Seed for Thought


Kindness is
planting milkweed seed
for a monarch butterfly
we’ve never met.
My daughter and I
dig a trench along
a wooded path,
where just a bit of light comes in.
It’s place where a caterpillar
might live its days in
emerald twilight,
munching its favorite food,
until it winds hope about itself.
Then it can be still,
listening to the wind
and the dog walkers,
the trail joggers
and the children finding pebbles
among the leaves and earth
in this green place of wishes.
Kindness is hoping it grows.
Kindness is carrying water in two hands,
sloshed onto colorful sneakers,
dribbled onto a rumpled trench.
Kindness is wishing all winter
for not-too-cold, not-too-dry,
for that seed to remember
the loving hands that patted
the soil into place.
Kindness is imagining the world
orange and yellow,
full of fluttering wings,
Without a care for oneself.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note:  A few days ago, my daughter and I planted a hundred milkweed seeds along the edge of a wood. We watched for rain and imagined the seeds putting down tiny roots. We hope for a dozen milkweed plants come spring. We hope monarchs hear the milkweed song and come dancing along. Have you a kind act to share? Today’s Little Ditty has a challenge from editor Rebecca Davis to write “a poem about a specific act or moment of kindness. You can write it from any point of view– as a participant, a beneficiary, or as a witness. The more specific and vivid, the better!” Some of the poetry will be published by Today’s Little Ditty between now and Thanksgiving.

Nature Inspires Haiku

Nature Sanctuary

Nature Sanctuary


Beautiful nature,

Awed life thrives, inspires kindness,

Humbled Selflessness.

Scarlet Autumn

Scarlet Autumn


This poem is dedicated to all the staff, administrators, fundraisers, planners, donors, Audubon members, environmentalists, activists and legislators who support our nature sanctuaries and parkland, the preservation of which make all our lives more rich, full of beauty and peaceful.

This poem is presented in honor of wePoets Show It, a great on-line forum sharing and showcasing poetry, art and creative talent, and is prepared from their Wednesday wordcloud writing prompt. Thanks wePoets for all you do!!

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham