Kendara at Sea


One stormy night, Kendara dreamed she was a storm-petrel, flying low over the waves, playing near the surfacing whales. The whales sang their sad, slow music, and she understood they were asking her to find the City in the Sea, the home of the Sea Guardians.

“Please tell the guardians that we, the whales, are dying out and we need their help.” Kendara felt nervous at the idea that she would have to find the City in the Sea. Sometimes she did not feel brave, but in her dream, she was a storm-petrel, and she would be very brave. She dipped her gray tail feathers in the sea, and laughed into the wind. She flew farther and farther, feeling her wings become tired. Ahead of her was the dawn, and a head appeared in the waves.

“Are you on a journey?” A very large sea turtle asked, wise with its years. “You have come a long way. You still have a long way to go. Rest on my back a minute.”

Kendara settled on the back of the turtle, and told the turtle of the whales and the City in the Sea. The Turtle told her that the City is surrounded by waves and covered in mist and clouds, invisible to all except dreamers. Again, she flew on her storm-petrel wings into the wind, feeling the salt spray and bracing chill give her strength. She felt fear rising. She was afraid of not finding the city or of getting too tired, but then she remembered that she was a storm-petrel, and she felt her confidence climb with her wing-strokes.

Soon a bank of clouds appeared, and she flew into it like an arrow. She emerged in warm sunshine, glinting off a lake and off tower windows. She circled over the fields. Down below, people waved up at her, welcoming her to the City in the Sea and asking her if she had news of the outside world.

“The whales need help from the guardians!” Kendara called in her storm-petrel voice. “The whales are dying out. They asked me to come get help.”

She landed next to an old woman. “The guardians will help the whales, but it will take time.” The old woman was very sad.

“Why did they pick me to come?” Kendara asked. “You have the heart of a lion,” was the answer.

“But I’m often scared,” Kendara said, confused. “I only managed to help this time because I’m a storm-petrel.”

“No, you have always been a girl.” The woman smiled. “The power is in you.” Kendara looked down, and the woman was right, she was a girl. Kendara woke up, safe and sound in her bed, smiling. She realized that even though fear was in her, bravery and strength were, too.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

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