Sister Blue Won First Place!

First Place Winner at NY Literary Magazine


One of my poems, Sister Blue, won First Place at NY Literary MagazineSister Blue will be published in the NY Literary Magazine anthology, Awake, in December 2016. Awake will be available in print or as a free kindle download.

This is what the NY Literary Magazine says about itself: “The NY Literary Magazine publishes an outstanding selection of the finest modern poetry by both new, emerging writers and award-winning, internationally recognized writers from around the world. Each Anthology (Poetry Collection) also features striking visual art alongside the poetry.”

Writing Tip: NY Literary Magazine has contests for established and emerging writers. I found one on a submissions call site on Facebook. I always think being called an emerging writer is a nod to the magical transformation that happens as caterpillars emerge from their chrysalis as butterflies. Similarly, emerging writers are just beginning to be published and breaking their long silence. Voices can finally fly free. Other writing resources can be found here.

85 thoughts on “Sister Blue Won First Place!

  1. This is so good Brenda…wining first place….yayyy….congratulations!!! 😀 There are so many magazines now, I’ve not heard of this one. I’m very slow at submitting poems, just submitted one a couple of weeks ago. I think I’m too busy with my own magazine to have to time to give it much thought. I’m not very traditional in my ways as an online writer! 😉

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    • I submitted to a bunch one day in August. Sister Blue was a poem that I had already written, for my website, but I had second thoughts about publishing it there. Then I saw this call, and I had to make the poem a bit longer. I thought it was even better for being longer, so I sent it out. So happy to win first place. And you’re right, there are many magazines. I look at that as many opportunities. I write prolifically, quickly, deeply and then edit ruthlessly. Some poems come more easily than others, though. Sister Blue gave me a lot of trouble because it wanted to be confined, locked up, the rhythm wanted a heartbeat, it wanted to have the voice of a child. If you ever read it, you’ll see why. It wanted most of all to cherish. I hope I managed it. Thanks for being a supporter, Suzy. I love your magazine. Are you doing print yet? What a beautiful magazine you’d have in print.

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      • Thanks so much Brenda, I’d like to think it might look good in print! 🙂 But no plans for print versions yet, might do one day. If I did publish it in print, I’d probably create a different version than the online one and have four issues a year maybe. Don’t really have the time to do that at the moment. But life never stays the same, so you never know, it might happen.

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