the lake they stay,
Their eyes black stars in all their snow,
And softly, in the glassy pool,
Their feet beat darkly to and fro.

She rides upon her little boat,
Her swans swim through the starry sheen,
Rowing her into Fairyland –
The lovely-eyed Evangeline.

Tis silence on the enchanted lake
And silence in the air serene;
Voices shall call in vain again
On earth the child Evangeline.

Evangeline! Evangeline!
Upstairs, downstairs, all in vain.
Her room is dim; her flowers faded;
She answers not again.


(Originally published 1902 by Longmans, Green, London, New York.)