Changes Coming Haiku

This newest Haiku is dedicated to all of you, my readers, who have supported and encouraged me over the last miraculous seven months! I am redesigning the appearance of friendlyfairytales. I plan to use a more customizable theme, primarily to celebrate nature more. The new appearance will be more simple and clean, I hope. Please do give me feedback.

Also, I have two Halloween stories coming in the second half of October! Thrills and chills await you, should your path cross here again soon!

Without further delay, Changes Coming Haiku:

Grown no longer new
Something new comes from the old
New growth embraced, held.


Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

23 thoughts on “Changes Coming Haiku

  1. I think something new mainly does come from something old, even if that something old comes from someone else outside of ourselves. What we’ve learnt, or someone else has learnt passes on and creates the new. A recipe would be a good example, most recipes (of any kind) come from previous ones. At least that how I see it anyway! 😀

    I love your new blog design Brenda, very colourful, and very greeeeen!! 😀


    • Thanks, Professor. I tried out a bunch of pictures on the header, but so far I like this one best. It’s hard to find a picture where a little sliver looks good. 🙂


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