Meet our snow creature: Snowtoro!

Snow totoro Snowtoro

Snowtoro was inspired by Totoro, a movie by Hayao Miyasaki and Studio Ghibli. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed a gem. Two girls meet a big fluffy, teddy bear of a forest creature — the totoro. When the younger one disappears, Totoro helps the older girl search for her. You can watch the trailer here. Even two-year olds love this movie. Here is a Haiku in honor of a great film and my kids abiding love for it:

white tongue tastes
snowflakes drenched in freezing rain
Snowtoro smiles

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Another big storm is blowing through our area tomorrow with 12 inches of snow and freezing rain forecast. Another snow day and more sledding. Woo-hoo!

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56 thoughts on “Snowtoro

  1. Wow, that snow keeps coming!!! 😀 I love your snow Totoro, what a great idea – love the ears!!!! I have seen that lovely story and a whole load of others by Hayao Miyasaki, I think he’s quite wonderful! Apart from Totoro, my favourite is Grave Of The Fireflies, it was the first one of his I ever saw. A tragic story and very real, and not so much for kids, but very powerful, had me crying a lot through that one! That introduced me to a whole new world of film, and there are still some I haven’t watched – yet!

    I hope you counted how many snow flakes you tasted?!! 😀


  2. So sweet and lovely!… I love Snowtoro and your beautiful haiku Bren!~ I am checking out the trailer for the movie too!.
    Thanks for sharing!~ ⭐ All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀


  3. Snowtoro savoring his snow on his tongue and his impish grin enchanted me, Brenda! I remember this tale, one my oldest daughter found on Netflix and showed Skyler and Micah. This was such a really nice haiku accompanying your snow creature, too! hugs!


  4. Awh, Totoro was one of my favorites from Miyasaki (even though my friends are inclined to disagree :c)!
    Also, cute haiku. The closest to snow we’ve gotten here is… no snow at all, unfortunately.


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