Nature Inspires Haiku

Nature Sanctuary

Nature Sanctuary


Beautiful nature,

Awed life thrives, inspires kindness,

Humbled Selflessness.

Scarlet Autumn

Scarlet Autumn


This poem is dedicated to all the staff, administrators, fundraisers, planners, donors, Audubon members, environmentalists, activists and legislators who support our nature sanctuaries and parkland, the preservation of which make all our lives more rich, full of beauty and peaceful.

This poem is presented in honor of wePoets Show It, a great on-line forum sharing and showcasing poetry, art and creative talent, and is prepared from their Wednesday wordcloud writing prompt. Thanks wePoets for all you do!!

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham



20 thoughts on “Nature Inspires Haiku

    • That’s how I feel in the great outdoors, humbled and selfless, I’m not there just for me anymore, but to participate in something much larger and grander than me. Thanks for commenting! Warmly, Brenda


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