The “Why Blog?” Party

This Holiday break, while recovering from stomach flu, I read JK Rowling’s new book, Silkworm (published under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith). Has anyone else read it? In it, the author is less than kind in her portrayal of bloggers. Heck, she is less than kind about publishers and agents as well. One of her characters observes that we need more readers and less writers.

I rethought blogging, now that I’m nearing my two year mark. Am I a writer who would be better off stopping and being a reader? Then my blog received an award and I was asked a series of questions about how and why I blog. Do I think it’s going to do me or my career any good? Those are good questions. I’m not a traditional blogger, in that I don’t usually write vignettes about my life and family, but I do put myself in my writing, always. We all have our reasons for blogging. Some of us have health issues, and we are isolated inside our houses. Some of us are poets, and we all know how rich poets are…. Not. Some of us are just starting out, and hoping to learn as we go. Continue reading

Celebration Symphony

Making blogging like a fairy tale, wonderful people have joined voices to give me this amazing symphony of awards.

Thanks to those gifting me recognition and honors, but also to all of my readers, commenters, followers and friends, who keep me going with your warmth and attention!

In celebration of summer, I want to remember all those who take care of the children. All the parents, whose children are near and far, young and grown. And to all the children who love their parents, might not have children of their own yet, but still love the kids in their lives. All the people who are not the birth parent, but are heart parents, who nurture, love and support their adopted children and friends. To all the grandparents, big and little parts of the lives of their grandchildren, but holding them in their hearts. And to all the music teachers, tutors, camp counselors, swim instructors, life guards, camp administrators and staffers, wow, you are amazing!!

Caregivers aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes, but there we are, day in and day out, helping protect and raise the next generation. I celebrate all of you! You are all miracles! Today I’m granting the You are a Miracle Blogger Award to some good blogger friends who are there for their children and/or grandchildren. I hope you will check them out, they rock.


Emily at fortuitous
Lady Fi
The Mother of Nine9

I know so many more of you are out there, and I want you to know you are miracles, too.

I also have thanks to pass along to Julianne Victoria at Through the Peacock’s Eyes, for a duet of amazing awards: The Versatile Blogger and the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  She has so much wisdom at her site, I hope you’ll visit her. Then Funny for Nothing came in on the last chorus and performed the WTMR Award in an amazing guitar solo! I’m thinking Eric Clapton meets Joshua Bell and the devil goes down to Georgia.

1-wonderful-readership-award-2   image216

To Ajaytao, bless him for his peaceful presence, has contributed a lilting trio: the Most Influential Blogger, the Inner Peace Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger (WOW! Three powerhouses!!).

most-influential-blogger-e1364230844577    inner-peace-award    very-inspiring-blogger-award-2

Morgan at BooknVolume performed a wonderful duet, followed by another lively rendition of the same two awards by Megan at Creative Magic. Thanks to both magical, wonderful women who have powerful words and great images. Thanks to them, friendlyfairytales is hearing the wonderful music of the Versatile Blogger and the WordPress Family Award.

image216    the-wordpress-family-award

And last, but not least, a new friend has given me a unique appreciation award, thanks to SoundEagle! It means a lot to me to be honored by such a multi-talented person! You won’t be disappointed if you visit him and check out the swimming koi. 🙂


I hope music surrounds you and makes your day joyful! All this music has lifted my soul high.

What virtuosos you all are. I’m privileged to be gifted all these honors.

I started my blog to make it easier to share my writing with my friends and family, because photocopying was getting expensive. I really did not expect to reach any other audience, but when the first email came, announcing a complete stranger thought my story was awesome (Thanks again Len at Kraken’s Wake!), I was hooked. Yep, I’m even friends with the Hook now. I love this cyberworld I share with all of you, you’ve changed my life forever.

And, by now it’s tradition, some flowers for thanks:

IMG_4830    IMG_3985IMG_4219    IMG_5048IMG_4349

May all your endeavors bear fruit and may you shine with the glow of health and sun! And be blessed by the fairies!

Warmly, Brenda



Today, I’m celebrating miracles, because that’s how I’ve chosen to live my life. I’ve survived high winds, close losses, car crashes, surgeries, floods, financial disasters, rejections untold, unwanted advice, criticism, ridicule and chronic pain. I’m still here writing, celebrating life and I have all of you to thank for buoying me up, day after day. Thanks for making me part of your world and for encouraging my writing. As for my newest flood, a deluge of awards… yes, you guessed it. Another award posting, woo-hoo!

The first award is near and dear to my heart, but I’m not accepting. Rather, I’m creating. I’m dedicating it to Elephant at Elephant’s Picture Book, whose idea it was that I come up with my own award to pass out.

Before I get to the first recipients, I hope you know that each of you are a miracle. You radiate magic and love. I’m privileged you share it with me. For all of you, I’m creating this new award: You are a Miracle Blogger Award.


This award comes with no rules or obligations. This award is for bloggers who inspire, who rise above, who survive, who triumph, who struggle or who just live. Bloggers who choose to live as if everything is a miracle. Here are the first bloggers to ever receive this award:

The Mobius Strip
Ms. Vee
Simple & Interesting

You have touched my heart.


Simple & Interesting dropped by in the wee hours with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope any of the recipients named above, who have not gotten this award and would like it, will take it, too!

Thanks to Klove, who came to my party, and danced like a rock star. She scooped six golden awards and handed them back to me. She’s a miracle of love. Anyone who wants can link to the party site and scoop up to six awards. I’m offering them up liberally, having gotten them again makes me feel gluttonous. Please share them!

A last thank you to all my readers, big and small, new and old, happy and blue, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Come on a walk with me:

IMG_4763    IMG_4682

IMG_4656     IMG_4646

IMG_4823     IMG_4820

IMG_4816    IMG_4762

With deep admiration and appreciation for the brilliance of all of you,


P.S. Woo-hoo, this is my 50th Post!!

It’s Raining Awards at Friendly Fairy Tales!!

Although on vacation, I took a few moments while my flat tire is being repaired, to share this rain shower of awards with you. My children are reading books, riding the carousel and planning our lunch destination.

Thanks to Getting Rid of Boredom for the Sunshine Award. No one should have to suffer from boredom, and we all benefit for this cool blog’s search for all things fun and exciting! 🙂


And thanks to Leslie Jo at Tales of Wild Boomba for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Leslie Jo never fails to make me laugh. She’s a great writer, who knows the magic of involving the reader.


Thanks to Ajaytao for his trio bouquet of super awards!! I hope you check out his site, he adds beauty and inspiration to your life and makes an ordinary day extraordinary.




A bit more rain fell on my way home with a newly repaired tire. Thanks to Blueribbonfair for making me officially part of the very nice WordPress Family! I hope you will visit her post, she has great arts and crafts and photographs and more!


I’m spending my days with mermaids, leaping fish, and pirates. My children have been laughing, my husband smiling and our days have been fun, despite rain, clouds and last night’s flat tire. Pointing our noses into the sea wind, we are peppered by salty spray. During moments of free Wi-fi I also was inspired by fellow bloggers, whose photographs make my mornings and evenings blossom with story ideas. To say a special thanks to commenters, followers, chance visitors and fairy tale lovers everywhere, here are a few pictures from my vacation, which has been stellar!

IMG_2572 IMG_2634 IMG_2808 IMG_2811 IMG_2783 IMG_2762 IMG_2736IMG_3023 IMG_3027 IMG_3048 IMG_2906

I’ve decided to take a vacation from the rules, and I will perhaps visit and nominate you for your very own rain shower of awards. Your odds of this happening dramatically rise from your commenting here. 🙂 Meanwhile, I will work on a new story involving a Dwarvish clan shaman and some magic beans inspired by VitPeyr’s top 5 sunrise. I hope you visit him, too, he has amazing photographs of Australia.

Peace, love, joy and magic to all of you!!