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Table of Contents for Stories in Friendly Fairy Tales 

by Brenda Davis Harsham

With reviews by people like you!

39. The Red String

awwwww I absolutely LOVE it!!! I am so happy you wrote this for the prompt. It is just beautiful. — Anja

What a charming and beautiful story Brenda I thoroughly enjoyed it =) Fabulously done! — mindlovemisery

I love the idea of flipping traditional character roles. Well done with a tender tale, Brenda. Charming as usual! 🙂 — peakperspective

38. The Dragon and the Phoenix

What a lovely and powerful story of friendship. Absolutely loved this one! — wahmcat

Oh this was so delightful. I felt like a child reading it. — Anja

You are just brilliant Brenda! Your stories never fail to touch me. Has power to grip me to keep reading and always with a beautiful moral lesson. You never cease to inspire! xoxo — Donicia

This was an astonishing fairy tale with beautiful meaning within so much of it.  — reocochran

37. Red Mushroom Mansion

Oh Brenda what a wonderful little tale. I think I’m a bit of a Maybelle so I could identify with the character you developed for her. Enjoyed this immensely. —

AnElephant loves fairies and sprites. And you capture the essence, the wonder, the magic of this world so perfectly. A joy to read. — AnElephantCant

“All the finesse of a badger,” – Loved that line! And the story was awesome! I’ve found many morels in the springtime with little holes “carved” into the stems that I just know fairies use as doors. This was a great read – thank you! — J. Casey

You are so imaginative. This story is charming. :-) — Imelda

The complexity of simplicity… Not easily accomplished. Very, VERY well done..!! — Rivera

I really like your fairy tales:) kind of brings me back to when my mother would read to me. — omtatjuan

36. The Day the Dragon Flew up the Chimney

Part One

It sounds adorable and intriguing! Congrats! — D.MarieProkop

You tell a great fairy tale! — Elephant

Well done, Brenda!! — acuriousgal

Part Two

Wonderful — acuriousgal

Oh – so that’s where my biscuits have been going, in the dragons tummy!! ;) — suzywordmuser

Great ending and congrats ) — ksbeth

35. Baby Coyote Saves Halloween

I love this story :) in particular this line: “Witches use all that silliness energy to create a whole year’s spells!” Perfect! — Winding road

Scaring Halloween sounds like a good idea to me! :D I can see the fun side to Halloween, but it’s never really been something I’ve been into – a terrific amount of silliness indeed!! ;) — suzywordmuser

Oh this is such fun. I love everything Halloween as it’s my birthday :) — PookyH

34. Disappearing Toadstools

Free Mr. Puffy Coloring Page

I believe you are this century’s Beatrix Potter… I’m not kidding! — omtatjuan

Beautiful story Brenda, you’re a great writer, congratulations!! — Belén Soto

This was enchanting, I liked its playfulness and Dad’s “theory,” too! — reocochran

33. Mushroom Condos

Free Finn Coloring Page

You are a true storyteller… Jk What’s her name has nothing on you. — omtatjuan

Brilliant! If only more fairies thought the same way we wouldn’t have half the housing problems we have today! (or such a batch of bad tempered badgers.) — David at postaldeliveries

Awesome! :lol: The professor wants to attend TTU!!! — Professor VJ Duke

Razor Teeth the Badger-what a great name-lovely story and love the photo of the ‘rooms. — littledogslaughed

32. Rose Fairy finds a Family

Free Rose Fairy Coloring Page

I enjoyed this so much! I read it with the excitement of a child, to know what came next, rather than a somewhat jaded adult. Thank you for painting pictures and such a life with words… — Theresa

I just love your wonderful stories! — Jessica Hagan

A fairy born from a baby’s first laugh…so cute. :) — LaVagabonde

31.  The Shepherdess and the Prince

Free Sheep of Raasay Coloring Page

Amazing story! Congratulations :) — Iliannamathioudakis

Sweet, you just keep bubbling with stories like a magical fountain, dear lady! Smile — The Look of Love Photography

Terrific story and I love the photographs! — Jessica Hagan

This is lovely! I don’t know of many who can resist imagining gray stone ruins of a castle or abbey in the mist – they call to us from someplace buried deep. You answered, and I hope you revisit so that we can all climb through the ruins again… — Theresa

30.  The Stallion and the Fortune-Teller

Free Friendly Stallion Coloring Page

Aww, I love this. Tears in my eyes. I’m a sucker for a happy story and selfless acts.x — Scottishmomus

Beautiful story, I loved it, congratulations!! — Belén Soto

Alligator wrangler. Now, that’s an interesting profession. — LaVagabonde

29.  The Birthday and the Troll

Free Troll Stroll in the Woods Coloring Page

How fun! I love reading short stories from other lands! It’s like taking a mini vacation!! Thanks for the trip to Indonesia… :) — Wahmcat

Wow! I am really grateful and honored. Thank you very much, Brenda, you are amazing!
I going to send your wonderful story to my mom. — Alf Sukatmo, Illustrator

Well done! — Mcsirishart

28.  The Rain Dance

Free Swallowtail Fairy Coloring Page

Magical! — reneejohnsonwrites

Oh my God/dess what an enchanting story… I read it then read it again….what a gift you have telling the tales of Faeries….this is a magickal and I so enjoyed it… Thank you…it’s wonderful to hear their whispers …! Take Care…
)0(  maryrose — LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts Into Words

Beautifully written as always!! Love your stories. Cheers! — Jessica Hagan

27.  Nana Knows

I so love your beautiful stories. — Ksbeth

Wow… I have to tell you, I am completely head over heels for your storytime adventures. I do not have the words to express my adoration for them! I just feel as if I am reading the words of the Worlds Best Nana!!! Wow — JayNine

I wish I’d had a nana like this! I was always looking for fairies as a child (okay, I still do ;) ) and my grandmother would scoff. I’m clapping my hands, because you make me believe! ♥ — Lauren

What a terrific story-and what a gentle way to introduce a child to the magic of nature and a garden — Littledogslaughed

26.  The Three Fat Hogs

Great retelling, I loved it! — Kate Shrewsday

A very clever modern updated squiggley pink tail! Cheers. — JulesPaige

So many layers of meaning in your story. Lovely… :) — Dagny

I found this quite detailed, liked the way you drifted back to the traditional Three Little Pigs tale at the end. The beginning was wonderfully told with such humor! I laughed at their not being able to hike far, how they could not climb far, shaking one off the tree falling onto another… all so funny! This would be such a cute movie. I like the way you really imagined all in a new light… continued success wishes for your fairy tales, the best in my eyes! — Reocochran

25.  Fairy Independence Day

Awww..this is a lovely one….did you just hear it? I’ve clapped my hands while reading this post. :D Have a lovely day ahead, always~ Cheers!! :D — BeWithUs

I love the way you describe places, and things, and characters. There is magic in this tale. :-) — Imelda

And I extra love this story…)) — Benvenutocellini

24.  Fairy Forlorn

“She slept in the cradle of a leaf, not quite unfurled until the night when all the trees were fully in leaf, and the sun high in the sky. She flitted here and there, from shade tree to shade tree. She rested in a glorious patch of tickseed beside a honey bee. The honey bee suggested, with her wiggly dance, that she continue east…” This sounds more like a poem…Might have the title..The beauty in the little things of life… Beautiful story! Your stories keep our hearts young and our eyes open… — Benvenutocellini

Enchanting. Yes I can see this as a poem, just different spacing and lines. But the same words… — JulesPaige

Nice story – oh my, thunder and lighting . . . just like a fairy tale! — Elephant’s Picture Book

23.  Jeremiah Brings Joy to the World

That was just really beautiful and well-written. :) — Zen A

The world is beautiful and with your imagination world is becoming more beautiful. — Oleanderia

I’m terrified of bees, but I loved your video. ;) Beautiful flowers … I want! — Lauren

22.  Midsummer Stew

You take me outside of myself…..Bearspawprint

I am always drawn into your circle of thoughts…always… I don’t get distracted and wander to something else once I begin… your art painted of words is enchanting …I think you are one of the Ancients Ones, a true Bard…. Always a pleasure Brenda…  — LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts …

A great little tale, and some bits feel like the kind of story my Irish father would have come up with! :)And the Lamb stew made me smile – definitely an Irish favourite! So I shall have to be very cautious what bushes I cut down from now on! ;) — SuzyWordMuser

I liked this tale very much. I think explanations of lost items are fun, also that you made this a timely tale with the summer solstice (“midsummer’s eve”). I also like the lesson not to judge the holly gift or to assume that it would be unacceptable. Weaving the Native American into the tale with the other elements made it quite interesting. Love fairies and their playfulness, too! This was sweet. — Reocochran

Enchanted Brenda! Enthralled and enchanted. Not to destroy things you don’t understand is true wisdom. Beautiful! — Dagny

21.  The Giant Argument

How lovely! About a month ago we had a rather small 4.5 in Athens. I woke up by it, seeing in my dream that a giant had me by the leg and shaking me! It was so vivid I couldn’t go back to sleep. And now I read this! — Vassillis

Oh I must get my kids to read you! This is amazing! My lucky day today… — Dagny

Wonderful imagery. I think the mountains, rocks and inanimate objects speaking were outstanding, unpredictable and made it interesting. This adventure making the boy shriek and rise up as an eagle was a treat! — Reocochran

20.  Namaste to the Trees

We are lucky to have this tale to take with us to our dreams…. I like your interpretation of the meaning of Namaste. As I did not know what it meant other than to be respectful. So Namaste lightning bugs, trees, stars…. — JulesPaige

Namaste…lovely (smiles)…. — Diademstots

19.  Jewel and the Moon Princess

I really enjoyed this tale – I like the moon and last eve or early morn I dreamed of three fawns! — JulesPaige

I should read this story to my son…(in english)…sigh….he’s nearly 7 years old:)) — Benvenutocellini

Very sweet story! — Julianne Victoria

18.  The Prophecy and the Runaway Frog

Wonderful story! — Shelley at What is it?!?

I love fairy tales. — Ashley Austrew

Oh I love fairy tales! You know that lot’s of kids don’t even know what they are these days… unless it’s a Disney movie! Thanks for visiting so I could find you! ;D — Kelihasablog

So sweet. I think my nine year old daughter would love this story. :) — Mithriluna

17.  Prince Columbine

This is one of my favorites. — Len

This is terrific – I am really enjoying your blog! — Littledoglaughed

16.  Fairy Princess Shinobu and the Samurai Rats

I want to read this to my grandkids! — lexiesnana

You are talented my dear. I loved the story the tone you picked. very suitable for kids. I wish if I have one I would read it for her. Keep it up. Best regards — Zara M

What an enchanting story! Fairies were so much a part of my childhood (and still are shh!) and also for my children. Gardens filled with flowers, woods and fields are full of wonderful things to fill our imaginations. You are right, the world is a gorgeous and miraculous place :D — Lottie Nevin

“The snapping turtles sided with the fairies.”………….. I love it! — Terry at araneus1

15.  The Oak Princess

Always happier after I read your joyful stories. — Len

Sweet and nutty, a winning combination for any story in my book. ;) — PeakPerspective

What a sweet tale…and I have a not so secret passion for oak trees :-) — GreenMackenzie

14.  Hidden Island

I loved this! Have you ever thought about publishing a collection of your stories? they’re really wonderful! — Wordscrafter

Beautiful! What a talent you are! — Elizabeth Jane Clarke

I like the fact you have a little of a few fairy tales qualities but an original tale explaining and giving such hope. I think the little person reminds me of Tom Thumb but he is the size of a wren! I love the Scottish tie ins, including the name Innis and also, the Stonehedge Stones! Rainbows are always such a wonderful way to close a story bringing smiles and happiness. So glad the Fairy Queen’s sorrow ended also, with the shell to his ear beckoning across the Atlantic to the Fairy King’s heart. — Reocochran

13.  Hannah Saves Seaside

I like it when there are magical flying vehicles, and here it was the dinghy! Great thoughts were put into this, proving even the littlest ones can save the day! — Reocochran

Singing to flowers. :) What a lovely way to dispel sadness. — La Vagabonde

Well done! Wish my son would fly down from on high with a bag of gold. — Len

12.  Princess Celestine

Nice fairy tale for kids of all ages… You have awesome writing style. — Segmation

I adore Scotland. Everything about it. The food, the whisky, the stories, the culture, the music. Okay, and to be wholly fair, it’s all bound together for my love of men in kilts. Lovely tale. — PeakPerspective

11.  Dancing in the Fairy Circle

Great one! Thanks for sharing! — Elizabeth Birnbaum

‘She did not feel tired, she did not feel hungry, and she did not feel thirsty. She danced on and on.’ Now – that’s the kind of place I’d like to go – to not feel those human feelings that seem to always spoil the fun and get in the way! Lovely story! :)  Are you thinking of publishing your stories one day? — SuzyWordMuser

10.  Donal Outwits the King

What an awesome picture to go with your blog! — Segmation

9.  Brother-Wolf

Friendship, freely offered, can break so many spells! Nice story, once again. — Len

Lovely! — Cindy Knoke

8.  The Talking fish and the Pirate Key

The use of geological terms was a nice touch. Very cute story; always enjoy a happy ending.I feel like I could tell these stories to my son, which is nice. There are a lot of darkened fairly tales, and they have their place as well (just not with my three year old) So I appreciate your art. Keep it up. — Len

7.  The Lost Magical Power

“Every time he walked on this road, it took him to a new place.” Makes for an interesting childhood indeed. — La Vagabonde

I love the song of the sprite! Very cute story. — Len

6.  The Kitchen Witch

Brenda, I just loved the kitchen witch, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just the day before, I was the witch in yoga pants and my hair in a ponytail, getting ready to host my tennis friends for a lunch. Made me smile to think of it as magical. Thanks for bringing joy to our world! — Mickey Rolnick

5.  The Ring of Peace

You’re a talented writer, and I enjoyed this piece. I like the happy ending. — jnaima12

4.  Kendara at Sea

3.  The Lost Dwarvish Treasure

You should put these in a book! — Cindy Knoke

2.  Magda Solves the Labyrinth

1.  The Queen’s Ruin

Nice that a gift could make her whole again. — jnaima12

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