Im Schönen Amerika/Amerika the Beautiful

I’m honored to share that my poem, America the Beautiful, was published by Writers Resist, a literary collective born of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Then it was translated into German and published again here. Thanks to Claudia Toman for translating!



Von Brenda Davis Harsham

Schulter an Schulter
mit Menschen, entschlossen
gehört zu werden,
hoch die Schilder
mit müden Armen,
in Tweets sprechen
zu dem Mann, der uns
den Rücken zudreht
und Millionen ignoriert
im ganzen Land
in der ganzen Welt.
Keiner kann erwarten,
gehört zu werden
wenn er nicht zuhört.

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Poetry Postcards

Have you ever sent someone a poetry postcard? I sent five this year (first time ever) and here the ones I got in return (Yay!):

Thanks Margaret Simon for the beautiful zebras and good advice:

Thoughtful promise:
Savor every life moment

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Wishing to be 18, poem by Brenda Davis Harsham (ME, AT 17 Poetry and Prose Series)

Here is a poem of being 17 and a photo of me with a friend’s cat. Have a magical weekend!

Silver Birch Press

me-with-cat-mouserWishing to be 18
by Brenda Davis Harsham

wishing away
my youth
wishing the days gone
so I can be gone
from a place of
where I can’t be real
I have to be fake
to pretend no feelings
have no opinion
make no waves
ask for nothing
do my chores
finish my homework
watch the sun set
the snow fly
the rain grizzle
through my window
damping myself into poetry
where my words
can sprout
grow wings
fly away
like me
one day
I will own
a cat.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Me at 18 holding Mouser the Cat, alas not mine, but not loved the less for belonging to someone else.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Adolescence can be a tough time, an awkward time of waiting to grow up. Books and poetry were a balm to my soul. One dream that didn’t let go of me was…

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