Flash Fiction: River Romance

Mallard Male and Female Ducks

The sun was setting, cherry blossoms perfumed the air, and Esme’s handsome boyfriend, Al, paddled at her side. His fine, green Mallard head feathers looked purple in the waning sunlight. She nibbled on bulrushes.

Sakura, Cherry Blossoms

Nosy daffodils crowded round taking selfies. You’d think it was an award ceremony.

Daffodils, river, fairy tale

Esme would let nothing lessen the magic of the evening. There on the riverfront, she and Al sipped water laden with tasty seeds. The silvery twilight faded, and fairies flickered like fireflies. Al offered Esme a tasty tuber under the Three Birches. She sighed with pleasure.

Birches on the river at sunset

Al raised his wings and drummed the water from happiness. Together they swam figures eights, intertwining their wakes, visible ripples of pleasure. Before Esme returned to her family’s nest on the far bank, her beak brushed Al’s farewell. A door had opened in her heart, perhaps Al would pass through one day.

sun sets on longings
solitary triangle of ripples
rushes bend in winds

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This is my farewell haibun dedicated to Al, but it’s fictional, so I called it a flash fiction in the title. Al has run the weekly Haibun Thinking prompt, which sadly has ended. I hope you don’t mind me making free with your moniker, Al! I am a bit late with my entry, but I was preparing for and attending a writer’s conference. I have to scale back my blogging in May. I will be rewriting my children’s chapter book. Wish me luck! My plan is to blog in the evenings if I have any energy. 🙂



64 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: River Romance

    • bob, you are so perceptive! I’m glad you like my story. I’m so happy you figured out how to comment! I love seeing messages from you pop in! LOL Hugs, Brenda


    • Hello, Elephant. I hope your book is doing well! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m now working on a book and blogging less, but still enjoying it lots. 🙂


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  2. I too have a great love of cherry blossoms and love their sweet fragrance! All the spring posts that are popping up in the blogosphere are such an inspiration and motivate me to get out into nature and connect. Lovely post Brenda, be well!!


  3. very pretty and like the river, all things flow and change in life. i’ll be sad to see you here less often, but happy as you work away on your book. best, beth


    • Thanks!! I’m happily working away. My new book is not leaving me alone either, though, so I am working on both. An odd criss-cross of energy. 🙂 I’m enjoying it, though.


  4. Awww this is so sweet Brenda. A wonderful farewell to the Haibun challenge. If only I had time to carry it on, I would have done.

    Thank you for all of your support with it over the last few months, and I wish you well with the book. I know you will do well with it.


    • This was meant as a tribute to my deep feelings for writing haibun and appreciation for the time you had already put in, rather than as pressure to you. I understand how life throws things at you. Actually, I had been planning a post like this for a while, but had not gotten all the needed photos together until recently. 🙂 I’m glad you like it!! Best of luck with your new venture. 🙂 I have a draft for a more standard haibun for that same prompt, but I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it. This one elbowed its way forward first. LOL Hugs, Brenda


  5. That’s lovely. It is sad to see Al’s haibun challenge end. Your photo of the lake in the evening light sums it up really.


    • It brought my feelings of sadness that the haibun thinking was ending together with the lingering feelings of the romance of writing haibun, where you share yourself in poetic bursts. It is to share the inner you in positive ways to make real connections in haibun, in dating, in life. I will miss the prompt, but I doubt I will stop writing haibun. 🙂


  6. Al is quite the romantic duck! I love how you wove all of these elements together in this little piece. I’m sorry to read that you won’t be posting as much but we’ll be excited for you are as you prepare your work. 🙂 PINK hugs to you sweet Brenda 🙂


    • Thanks! I plan to work hard, and I have all sorts of fun ideas to incorporate during the editing process. I really like editing, actually. 🙂


      • Cool! When I’ve written papers for school, I’ve never edited besides in the same sitting as when I wrote the paper. There are a few poems I’ve worked on longer than a single sitting, and edited in depth before, but that’s about it. It is sort of fun I think, when it’s my own work I’m editing, as I have the freedom to make as many changes as I want!


    • Bill,

      I am always happy to chat with you. With me, the idea is always first, sometimes I hunt down the picture and sometimes I already have it. Then I write from the idea and the picture.

      Every once in a while, I get an idea looking at a photo… but more often, I have the idea first.

      My chapter book, I imagined it, mostly. I was inspired by some art work I was studying. Then I imagined characters. 🙂

      Are you thinking about writing some photography/poem posts? Or have your thought of some other new direction?

      Warmly, Brenda


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