Salute to the Veterans Haiku

MLM Military PicJMD Annapolis Graduation Pic

serving their country with pride
believing in us

Whether your words are many or few,
say hello to the ones nearest you.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Photographs are of my parents,
before they married, long before I was born,
when they both served their country.
(I love you!!)

35 thoughts on “Salute to the Veterans Haiku

  1. I am so glad that I came to see your parents today! How wonderful that you shared this with us! I am very proud of them for serving for our country and all the sacrifices that the services entail. It isn’t easy, it is very hard work to make it through the training even! I salute all veteran’s here, now, and those who came before them, too.


    • It is hard to be in the service. They endure physical challenges, lack of sleep, no privacy, and must follow orders immediately and without question. They have to keep secrets, be willing to pick up and move, leave friends and family behind for months at time, and put their work before all other commitments. They have moral and financial obligations and must maintain a certain basic behavior standard. I am proud of my relatives who were or are in the service. In addition to my parents, an uncle served in the air force, two stepbrothers served in the air force and navy. I have a nephew in the air force. I think the one who endured the worst privations was my stepbrother in the navy — on subs.


  2. Wow that’s awesome..
    2 days ago my country celebrating Day of the Hero (Hari Pahlawan) for those who serve for the liberation of my country Indonesia.


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