Girls Gather


girls gather
on swings, flying high
laughter on the wind

Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Poetry Friday and thanks to Carol at Carol’s Corner for hosting the poetry round up. I’m treading water in an editing sea. My eye infection won’t go away, despite two different medications and a thousand warm compresses. But I have time to take my daughter to the park… and hope that the missing children will be found.

Poetry Friday with kids

29 thoughts on “Girls Gather

  1. Brenda, So sorry to hear about your eye problem. Hope you’ll consider going to a doctor since it has been ongoing. I had an infection in one eye and a prescribed ___myacin ointment at night was not only soothing but quickly got rid of the problem. I’ve also dealt with pterygiums (pronounced ter ig ium) which could only be fixed with cornea surgery. You won’t like it.
    Best to you this week.

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