Spring is Green

Dappled Glade

Leaves grow on the trees –
the leaves are green!
I see green everywhere.
I like the color green.
The sun is glowing.
Children are looking at the sun –
some children lay down in the sunlight.
sun bright.

by A. Harsham, age 5

Note: This post is by and for my daughter, Happy 7th Birthday! Long may she weave herself into spring like yarn art on monkey bars.

Poetry Friday with kids

Also, help me celebrate my daughter’s special Friday with poetry for kids, courtesy of Poetry Friday. Thanks to Teacher Dance for hosting this week!

Here’s what it will seem like to me:

Birthday cake!
Birthday cake!
Bring it now
or I’ll have a cow!
I need it fast —
I might not last!
Once it’s gone,
I’m woebegone.
Presents are fun
until they’re done.
What comes next?
Now I’m vexed.
A whole ‘nother year?
I can’t wait, I fear.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

50 thoughts on “Spring is Green

  1. Happy birthday little daughter!! 😀 I love her beautiful green poem, very mature for her age.♥ I don’t think I would have written such a good poem as that when I was five!

    I’m sure a birthday cake will always be a lot nicer than a cow. Birthday cow, doesn’t have the same feel about it! 😉

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  2. At first, I was visiting your blog for reading good poetry and sharing a smile with a nice lady whom I always thought you were. During the time, I learned about your family and added lots of fragments to the whole story…. You became a sort of real friend, even if we never met. Reason why now I am really sorry I was not in time to make my wishes to your little one. How was the party?:)
    Big hug for both of you, and my most sincere wishes.

    Warmly, Luana & Vinci

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  3. Micah turned seven on February 27, while my youngest brother turned 57 on the very same day. Makyah turned 5 on March 1, 2016 so we have had a few birthday parties in a row.
    May your sweet birthday girl last the whole year through, enjoying each and every “green” moment and multicolored rainbows, too. Hugs from a distant Great Aunt Robin xo

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  4. Happy 7th Birthday to your poetry prodigy! Love the poem (green’s my fave color), and knowing it was written by your daughter, I thought of Joni Mitchell’s song “Little Green.” Eat some birthday cake for me and have a wonderful celebration!!

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  5. Happy 7th birthday to your daughter, Brenda. I love that “sunlight/sun bright”. My granddaughter will turn 7 in a couple of weeks, and is talking, talking about it. You’ve captured well the feeling of “after”, a whole ‘nother year! Enjoy all the festivities!

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