Flash Fiction Contents


Table of Contents for Flash Fiction in Friendly Fairy Tales 

by Brenda Davis Harsham

With reviews by people like you!

10. Wild Elvish Missouri Dreams

Fabulously fantastic! AnElephant dances with joy. And with fairies. — AnElephantCant

you have such a way of painting a magical picture with your words — ksbeth

I am a child – can’t wait for the next one… — kiwiskan

wow Brenda – this reminds me of an old English Novel….Your post is incredible! — mihrank

I LOVED this! I’m happy that you write fairy tales! 🙂 — Celia Rhodes The View From My Window

9. Silver Birch Grove

You have a cruel streak that I hadn’t suspected – how can you leave us there like that? — postaldeliveries

You have intrigued me fair lady, I shall await the continuing with a heartbeat gone wild. — dbp49

Oh, I love this Brenda!!! I want to read more!! 🙂 and it features my tree, the silver birch!! 🙂 and fairies! 🙂 and magic! 🙂 How can I not love it!    You are such a woderful writert Brenda! 🙂 Thank you for letting me read it! 🙂 It made my morning magical! 🙂 — Trini

8. Dogwood Manor

Bravo! Love the name Petalline, and the whole concept of the story. Truly enjoyed it, and as usual I am a bit miffed that there is not more to read 🙂 Peace. ~ Michael — M. Zane McClellan

Exquisite! — sheenmeem

I enjoyed your imaginative story. 🙂 — Imelda

7. River Romance

Oh how magical and lovely! This just carried me away! — Easter Ellen

Your magic does not fade. Wonderful as ever. — AnElephantCant

LOL at daffodils taking selfies 🙂 lovely photos! — Wordifull Melanie

6. Hedgehog High-Jinks

Delightful tale! — irinadim

so cute, and you are on a creative bender! i’ve always thought how i would love to have a pet hedge ) — ksbeth

Ooooooh I love suspense!! Awesome pawsome writing as usual! — cindy knoke

5. Dandelion the Boggle

That’s a good little story with an interesting argument for a vegetarian diet! 🙂 I think if my options were rats or dolphins I’d be rather partial to pine nuts too! 😉  Dandelion is a great character and I love the sound of the name, very memorable! — SuzyHazelwood

I love Dandelion – and not just because he reminds me of how my li’l fingers as a child wiggled out pine nuts from the cones of pine nut tree at the side of my childhood home 😀 — inavukic

4. Banga

You have such an amazing and imaginative mind, brenda. you never fail to delight ) — ksbeth

I will have the kiddos read this today for our story time. So beautiful, I love it!!! — serendipityherbals

What a scary fairy tale! Is your next novel going to be a new instalment of Robocop by any chance? — postaldeliveries

This was a great adventure! It was fast paced and had me waiting to see what would happen! — Kirsten

3. Catkin

A mischievous elf having fun with the beagle. And warming the buds for spring. I love it! And I’m trying to picture how that dandelion coat looks. If I had drawing ability I would give it a whirl! — naturerestoresme

A wonderful read…made me smile. 🙂 — Beth Walsh’s Photoblog

You are definitely a wonderful ‘spinner’ of tales, Brenda! I like the idea of the beagle’s nose getting sprinkled on by a wood elf! I am so glad you shared in your comments, what a ‘catkin’ was! Smiles, Robin — reocochran

2. Equinox

Oh, how incredibly sweet Brenda!! I love this! I really wish, may times, that I was a fairy! :-)I also want petal skirts and rose petal duvet!! 🙂 — Line

i love this so much! — ksbeth

What a wonderful fantasy! And your pictures made me salivate! hehe. thinking of spring and colors and vibrancy, and fairies floating all around making it that much more alive. — naturerestoresme

1. Silka

Oh how sweet!! This made me feel like a little girl again, looking for fairies in my granny’s flower beds 🙂 — Line

Oh, Brenda, thank you for this lift me up. Spring is taking forever to get here this year. I really loved this!!! May you have a Great Friday! Love, Amy 💝 💐 🌷 — Amy Pinkrose

You took me to another, magical world (of my childhood) with this. Thank you. — StrongerSoulSurvivor

If I could just find where I left the sack of rose petals, now. Please Sir can I have some more? It’s just the writing them out that takes the time – well the proofreading and revising anyway – boring! The more from you the better as far as I’m concerned! Keep them coming Brenda! David — postaldeliveries

Note: Flash Fiction is very short literature, often less than 300 words.

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