Hello and welcome to the virtual home of Brenda Davis Harsham, award-winning Author and Children’s poet.

Together with her fantastic husband and three story-telling children, she enjoys the unpredictability of life in New England.

Her ever-growing Publications page keeps track of where her stories and poetry may be found in the wild — anthologies and journals and magazines, oh my!

Art Prints are Available at Society6

Occasionally, her busy schedule allows time for school or club visits. Puppets shows with audience participation are her specialty. But don’t ask her to read her poetry! She loves that WAY too much. Craft of Writing workshops are available, one-day or longer as negotiated.

Her fine art photography is available for purchase on the Society6 website, including an Abstracts in Nature series.

She is not soliciting manuscripts from children at this time, but a few are available in the By&4Kids group by clicking here.


All website content was written by Brenda Davis Harsham, all rights reserved by the Author, unless otherwise noted. Do not copy for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the Author.

Any work of fiction is invention and any similarity to real places and/or people is accidental, unintentional or, possibly, your imagination. 😉


All photographs were taken by Brenda Davis Harsham unless otherwise noted. Please don’t use without permission and without crediting Brenda Davis Harsham and friendlyfairytales.com.

Author can be contacted at
friendlyfairytales @ gmail . com.

Member of SCBWI and the 12×12 Picture Book Writing Challenge.

wepoet-showcased-badge-croppedSCBWI badge12-x-12-new-badge

Note: 2013 Photo of Author above, taken by K. Harsham

Woo-hoo!! So Many Awards — 


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  2. Hi Brenda – nice to see you round my place the other day! I don’t get out as much as I used to – I’ve been busy with my books – I now have three little children’s book and if I can just focus I’ll finish the fourth soon.
    I’m self-publishing them so I spend lots of time building an audience on Facebook etc. – and learning about marketing in general – it’s hard!
    Hope you’re doing good – have you managed to put any of your stories into books? It’s getting so that I really believe that the writing is the easy part.

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  3. Thank you so much for following my blog! I am new to blogging, so my site is a work in progress…hehe! I hope you’ll always find something there that will brighten you day. I will post anything that is related to hope, happiness, kindness, courage, self-esteem, self-care, sense of purpose, serenity, etc., etc. I will include photos, songs, videos, articles, original musings, top-10 lists, etc. Having said that, it’s time for me to go see what your site is all about. Happy blogging!


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  4. Are you the same Brenda Harsham who wrote the wonderful story “My Grandmother’s Candy Dish,” from a recently published book by the Chicken Soup for the Soul that talks about mothers? Let me know please.

    All the best,

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      • I was very impressed with your strength and willpower for not breaking your grandmother’s rule of not eating from the candy dishes, and was very proud of you for the way she trusted in you. The story teaches us an invaluable lesson in life that letting go does not mean that we don’t care about someone or something precious we love, it means finding a way to survive without it. I sent the same message to your FB page just to make sure that you receive it, please ignore it. I also posted a heart-warming story for you there, wishing you the best in your writing.

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  5. Poetry is an art that started in Iraq ( masoptuamia) in the language of cuneiform . Poem writing was the beginning of poetry I have great respect for poets because they are one step above from common people. In The language of Farsi we say اگر تو می خوای که باشی خوش نويس
    می نويس می نويس تو می نويس meaning if you wants to be a great poet , keep Writing keep writing just keep writing until miracle take place. Beautiful blog

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  6. You have a fascinating blog, Brenda. I love fairy stories, too, although I’ve only written a couple of longer ones. I’ve had a quick browse through a few of your pages, and will pop back and read some of your lovely stories and poems properly later on. Loved your poem on Aquileana’s blog!

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      • Thank you for that lovely comment, Brenda! A Dash of Flash came about as a consequence of writing flash fiction on my blog. It probably seems a bit strange publishing a book of short pieces when I’m in the middle of writing a historical fiction trilogy. I really should learn to focus on one thing at a time! Book 3 might get finished some time this century. Lol

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