Wet-Toes the Rabbit

Rabbit tracks on blue snow

Wet-Toes the rabbit hops,
scrapes snow from grass,
dodges grumpy crows,
and wriggles his cold nose.
Blue day breaks the dark,
and newcomers arrive.
Lop-Ear, he knows,
but following him is Rose.
Lop-Ear’s sister is peachy pale,
with silky fur and eyes of blue.
The sharp Nor’easter blows,
but does he feel it, old Wet-Toes?
Enchantment is all he knows.
Warmth has the name of Rose.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

chaos of rabbit tracks

Note: Do you ever see a story in the snow, hear romance in wind song or imagine characters from thin air?

“If you never did you should.
These things are fun.
And fun is good.”
— Dr. Seuss

Thanks to Dr. Seuss for his whimsy, rhyming, hokey bunkum, soft soap, hullabaloo and malarkey. Most of all, thanks to him for making the world a better place.

Happy Birthday, Theodor Seuss Geisel!!

35 thoughts on “Wet-Toes the Rabbit

  1. I loved the way you imagined each footprint “into life,” Brenda. “Wet-Toes” and “Rose” may someday make a few bunnies, if they keep their warmth and put it together in the right combination. . . 😉
    So sorry, running behind as always in commenting and reading. I care and try to go back to make sure I didn’t miss anything, too. Hugs, Robin

    Liked by 1 person

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