ABCs of Fairy Tales

Thanks to Kintal ( for nominating friendlyfairytales for its second Awesome Blog Content Award. Here is the ABCs of Fairy Tales again for all my new friends. Thanks to the King and Queen of Kintal! Peace, Love and Joy to all of you!

Friendly Fairy Tales


Thanks to TwoScamps for giving friendly fairy tales its magical third award and inspiring the

ABCs of Fairy Tales

A – Alchemy, Albatross, Ancestors, After, Alone, Air, Aloft, Awkward, Ashamed, Angel, Aged, Aspire, Afar, Arbor, Aladdin;

B – Beauty, Beast, Boast, Bested, Bird, Ballad, Bilious, Bold, Beggar, Book, Before, Backward, Beanstalk, Boots;

C – Castle, Cinderella, Cowboy, Catkin, Cape, Charming, Children, Crown, Curse, Chase, Cat, Caper, Canter, Command, Charcoal-burner, Cendrillon;

D – Dragon, Dungeon, Dwarves, Doorway, Disguise, Dream, Different, Dance, Delight, Donkey, Dell;

E – Elf, Equestrian, Enemies, Equal, Escape, Everyman, Elemental, Ephemeral, Estuary, Elongate, Elegant, East;

F – Fairy, Farmer, Fisherfolk, Flying, Forest, Fortune, Frozen, Feast, Family, Fire, Frog, Flowers, Flax, Famine, Find;

G – Ghosts, Genius, Gnomes, Gingerbread, Glass Slipper, Gold, Genie, Goose, Gander, Grace, Giant, Goldilocks, Gift, Godmother, Goblin…

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