Diamond Snow Tanka

Trees knee deep in snow

pink morning light
gilds young trees, knee-deep in ice
thousands of diamonds

break light into rainbows,
blinding me to spring

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

NoteTanka is defined in Oak Leak Tanka. This photograph was taken this spring. You can compare it to a picture taken last winter of the same trees in Five Brothers Tanka. This poem is in honor of Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Check it Out.

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41 thoughts on “Diamond Snow Tanka

  1. This is a beautiful tanka, Brenda! Love those thousands of blinding diamonds.

    I only wish I had seen it earlier. (Not sure if you were aware that I had a tanka writing challenge on Today’s Little Ditty for the month of March.) Hope you will consider contributing to DMC challenges in future.


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  3. Glad to see all five brothers are still going strong, even if “knee-deep in ice.”

    Love that last line — it dazzles me as much as your tanka!


  4. Diamond & snow. Now that is a lovely combination! I’m inspired to create another poem! Oh yeah, I have a website for my poems now: starrynightpoems.wordpress.com


  5. Hi, Brenda. Our snow is gone, but the flowers are still being hesitant about the spring — it’s arriving late here in Maryland.


  6. So striking that the little trees are “knee-deep in ice.” I love the “thousands of diamonds.” Your rainbows are different from mine. I know the winter has been tough, but sometimes I do know I’m missing something here in California.


    • I was struck by how differently two people could use the same word on the same day. 🙂 Just a small difference of 3,000 miles. Your weather out there is to be envied, but we do have beauty in between the shoveling.


  7. I love the “pink morning light of winter” but will be happy when it’s no longer causing ice and snow to glitter like diamonds! Hope your little trees survive. We have one that looks much worse for the wear. By the way, I sent you an email about your book.


    • Yeah, my book. I like how that sounds. LOL I also will be happy to see spring arrive, and the snowy cloak of winter gone for good. However, I’m trying to look on the bright side, and see beauty in every day. My life is so much more positive and uplifting that way. And fortunately, they are not my little trees, but belong to a neighbor. I hope they make it, too.


  8. I felt this was such a beautiful expression of how the snow reflects the light and nearly blinds you, colors and diamonds in its wake. You won’t believe this but April’s gemstone is diamonds and I have already included this in my title and first paragraph of my monthly calendar, Brenda! Great minds think alike, or so they say. Smiles, Robin


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