Goodnight Fairies by T.H.

Friendly Fairy Tales is delighted to present a new poem written by T.H., aged 11 IMG_5466  IMG_5553

Fairies whoosh Fish sploosh Pixies fuss Bicycles rust Plants grow Rain and snow Silver and gold Don’t grow old Pixie dust Reverses rust Passing time Sunshine Moonlight Goodnight.

Copyright 2013 Friendly Fairy Tales

34 thoughts on “Goodnight Fairies by T.H.

  1. Truely a Bard has been awaken!
    this is too sweet Brenda…
    Thank him for sharing his gift with us!
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. The carefully crafted words in this delightful poem evoke vivid images in this reader’s mind.
    Way to go, Teddy H.
    I could use some of that pixie dust.


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