Today, I’m celebrating miracles, because that’s how I’ve chosen to live my life. I’ve survived high winds, close losses, car crashes, surgeries, floods, financial disasters, rejections untold, unwanted advice, criticism, ridicule and chronic pain. I’m still here writing, celebrating life and I have all of you to thank for buoying me up, day after day. Thanks for making me part of your world and for encouraging my writing. As for my newest flood, a deluge of awards… yes, you guessed it. Another award posting, woo-hoo!

The first award is near and dear to my heart, but I’m not accepting. Rather, I’m creating. I’m dedicating it to Elephant at Elephant’s Picture Book, whose idea it was that I come up with my own award to pass out.

Before I get to the first recipients, I hope you know that each of you are a miracle. You radiate magic and love. I’m privileged you share it with me. For all of you, I’m creating this new award: You are a Miracle Blogger Award.


This award comes with no rules or obligations. This award is for bloggers who inspire, who rise above, who survive, who triumph, who struggle or who just live. Bloggers who choose to live as if everything is a miracle. Here are the first bloggers to ever receive this award:

The Mobius Strip
Ms. Vee
Simple & Interesting

You have touched my heart.


Simple & Interesting dropped by in the wee hours with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope any of the recipients named above, who have not gotten this award and would like it, will take it, too!

Thanks to Klove, who came to my party, and danced like a rock star. She scooped six golden awards and handed them back to me. She’s a miracle of love. Anyone who wants can link to the party site and scoop up to six awards. I’m offering them up liberally, having gotten them again makes me feel gluttonous. Please share them!

A last thank you to all my readers, big and small, new and old, happy and blue, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Come on a walk with me:

IMG_4763    IMG_4682

IMG_4656     IMG_4646

IMG_4823     IMG_4820

IMG_4816    IMG_4762

With deep admiration and appreciation for the brilliance of all of you,


P.S. Woo-hoo, this is my 50th Post!!

70 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Well I am a living miracle myself as I wasn’t expected to live as a baby! Also dreams and God’s voice found me my missing family information just by my listening to my inner voice to purchase a certain tabloid one particular day. Miracles are everywhere but folks don’t see them as miracles unfortunately. I DO. Lovely photos too. Thanks for your support.

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  3. Congratulations on your latest well deserved award and 50th Post. My wife and I enjoyed your “Miracles” Post and the walk along the pathway of beautiful plants and eagerly look forward to your next 50 Posts.

    Oh! and thanks for honoring me with a visit, I truly appreciate hearing from you.

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  4. Oh cool, I didn’t know people can make new awards like that. Looks good.
    And yay for the Elephant’s Picture Book! Really like that blog.

    I actually received a couple awards, which was a pleasantly surprise, and I’d like to return the favor soon–then give some to my followers who haven’t gotten any yet. n__n

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    • Others have created awards. And Elephant did dub me the Award Princess, so I wanted to share the magic. 🙂 I hope you will share the love (read: accept the awards and pass them along)! I like it myself, although my inner imp and I are not always polite enough with the rules. 🙂


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  6. Wow, you sound like a miraculous lady Brenda! 🙂 So many bloggers I’m following have been through a lot, and in a lot of cases still are. I think having a blog can do so much for our self esteem and is also a very good way to learn and become more open minded about a lot of things in life.

    I too have been through some terrible things over the years and still have some others in my life that I’d like to be completely erased by tomorrow morning! But I haven’t given up on the good things happening sometimes, hope never dies in me! Blogging has done so much more for me than I would ever have imagined – very time consuming though, like having lots of pen-pals!! 😆 I haven’t travelled much in my life and having a blog does feel like travelling sometimes. So lovely to talk to people from all round the world!

    I was just wondering if you might like a blog that I’ve been following for a while now. Hope you don’t mind me leaving a link here, but going by what you have said about all the things you have survived I thought you just might relate to this man, he’s been through a lot in his life too! http://robertmudge.net/

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    • (Somehow your comment ended in spam, but I have rescued it.) We all have been through a lot in our lives, and how each of us copes is part of who we are. I’m loving blogging, sharing my writing, reading other great writing, and becoming part of a vibrant community. I hope to pay back, pay forward and be a contributing, useful member. I hope I’m managing that. I have to thank you for your blogging tips, the one where you describe making single-spaced poems was such a revelation — hold shift down when you press return, so simple but so powerful. I hope you’ve noticed me using that new skill! Today I’m working on a coloring page for my Shepherdess story, but where to store it so it can be linked to and printed full-size is something I don’t know how to do. Thanks for your wonderful comment, and I look forward to reading more of your archives as I have time. You are very talented. Warmly, Brenda


  7. This is a miracle to me, too! I have found someone I look forward to hearing from, reading her posts and her comments: YOU! Thanks so very much for putting me on such a short list of special people. Do you remember giving me the Sunshine Award, awhile ago? I am going to have to say that you did this first, I listed you as the giver, hopefully telling all about you… Anyway, thank you and I am off to eldest daughter’s house a little later than I should but it is going to be for “brisket dinner!” Yummy! Mom is blessed all around today!

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      • This was a very thoughtful post, lovely walk with pretty sights and a beautiful award given to us all from you. I will gladly receive my Miracle Blogger Award. I appreciate this so much once again, checking out there are no rules! I will be busy for a few days so may be less in touch… take care, Robin

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  8. Oh my! I am so touched as you can imagine! What a generous lovely thing to do – dedicating an award to a little old elephant! I am so glad you thought about the new award idea and made it happen. My friends always joke that I am idea factory. Such a joy to find an idea made real. I will treasure the pleasure, and the fact that you remembered me!
    Thank you,

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