Light in the Dark Naani


Dark falls swiftly,
My neighbor’s windows glow,
Turning the last winter snow pink
And the evening friendly.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Thanks to Blog it or Lose it  for introducing me to the naani. The naani, a popular form of poetry in India, has four lines with 20-25 syllables total.  Any subject is embraced, often relationships or current events.


32 thoughts on “Light in the Dark Naani

    • Thanks! :-)The man who lives there is Italian, speaks with a fabulous accent, and is very friendly. In 10 years, I have never met his wife. It’s odd, but there it is.


    • Me, too. The snow can be beautiful. I am so lucky to be free to walk outside and see it. I was very moved by Belinda’s walk to her mailbox. So much we take for granted in life, but it’s so precious when we see it through another’s eyes.


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