Clan Destined

Friendly Fairy Tales has a new Adventurous Fairy Tale!!

Clan Destined will take you on an adventure to Clan Mountain, home of Darvin, son of the Dwarvish Laird. Darvin discovers new powers in Part I, Flight in the Clouds. Parts II and III are written and will be published over the next few days. 


sunrise vit peyr

Top 5 Sunrise by Vit Peyr

Excerpt of
Flight in the Clouds

Darvin treasured the quiet moments of dawn. He was crouched among the rocks on the shore, and anyone looking would mistake him for another rock. Cold from the rocks and sea spray seeped into him. As the dwarvish do, he embraced the chill after a night of warm dreams.

As the sun rose higher, the yellow sky was garlanded by purple and orange blossoms. Some dwarvish cousins spend their lives underground never seeing a sunrise, but Darvin’s Mountain Clan live above ground. Darvin could not imagine life without sunrises to center him.

His father, Wizen, lay gravely ill. The peacefulness of the sunrise helped Darvin face his fear. If his father did not pull through, his childhood would be over. He would be Laird of the Mountain Clan. He was only 16. All the responsibility would be his. He told himself to breathe, just breathe. He let the cold bring him back to himself, then he headed home, climbing far up Clan Mountain.

His family longhouse was made of stone, blending seamlessly into the mountain. His uncle Forst was sitting on a boulder plucking a chicken.

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Note: Top photograph by the very talented Vit Peyr.