November Rose

Pale Pink November Rose

pink November rose,
sweet-smelling fragrance rises
perfumes dreams of spring

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The snow has arrived, and we are eating chocolate-chip oat cookies and apple crisp. We taught the boys to play hearts, and having fun. I hope you are, too. Blessings to all!

Note 2: Unbelievably, I wrote this post yesterday, and I ran out of time to post it before other duties called. Then Michelle Marie wrote her post for me, that I reblogged today, and it’s as if she knew!! She is psychic!

45 thoughts on “November Rose

  1. I..Love..Your..Rose..truly, but can someone please tell me where all these little white snowflakes are coming from on so many of the pages I am visiting. Are all you wonderful people conspiring to drive me a little bit bonkers..Lol..or is my laptop in need of replacement..??


      • Now that I know where it’s coming from, it’s more than welcome to stay. I guess I must have turned it on by mistake. Strange how just knowing makes all the difference. In psychology 101, they teach you that if you are studying, and a noise outside your room is disturbing you, just get up and go identify the sound. As soon as you know what it is, you can go back to studying, and you won’t notice the sound any more. So thanks Brenda. You’re the best.


      • Hi Brenda,
        Survived a tough winter but Spring is here and helps feel better.
        Plenty of Thanks Giving for this but No Celebrations.
        The only Turkey that suffers in this household is …me! Lol!
        Hopefully good feeling will last for a little while so that i will be able
        to enjoy your creations … silently, Lol! but i take each day as it comes..
        Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the autumn (?) where you are.


  2. This is a beauty. We had some snow but it’s all gone. We had heavy rain, too. Enjoy your cookies, apple crisp and the warmth inside. 🙂


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