Snowfall of Awards

A wealth of new awards for Friendly Fairy Tales! Woo-hoo! I decided to celebrate our third snow day in a week by sharing this abundance of new awards. I’ve been gifted the Real Neat Blog, Liebster, Hearts as One Drumbeat, One Lovely Blog Hop and the Premio Dardos Awards. The only one I had previously received was the Leibster Award. Continue reading

Friday Fantasy – Drops of Fancy

Here is a happy bit of whimsy from Morgan for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment. Have a great week ahead. Fingers crossed for another snow day tomorrow. LOL Warmly, Brenda


Drops of Fancy

Drops of Fancy,

Floating Free,



Singing in Me,

Whispering Whimsy,

Giggling Joy,



Happy Dream to Employ.


Beautiful Artwork found on Facebook at: Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures. Credit Acknowledged to the original Artist. Thank You.

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Meet our snow creature: Snowtoro!

Snow totoro Snowtoro

Snowtoro was inspired by Totoro, a movie by Hayao Miyasaki and Studio Ghibli. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve missed a gem. Two girls meet a big fluffy, teddy bear of a forest creature — the totoro. When the younger one disappears, Totoro helps the older girl search for her. You can watch the trailer here. Even two-year olds love this movie. Here is a Haiku in honor of a great film and my kids abiding love for it:

white tongue tastes
snowflakes drenched in freezing rain
Snowtoro smiles

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Another big storm is blowing through our area tomorrow with 12 inches of snow and freezing rain forecast. Another snow day and more sledding. Woo-hoo!

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