The Prophecy and the Runaway Frog


Jasmyn often dreamed of flying. One night, she flew on the back of a bird to a new land. The bird grew tired even though Jasmyn was light as a feather. She landed in a ring of stones, and her bird friend tucked its head under its wing and slept.

Jasmyn could hear a stream, but she could not see it. She followed the musical sound, and found the stream through a bank of yellow irises. Jasmyn wandered for a time, smelling flowers and rolling down the hills, without getting any green stains on her dress, for this was an enchanted place.

She sat, braiding gerber daisies into a crown, when she chanced to see a frog hopping madly down over the top of the hill. It skirted the stone circle and plunged down toward the stream. So intent was the frog on rushing down the hill, he didn’t see Jasmyn until too late, and she scooped him right up.

“Croak!” The frog was quite big, and struggled mightily to get away. However, this was the first creature to move in this enchanted land besides her bird friend, and Jasmyn held him firmly, not letting him get away.

“I’ll get you! I’m destined to get you!” Jasmyn heard a shout over her shoulder. A tall, handsome man with a gold crown sliding down over his ear breasted the hill and charged down toward Jasmyn. He exclaimed with dismay: “You have caught my frog!”

“He is a very wiggly frog,” Jasmyn pointed out. “Is he yours?”

“Not exactly mine,” said the king. “I was writing sonnets by the river, and he came up out of the water and swallowed the royal seal. At my birth, a prophecy foretold that I would lose the royal seal, but that I would regain it by swift action. I have been ready ever since!”

“Well, you certainly were running quite fast,” Jasmyn admitted. “But I have only just started to look at this frog. Do I have to give him back?” The king sat down at her side and straightened his crown. He put the crown of gerber daisies on her head.

“You know, he is a fine looking frog.” The king patted the frog on the head. At that moment, the frog gave a huge croak and spat out the seal into Jasmyn’s lap. Both the king and Jasmyn yelled “Yuck!” and Jasmyn dropped the frog. He made good his escape, and Jasmyn gravely handed the seal to the king.

And so the prophecy was fulfilled. Jasmyn visited the enchanted land many times more in her imagination. Her bird friend was always willing to take her flying, and the king was happy to see her.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

15 thoughts on “The Prophecy and the Runaway Frog

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    • I write for my kids and myself. I’m always happy if other people like them, too. Let me know if she does. Wow, you have 9 kids!! You’re amazing!


  2. Oh I love fairy tales! You know that lot’s of kids don’t even know what they are these days… unless it’s a Disney movie! Thanks for visiting so I could find you! ;D


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