Be Crabgrass Haibun


Picture by Penny

Crabgrass can grow on bowling balls in airless rooms, and there is no known way to kill it that does not involve nuclear weapons. — Dave Barry

Crabgrass can grow without fertilizer, mulch, watering, edging and protection from other plants. It springs up in any crack or crevice in the walkway, in the middle of the lawn or between bushes and the house foundation where light shines for less than five minutes in a day. What if good thoughts were like that? Even if the day was dark and cold, with a stiff wind blowing the rain sideways. What if happy thoughts took root like crabgrass, growing deep roots, sending thick green arms in all directions, blocking all dark thoughts from coming near.

Peter Pan taught Wendy to concentrate on a happy thought, and she could fly with the help of some fairy dust. What could you accomplish if you concentrate on a happy thought? Picture it taking hold like crabgrass and nothing can kill that happy thought. Perhaps you could even smile, all day long.

I’m going to be the crabgrass. I’m concentrating on the ocean. My happy thoughts involve a waterfall, a volcanic valley, snorkeling and the best sushi I ever had in my life. Do you know where I was? I hope you have a happy thought that can take hold like crabgrass.

blue waves curl inside
lapping on the golden shore
of my memory

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

To find the prompt for the haibun, click on the Ligo Haibun Challenge.

40 thoughts on “Be Crabgrass Haibun

    • Thanks Ye Pirate! Took awhile for me as a gardener to look at the crabgrass and dandelions and see what to do with it. The swings and snow made me feel sad. Although my kids swing when it snows… 🙂


        • Thanks for organizing the prompts. I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve had the luxury of working only from my own ideas for a long time, and it’s fun to dust off the cobwebs and use other ideas as a springboard again. Warmly, Brenda


  1. An very inspirational thought Brenda!!♥ If only our positive thoughts could really take hold in that way, I think we’d be very different people, and probably with very different lives. It’s strange how our minds are perfectly capable of such crab grass thinking, but often leaning towards the negative, even in little worries. I think that proves we have the ability to do that, it just needs training in the other direction – easier said than done though, but I keep it up!! 😀


    • I have experienced negative thought weeds, but why can’t we turn that around? I’m going to consider negative thoughts as carpetweed, and it’s nothing to crabgrass! Crabgrass beats carpetweed any day of the week!


  2. Great positive thoughts Brenda enjoy your day. I am watching my son’s family grow bright sunshine beautiful garden and truly healing happy laughter. Thanks for the great thoughts idea.


    • I’ll talk to the Fairy Grapevine. 😉 But honey, all you need to do to fly is lean back, close your eyes, and imagine reclining on the back of a dragon. That dragon is standing on the bones of cheaters everywhere, the fire of this breath is charcoaling 20 steaks to perfection. Ten handsome sailors have shipwrecked, and in exchange for sleeping on your floor, are polishing the treasure of the dragon, tossing a salad and cleaning your house. Your favorite sailor is oiling his hands to give you the massage of your life. And they want absolutely nothing from you. They will all be gone before morning, and this will be a happy dream. Are you flying yet?


    • That’s great! That’s a happy thought taking root in my evening like crabgrass despite a daughter who does not want to go to bed, a boy with warts galore and another boy with a bashed ankle. LOL


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