Spring is Green

Dappled Glade

Leaves grow on the trees –
the leaves are green!
I see green everywhere.
I like the color green.
The sun is glowing.
Children are looking at the sun –
some children lay down in the sunlight.
sun bright.

by A. Harsham, age 5

Note: This post is by and for my daughter, Happy 7th Birthday! Long may she weave herself into spring like yarn art on monkey bars.

Poetry Friday with kids

Also, help me celebrate my daughter’s special Friday with poetry for kids, courtesy of Poetry Friday. Thanks to Teacher Dance for hosting this week!

Here’s what it will seem like to me:

Birthday cake!
Birthday cake!
Bring it now
or I’ll have a cow!
I need it fast —
I might not last!
Once it’s gone,
I’m woebegone.
Presents are fun
until they’re done.
What comes next?
Now I’m vexed.
A whole ‘nother year?
I can’t wait, I fear.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham


We need to hear young voices. I hope you enjoy this view of the world from a very young voice.


A Poem by A.H., age 4

When I’m swinging,
I’m bigger than Mommy and Daddy.
I’m bigger than the trees.
I’m bigger than the wood chips
And the playground.
I’m bigger than everything.

Copyright 2013 Friendly Fairy Tales

Goodnight Fairies by T.H.

Friendly Fairy Tales is delighted to present a new poem written by T.H., aged 11 IMG_5466  IMG_5553

Fairies whoosh Fish sploosh Pixies fuss Bicycles rust Plants grow Rain and snow Silver and gold Don’t grow old Pixie dust Reverses rust Passing time Sunshine Moonlight Goodnight.

Copyright 2013 Friendly Fairy Tales

Moonlight’s Revenge

Friendly Fairy Tales is delighted to offer fairy tales by and for kids!!

Here is the first, a terrific tale by K.H., Age 9


Moonlight’s Revenge

“Get out!” shouted King Dusk as he banned shape-shifters from his kingdom. Shapeshifters not only can shift into another form of any size or shape, but they can control the weather as well. King Dusk was frightened of the shapeshifters, and wanted them to be as far away from his new baby daughter as possible.

That day in the Land of the Lights, two children were born on the same second of the same minute of the same hour. The first was named Princess Sunlight, daughter of King Dusk. The other, Prince Moonlight, heir to the throne of the shapeshifters, was orphaned when his mother succumbed to a fever right after he was born.

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