Spellbook Haībun

IMG_9784“And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.”

— George Carlin

Autumn leaves tapped the small windows. Elspeth blew the dust off the book. She knelt amidst generations of clutter and debris in the Martin family attic. She was looking for a costume, because Halloween was that night. On the leather book cover was burnt a full moon surrounded by a five-sided symbol. As the dust settled on old crocheted blankets and old-fashioned high chairs, she opened the book at random.

hidden in the trunk

voice rusty with disuse

still with much to say

“Scarab powder, dash of scaly rot, and ground bat bones sprinkled on seven squashed wolf spiders. Stir widdershins under a howling moon with a finger of oak. Stroke quarter over the main mast and quarter on the crow’s nest. Every particle that remains, seal in wax and burn until gone in the hold. Soon will come to you a strong headwind, fair weather and enemy bane. Beware shoal and reef, but raise proudly your flag, for safe port you will make, wise cargo making your fortune.”

seek the howling moon

sailing toward future fortune

magic within you

Fate had brought her to her ancestor’s spellbook, and fate denied becomes foe. Elspeth decided to be a witch for Halloween. She had no immediate need for a sailing spell, but perhaps it could be adapted for her car.  Elspeth embraced the book, and put it back under the crocheted afghans in Grandma Demeter’s favored avocado and pumpkin colors. Grandma Demeter had always seemed to have a charmed life. Now Elspeth knew why.

hold close heritage

its magic will come to you

when fate brings you home

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Prepared from the weekly Līgo Haībun challenge. Please visit them if you want to see some great writing!

Disappearing Toadstools


Mr. Puffy!” Jane walked by a small patch of clover and two red leaves, calling for the Lord of the Stone Family. “Puff Monster!” The family cat definitely ruled their roost. Her father worried over him like a hen over a chick, Jane thought to herself with a smile.

She heard a gasp behind her, and she turned to look. Nothing. Except, beside the clover patch, was now a toadstool circle. All the toadstools looked down, as if not wanting to draw attention to themselves. They seemed to be hiding. Continue reading

Little Girls Wish

Here is a great poem from Sawa Minori, a very talented artist and writer at Angelart Star. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Saturday! Brenda

Angelart Star

☆☆☆ Fairy in the forest ☆☆☆

Yesterday, I secretly went to the city of human beings,
I was brought up only in my forest ever since I was born,

But the city was full with strange noise and pains of desire,
I returned to the forest immediately in fear,

My eyes opened wide,  My eyebrows seem to be sad,
The darkness of the big city surprised me,

If there are flowers and light,  I am happy,
Why did the people look like unhappy?

Our King says that a human being is such a creature,
Surely, I think my questions will be solved if I grow up,

I wish to see human beings living happily with freedom,
My blue eyes are standing wide open until the day comes.

☆☆☆ North country ☆☆☆

I help with the work of parents in cold every day,
And I pray to God with my beloved…

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Rose Fairy finds a Family


Each fairy breath of summer,
as it blows with loveliness,
inspires the blushing rose.
— Unknown


On the day Rose Fairy was born, a young family picnicked in the sunshine. Their chubby firstborn, Barnabus, wore a solemn smile and chewed on his fist. Then his father slipped on the stony ground, and fell smack, bang, boom on the ground with an “Ooof!” that could be heard for miles.

Barnabus’s mom cried out, “Charles, dear, are you okay? Is anything hurt?”

“My pride!” Barnabus’s dad answered with a hand rubbing his bottom, where he landed on the rocks, and straightening his glasses.

Barnabus removed his fist from his mouth, and drew in a deep breath.

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Clan Destined, Part III (Finale)

The Finale of Clan Destined, the latest Adventurous Fairy Tale, is here!

The adventures of Darvin, emerging shaman of the Dwarvish Mountain Clan, concludes with a final confrontation, in The Clan Meeting. Darvin’s stiffest opposition for saving his clan from danger will be Granite, Sillette’s father, but he is not without allies, including his foster brother and Sillette herself. If you’ve missed Part I or Part II, they are already up and ready to read.


Excerpt from
The Clan Meeting

Gregori and Darvin fell into step on the rocky climb to the Great Cavern where all clan meetings were held. Darvin stepped three times for every one of Gregori’s long legs. Yoli remained behind to care for Wizen, unwilling to leave him in case the antibiotic did not help. The silence between the foster brothers was the consistency of clotted cream: thick, opaque, but oddly sweet.

“I was a goner.” Gregori said into the silence. He carried a lantern to light his way, not having dwarvish eyes, canny with night sight.

“Nah,” Darvin said. “You’d have farted, and they all would have run away.”

“Oh, Darvin!” Gregori groaned, although he couldn’t help laughing at the same time. “That hail hurt.” Gregori rubbed his head, his long legs taking him easily up winding path. Most clan longhouses were down the mountain, only the Great Cavern entrance was higher than the shaman’s longhouse.

“Lucky you have a hard head,” Darvin joked, giving Gregori a shove on his waist. He wasn’t sure that Gregori even felt it. He was happy to have such a big, strong ally in the upcoming meeting, but sometimes Gregori made him feel small, which he didn’t like.

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Clan Destined, Part II

Part II of the newest Adventurous Fairy Tale, Clan Destined, has arrived! In Gregori Returns, Darvin’s foster brother returns injured but alive. Together, they must find a way to stop daylight smelting or the clan’s safety will be endangered. The last part is written and will be published in a day or two.

moody clouds busymindthinking

Photograph taken by busymindthinking

Excerpt of
Gregori Returns

Darvin drifted as part of the clouds for a long time, enjoying shoving them this way and that with his will. He forgot why he was there in the clouds. The ground looked black beneath him.

“Darvin! Darvin! Darvin!!” Darvin heard the call, and he became confused. Where was he? Why could he not move? He remembered he was scrying, and he remembered controlling the clouds. He tried to find his body, but he had lost all sense of direction drifting.

“Darvin!” That sounded like Sillette. He drifted along the water, particle to particle, moving toward the call, his consciousness moving along the water bridge as quickly as sound travels. He let go of his urge to control the clouds. They started to break apart.

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Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Clan Destined

Friendly Fairy Tales has a new Adventurous Fairy Tale!!

Clan Destined will take you on an adventure to Clan Mountain, home of Darvin, son of the Dwarvish Laird. Darvin discovers new powers in Part I, Flight in the Clouds. Parts II and III are written and will be published over the next few days. 


sunrise vit peyr

Top 5 Sunrise by Vit Peyr

Excerpt of
Flight in the Clouds

Darvin treasured the quiet moments of dawn. He was crouched among the rocks on the shore, and anyone looking would mistake him for another rock. Cold from the rocks and sea spray seeped into him. As the dwarvish do, he embraced the chill after a night of warm dreams.

As the sun rose higher, the yellow sky was garlanded by purple and orange blossoms. Some dwarvish cousins spend their lives underground never seeing a sunrise, but Darvin’s Mountain Clan live above ground. Darvin could not imagine life without sunrises to center him.

His father, Wizen, lay gravely ill. The peacefulness of the sunrise helped Darvin face his fear. If his father did not pull through, his childhood would be over. He would be Laird of the Mountain Clan. He was only 16. All the responsibility would be his. He told himself to breathe, just breathe. He let the cold bring him back to himself, then he headed home, climbing far up Clan Mountain.

His family longhouse was made of stone, blending seamlessly into the mountain. His uncle Forst was sitting on a boulder plucking a chicken.

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Note: Top photograph by the very talented Vit Peyr.

For Chloe

A wonderful fairy tale for bedtime. May all the small children sleep with bliss in the arms of the dream fairies tonight.

Lucy Literati

“I want to be a Fairy, Mum” said Chloe, as she pulled the nighty on over her head.

“Fairies are sooooooo lucky. They don’t have to go to proper school, only Fairy School. They don’t have to learn Maths”.

Header“In Fairyland, the sun is always shining but you never get sunburnt. Everything is green and there are flowers everywhere. I wouldn’t get told off for picking them because Fairy flowers don’t die”.


“Fairies get to wear pretty dresses All. The. Time. Like THE best party dresses ever. They never have to wear a coat, or shoes and socks if they don’t want to. I could wear pink every single day. Even at school”.

pink fairy

“Fairies get to live in a Fairy Castle. I’d never be bored in a Fairy Castle! There would be hundreds of rooms full to the ceiling with toys. I bet they even have an Ice Cream Maker”.

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