Jeremiah brings Joy to the World

Jeremiah was not a bullfrog (that was a vicious rumor). The solstice has passed, and Queen Elisabeta ordered all the bee fairies to pollinate until the sun went down. Jeremiah visited the lupine first. You can catch a glimpse here if you look close:

His cousins were all rushing around by the Stonecrop Sedum. You can see them here (being admired by an invisible human):

As the day wore on, Jeremiah visited hydrangeas, daisies and roses:




Finally, Jeremiah was getting tired, the pollen he was carrying was getting heavier and heavier. He saw a beautiful hydrangea glistening with drops of water and stopped for a sip.


As his magic wings took him high in the air, he beheld the most beautiful vision:


The tree was covered in puffs of pink clouds, atop its circular leaves. He rested in the pink haze, meditating on the ever renewing majesty and beauty surrounding him. He could not imagine a better job than his. He returned to the hive feeling the beauty of the day making his wings full of strength and the pollen light as air. He was singing:


To The World and All the Boys and Girls

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: You can listen to Joy to the World by Three Dog Night here. Or you can read the lyrics here. One of my earliest memories is dancing to this song. Happy Beginning of Summer Break!!

20 thoughts on “Jeremiah brings Joy to the World

  1. You will laugh, hopefully, with this offbeat comment, but do you like the song, “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” by Three Dog NIght? I saw that word, “Joy” in the garden and thought of those great words, “Joy to the world, joy to the fishies in the great big sea, and joy to you and me!” Made me smile.


  2. I’m terrified of bees, but I loved your video. 😉 Beautiful flowers … I have to ask, what are those fluffy pink ones? I want!


    • Thanks! It was my first excursion into video. They were so much bigger on my computer before all the importing, I wasn’t sure whether it would still work or not.


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