41 thoughts on “Icy Leaf Haiku

  1. “Like” x 3 = 1 for poem.. 1 for image.. 1 for thoughts it provokes.
    I find your image captivating.. almost hypnotic..
    Perfectly depicts the poem.. and the Haiku excellent in it’s portrayal of the image.
    A beautiful combination..


  2. Lovely poem and pic.
    You’re right though. Ice way too early. We’ve had a touch of morning frost but no ice yet. And not looking forward to icy roads and driving.
    I’ll really have to start looking for photo opportunities! It never dawns on me. ;)x


      • Love the photo. Brenda are you familiar with Swan Island Dahlias? If not you might want to check them out. Thanks for stopping by my 4theloveoflight.wordpress.com. I hope you will be a regular visitor and share any post or the whole blog with others. What’s a good photo or story without someone to share it with!


        • Thanks for the pointers. You sure have a lot of passion in your poems. Have you done one that is fairy tale/magical? If so, I will take a look. I will reblog if the poem is kid-friendly and goes with my theme. I like that you pair poetry and nature like I do. Peace and Joy, Brenda


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