Winter Joy

Rhododendron in Snow

Flakes fall
On Rhodie,
Making leaves droop.
Pulse slows, goes dormant,
Warm heart retreats in,
Waiting for summer thaw.
Sees children building snowmen:
Hears laughter bloom like spring time.
Small girl shrieks as boots fill with snow.
An icy silence falls as doors slam.
The snowman’s crooked smile: winter joy.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is an Etheree, increasing by one syllable in each line, with a syllable count from one to ten. This poem is to connect with Poetry Friday. This week, the meme is hosted by These 4 Corners.

Poetry Friday with kids

24 thoughts on “Winter Joy

  1. Hi Brenda! I particularly like all the “s” sounds in the second half of the poem, “shrieks as boots fill with snow,” and the crooked smile. Very vivid and evocative!


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