Hello and welcome, I’m Brenda Davis Harsham. I live in New England with my fantastic husband and three story-telling children, where we are surrounded by music, gardens and magic.  The world is full of possibility and wonder. I’m inspired by nature, my kids, friends, storms, coincidences, art and memories. I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember.

This site is for kids of all ages. I post kid-friendly stories and poetry illustrated with my own photographs, unless otherwise indicated. Stories are listed on the Story Contents page with links to the stories. I also publish poetry, listed on the Poetry Contents page. Longer stories are listed under the Adventurous Fairy Tales menu. I also offer haiku, haibun and flash fiction in the menu. My work has been published elsewhere as well, and these are listed under Publications.

Art Prints are Available at Society6

Fine art prints are available to purchase on the Society6 website. These include a series of abstracts in nature. 

I publish occasional fairy tales written by kids, but I am not soliciting manuscripts at this time. They are published under the By&4Kids group, just click here or on the side bar. 

If you are interested in illustrating one of my stories, I am open to that also. I had fun collaborating with an Indonesian artist, Alf Sukatmo, on The Birthday and the Troll. He’s very talented!


I love visiting schools. I perform puppet shows, do readings, teach poetry, and discuss writing as a career/craft. Contact me at the email address below to discuss if interested. 

I created an Other Authors page where I give recommendations and (very) brief reviews for some of my favorite books. These are books that are like my old friends. I’ll be adding as I go. To quote my favorite t-shirt, “So many books, So little time.” I also could possibly earn about 10 cents if you follow the link and actually purchase the book from Amazon. (No obligation, I can probably find a dime under the driver’s seat of my van if I’m desperate).

All stories excerpted on this website, friendlyfairytales.com, unless otherwise indicated, have been written by Brenda Davis Harsham with all copyrights reserved by the author. No copying for commercial purposes will be permitted except by written permission of the author. Feel free to reblog or share, since I assume you won’t even get a dime out of that. All work is fictional (except the About Page, obviously) and any similarity to real places and/or people is accidental, unintentional or, possibly, your imagination. 😉


All photographs were taken by Brenda Davis Harsham unless otherwise noted. Please don’t use without permission and without crediting me and friendlyfairytales.com.

Author can be contacted at friendlyfairytales@gmail.com. Member of SCBWI and the 12×12 Picture Book Writing Challenge.

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Note: Photo of Author taken 2013 by K. Harsham

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