Last Berry


To the final berry,
trembling and silent,
life is scary.
Little, red and round,
when the snowdrops bloom,
I’ll plant you underground.

Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: My son was at the ER this weekend. My internal compass has been swinging left to right and back again. Upheaval, danger, chaos, progress, crisis. Spring will bring me back into the garden, and life will resume it’s course: toward magic and joy. I hope you are having a magical week. Warmly, Brenda

57 thoughts on “Last Berry

  1. Aahh the last one remaining! This happens to humans too. It’s funny how when we are young we fear departing this life early, and then years later we fear being the last one remaining. What a desolate place that must be. Living to an old age is not so appealing when looked at in that way.

    I love the way you look at the minute picture Brenda, the things that many would pass by. I can identify with that way of thinking – it’s good to think like that! 🙂

    What did your poor son do to end up in ER? I hope he’s recovery now?

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  2. Gosh, so glad all is well now. It’s hard not to be terrified when our children have a medical crisis (even when they are all grown up and supposedly able to take care of themselves. 😉 ) Wishing you gentle thoughts and equilibrium in all things.

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  3. I was very sorry to hear about your son’s negative reaction to something he is allergic to. Do Happy he was given an IV, Brenda. I am a little late here so read every comment feeling a sense of relief near the end. The sweet boy worrying about ruining your night really touched my heart. Give everyone an extra hug from me, dear. Don’t have to tell them who sent it nor just know that I do care. You were “there” for me when nights seemed a little “off” for me awhile ago. . . xo ♡

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  4. Oh dear, what a scary experince! We’re very relieved to read in the comments that your son is doing fine.
    Lovely poem, Brenda.
    Best regards from the four of us,
    Dina x

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  5. So happy he’s okay. That kind of thing is chaotic and frightening. Yes, once you’re back in the garden things will even out. My garden is afraid of me. I’m going to try and be better this year but I don’t know what that means exactly. I love your poem. It’s wonderful and I hope the wee berry grows and becomes all that it can be. ❤

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    • Thanks, Gigi. I went out and cleared away some huge pine branches that were crushing my rhododendron and arbor vitae bushes. I got to saw, snap, yank and prune. I feel triumphant. LOL Now I just wish they would pick up yard waste soon. I feel better for being outside, though. I think I had the hot house effect going on.


  6. A sweet and loving poem and the berry will be saved…just as your son was helped to get better. What a worry and what a fright…I remember all the scares I have had with my 6 in the past! Phew! So glad he is ok now. Hope you are too after the panic? Take good care 😊 🌈 xx

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