Fae Flash Fiction: Equinox


Silka dreamed in yellow. Daffodil dreams of spring, warm breezes blowing citron pollen. Leaves unfurl in lemon sunshine. She restlessly rolled over, drawing her rose petal duvet higher over one curved hip. Her dream changed to tulips, in a rainbow of color.


Silka dreamed of the Equinox, and her thoughts startled her awake. She opened her violet eyes.

“Fib!” she called into the quiet of her hydrangea bower.  She heard a scuffling, yawning, and a small bee fairy uncurled from a purple bloom, changing from bee shape to fairy shape as he stretched.  He sat up blinking, wings glittering.

“What’s today, Fib?” Silka called to him, smoothing her butterfly wings and petal skirt.

“Today?” Fib rubbed the grit from his bluebell eyes, then he opened them wide in surprise. “The Equinox!!” Fib shouted with joy. Together, he and Silka flew out into the Outer World.

Still snow as far as the eye could see. A faded hydrangea bloom, like a fragile four leaf clover spun of earth, was the only visible bloom, their hydrangea bower safely behind the veil separating the Fairy World from the Outer World.


Silka and Fib decided, equinox or no equinox, some more dreaming was in order, and they retreated behind the veil.

If you like, you can read more Fae Flash Fiction here:  Silka (Episode 1).

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

29 thoughts on “Fae Flash Fiction: Equinox

  1. Okay, I feel like a rat, since we never stopped blooming. I suppose it helps that our Japanese irises don’t yet smell of vanilla. But wisteria’s all over the place. Still, for all our blooms, I haven’t caught even one little fairy slumbering anywhere. Too much pollen, I suppose. She’d be sneezing her little wings off.


    • The best thing about winter is the emergence of the spring flowers afterwards, like a yearly miracle. I feel sad that you don’t have that. 🙂 So you shouldn’t feel like a rat. Your little fairy must be transparent with exhaustion!! LOL


  2. Absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to see these lovely flowers. Right now we have mud, but at least the snow is gone – or just about. We have to get thru the mud phase 1st then perty flowers!!


  3. Brenda, It is this vision that I miss most. The explosion of colors and life in spring. It really isn’t the same down here as it was in Virginia, and I miss that. This post did a lot to bring that back to me for a moment. Thanks, Bill


    • Bill, your comment has cheered me immensely. 🙂 The spring is an in-between that I love, too, although so much muddier and wetter than the fall, with its leaf color and cooling breezes. I’ve heard we might get more snow Tuesday!! That might cheer you. Big smile, Brenda


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