Green Field with small flags casting long shadows

Everything we do
casts a long shadow
in the lives of others.

Let our decisions reflect
kindness and deep thought.

Let our days shine light
in the darkest corners.

Let our songs celebrate life
instead of lamenting it.

Let our words be fireworks
that ignite peace in the world.

Let kids of all ages feel loved
today and every day.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham

Notes: Happy Fourth! July 4th is our Independence Day. We celebrate with cookouts, family gatherings, pool parties, music and fireworks. Have a magical Fourth!

37 thoughts on “Interdependence

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  2. Nobody but you Brenda could say it better … Just love the word in title ‘ Interdependence ‘ as l see they only way forward in the west and sometime in the future the east is to mend this divide and bring nations together under one banner of #Peace and #Love you lead they way perfectly with this poem .. Lots of hugs and love … X 😊👍⭐️

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  3. Dear Brenda,
    I was using the wordpress blog so far. No I have changed over to It is a blog made using the wordpress.
    Please visit this log and tell me if you have any difficulty. I would like to continue getting your posts so please get connected on

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