The Rain Dance


Two children surprised a fairy. Mona, the fairy, was of the Swallowtail Fae. In the twinkle of an eye, she shifted to her butterfly form. She fluttered to a butterfly bush, then to a high hosta bloom. She watched the children.


The little girl pointed at her, “Stephano! I saw a fairy!” Mona wondered if she should flee.

Stefano laughed. “Isabella, that’s a butterfly,” He shook his head. “But we’re here to do a rain dance, remember?” He clapped his hands and stomped rhythmically in the grass. He danced in a circle, widdershins, and Isabella joined him, also clapping.

“We need to ask the Great Spirit for rain,” Stefano said. Mona was surprised the children knew of the Great Spirit.

Together the children chanted: “Great Spirit in the sky, the garden’s way too dry. Begging your pardon, please rescue our garden. Let rain clouds form and bring on the storm!”

Nothing happened. The sky stayed blue, and no clouds came. Stefano was crestfallen, but Isabella giggled about their prayer. “Mommy! We sang to the Great Spirit, and I saw a fairy!”

The air shimmered as Mona shifted back to her fairy form. Blue Iris petals formed her dress. Fairy magic kept them as fresh and soft as the day they unfurled. Mona was as disappointed at Stefano. She had been using her wand to keep flowers alive, but what they really needed was rain and lots of it.

Slowly, the light turned golden, making the house glow. Storm clouds rolled in, sending the sunlight south.


More clouds gathered, pushing and shoving. Lightning lit the sky, and thunder made sleeping children turn restlessly in their beds. Rain caressed the earth, giving the flowers, vegetables and trees its benediction.

Mona dodged rain drops, zipped low over the kale, and drank the bounty from rose leaves. She danced under drenched lilies, sagging with the weight of the water. She scattered water droplets from their long leaves. Only the purple coneflowers were unaffected. She stopped to nibble a spiky seed. Then, she settled under her favorite mushroom to watch the rain fall. Soon she was dreaming of Isabella and Stefano. In the morning, their faces would be shining at the success of their rain dance.

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swallowtail fairy coloring page

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Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

27 thoughts on “The Rain Dance

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  2. oh my God/dess what an enchanting story…
    I read it then read it again….what a gift you have telling the tales
    of Faeries….this is a magickal and I so enjoyed it…
    Thank you…it’s wonderful to hear their whispers …!
    Take Care…


    • Love your comics, hilarious!! I’ve like some in French as well — I have fun trying to revive my expired high school French. Can I reblog if the urge takes me, and it has elements appropriate for a fairy tale site? I’ll let you know if I do. 🙂


      • Thanks very much Brenda.

        Sure you can reblog, please feel free to do so … and feel free sharing in both French & English.

        The “bridges” b/t two blogs are also made for people willing to learn a bit more French or English …

        And BTW say “Hi !” to Maine for me : used to travel up there for work …



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